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sexy 19.02.2016

Like experiments and seek for new, unusual sexual sensations. Anal dildos are used when traditional sex is not enough to get excitement and thrill anymore. This kind of sex toys is becoming more and more popular, tried by gay and usual couples. Want to purchase Anal Dildo? This article will help you to make the right choice.
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What is anal dildo?

This is a sex toy that imitates phallus by all parameters including length, size, form, texture and sometimes color. Although, in many cases it may have exotic shapes and textures, extreme sizes and length. It is used by both women and men to stimulate anal zone, increase sexual arousal and satisfaction. It is also applied to massage prostate gland in men, serving for health improvement purposes.

Anal dildos differ from traditional ones by a huge variety of shapes: round, very large, prolonged, etc. That is explained by the fact that penetration of different anal zones causes different feelings, which allows experimenting with them in this or that way. In many cases, a deep Anal Dildo is the only thing helping to achieve the desired level of sexual arousing and pleasure.

Such dildos are equally good for heterosexual experience and gay couples, being used mainly as a sex toy.

Main characteristics

A usual Ass Dildo may be described as the following:
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  • It has either strapping for being put on genital zone, or a special knob for keeping in hands during sexual acts. The straps are made of flexible rubber, which ensures better movement control and comfortable sitting of the device.
  • It is made of various materials: flexible rubber or silicone, smooth hard plastic. The last variant appears to be the most popular, because it is easier to use.
  • There are tens and tens of different forms and shapes, which makes this device suitable for anal G-zone penetration and prostate gland treating. Thus, an anal dildo may be used for various purposes.
  • May go with or without vibrating function.
  • The best Anal Dildo are made straight so that to eliminate the possibility of anus and large bowel damage.

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How to use it?

As you may guess, an anal dildo is used practically for the same purposes as a traditional one – to stimulate erogenous zones and serve as some kind of alternative for a natural phallus. In this case, it’s penetration of anal zone or G-zone in males. An anal dildo is also needed in cases when the time of natural erection is too short and not enough to achieve total satisfaction.

Moreover, there are lots of men who buy Anal Dildo to stimulate prostate gland which helps to ease acute symptoms of prostates and perform disease prevention.

The process of using anal dildos is simple, though, you should mind the following:

  • Use lubricant so that to make injection smoother and less irritating for organs.
  • Otherwise, such sexual acts may appear to be quite unpleasant.
  • If you are a beginner, it is recommended to start from smaller dildos so that not to injure the big bowel. With the time being, you can start trying bigger toys.
  • If you feel strong pain and experience dragging or stabbing pain, you better stop using this dildo for at least some time.

If you want to order Anal Dildo, mind that such toys are used mostly by experienced people who already know their preferences and are trained enough to use it properly. So starters should use it cautiously.

How to choose Anal dildo?

Anal Dildos online
Judging by Anal Dildo reviews, the choice of suitable shape and size is crucial for everyone, because in every case experience and sensations vary. Some people like traditional phallus-like versions, while for the others these are not enough to get pleasure. When selecting a toy, pay attention to the following aspects.

First, rubber anal dildos look and feel closer to the real penis, but they are more difficult to input, especially without lubricant. So if you only start experimenting this way, choose hard plastic ones: they have smoother structure and don’t irritate bowel surface too much.

Second, the size of an anal dildo should be big enough for you to be able to relax and get pleasure. Don’t compare your emotions and experiences with someone else’s: this is a personal and individual thing, so you should choose what suits you.

Third, don’t aim to buy a very cheap Anal Dildo – it may sit uncomfortably and feel not so natural as expected.

Where to buy Anal dildos?

You may purchase anal dildos in the Internet on superior conditions:

  1. Fast delivery in a discreet package: saves your time and privacy.
  2. Anal Dildo price in the Net is relatively lower than in conventional sex shops.
  3. There is a very wide choice of different variations, forms, colors and sizes: let your imagination run free!

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