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sexy 17.03.2016

Like anal sex? Can’t imagine full satisfaction without rectal penetration? There are lot of people who treat anal sex as something quite normal and essential for rich sex life. But despite the fact it is not less enjoyable than traditional intercourse, it may also be quite dangerous for health, if performed incorrectnly. There is one thing that may prevent a lot of troubles caused by anal sex. Using Anal Lubricant, you may stop worrying about any complications.
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What is Anal lube?

This is the same thing as conventional lubricant for vaginal sex and masturbation, with the only difference that it is applied for anal sex (whether between people or with sex toys). It is used to reduce friction between penis and rectus to ensure more pleasurable and less painful sexual experience.
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There are different kinds of anal lubes:

  1. Water based anal lubricants are usually glycerin and paraben free. They are easily washed away by water and soap, leaving no sticky traces. This is a good solution when sex toys and condoms are used, because they don’t damage and don’s cause reactions with rubber or silicone surface. But they tend to dry out faster than any other kind of lubricant, so more quantity has to be applied.
  2. Silicone lubricants have one strong advantage: they are long-lasting, don’t dry out and ensure really smooth and painless penetration. Work well with condoms and other latex items. But there is no warranty that such lube will be perfect, when used with silicone toys. There are many Anal Lube reviews claiming that this type of lube tends to break toys’ surface down.
  3. One more type is oil-based lubricants. Today, this is a rare type, because they have a lot of drawbacks. First, they create a thin layer inside the rectum, which can lead to bacterial contamination. Secondly, they destroy latex, silicone, rubber and jelly – this type of lubricant is not suitable for people using sex toys and condoms. The only reason to buy Anal Lube made of oil is idiosyncrasy to some other lube components. If you are not prone to infections, then it might be safe.

Main characteristics

This type of lubricant has practically no differences with vaginal personal lube, having the following peculiarities:

  • It has very smooth, silky structure. As far as rectus is more sensitive than genitals and vagina, it needs better moisturizing and lubricating.
  • Such kind of lube is more like liquid than gelly, because it is harder to be spread in rectum.
  • The best Anal Lube may contain lidocaine, which is good for starters. But most versions do not, because if someone hurts, the process should be stopped or made in a gentler manner.

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How to use

To ensure safe and pleasant anal sex without skin and bowel irritation, pains and other discomfort, lube should be applied anytime before the intercourse. The process of using is quite simple: put some amount in the ass, and some on penis or sex toys to be used. You may also use a bulb to insert some lube deeper in rectum. After that, start inserting any of them gently, not rushing and trying not to hurt your partner.

Don’t push too hard, if it gets painful. Note that this experience should bring pleasure to both of you. If everything is done right, and you are relaxed, penetration, arousal and satisfaction is guaranteed to both of you. If you use a cheap Anal Lube on water base, don’t forget to add some from time to time, because rectus is not self-lubricating. Treat your partner carefully, and you will experience new, exciting emotions.

How to choose

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If you want to order Anal Lubricant, note the following:

  • Read what the content is. If you are allergic to some components, or they are potentially harmful for you, select some alternatives.
  • Where to buy Anal Lube? Purchases must be made on reliable and trustworthy sites or sex shops only. You must be sure that the production is 100% safe and non-allergic, because it concerns your and your beloved one’s health.
  • Avoid the variants with glycerin and sugar. They tend to be sticky and considered to promote the development of yeast in vagina.

Don’t hesitate to consult specialists and read customer’s reviews. Waste some time to find the most optimal variant, and anal sex will bring positive emotions only.

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