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sexy 08.05.2016

Many women claim they get aroused when nipples and breasts are touched and played upon. Boobs have a lot of nerve endings that promote faster and stronger climaxing, if penetrated. If you lack breast sensitivity, or want to enrich sexual experience, purchase a breast pump. This sex appliance becomes more and more popular, with women acknowledging its wonderful effects.
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What is Breast Pump?

Initially, the idea behind sex toy was a usual breast pump used to extract milk from lactating woman’s boobs. But females noticed that the device increases nipple size and sensitivity, when applied on non-working mammary glands, which promotes better and simpler sexual arousal.

Thus, women buy breast pumps to make tits look more appealing, and rise nipples up. It appears to be very sexy for many men and turns them on. Moreover, the device increases blood flow to chest and contributes to better nerve ending sensitivity. Thanks to it, females are sexually aroused even from slight touch, not mentioning titillating and teasing with hands and tongue.

Main Characteristics

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The vast majority of breast pumps online are made in the form of round rubber or silicone cups and pumps attached to them.

There are two basic types of breast pumps for sale:

  1. Manual pumps feature handles that should be squeezed or pulled repeatedly to increase pressure. Although they are inexpensive, a user has to apply a lot of effort sometimes to achieve the desired result, and the pump must be squeezed all the time.
  2. Automatic pumps features an electric pump that is powered by a motor. This system is more convenient is use, but should be applied cautiously, because they can damage breast is case of excessive pressing.

The best breast pumps are also suitable for clitoris pumping. Their corpus is cylinder-shaped, which allows applying it to nipples and vulvar lips. Besides, they may have a pressure gauge for the user to control pressure and keep it within safe limits.

If you can’t find a suitable pump in the Net, visit our partner’s site. It offers a wide range of different sex toys and similar appliances, and provides great shopping conditions (low prices, sales, fast delivery, personal information security).
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How to Use

Using of pump may be quite challenging for inexperienced women, and it takes pretty much time to understand how to use breast pump. There are some recommendations to make the experience simpler:

  • To make the process less dangerous for breast skin and nipple tissue, you can apply a bit water-based lube. Thus, you will put cups off easier, and it won’t hurt so much.
  • Place the cups or cylinders right on the middle of each breast, with nipples being right at the centre.
  • If cups keep falling down, hold them by your hands. As soon as you start squeezing the pumps, or turn them on, pressure will increase and the created vacuum will keep them on the place.
  • Continue increasing pressure gradually, but check how your breast feels and looks. Too red skin is no good. The maximum safe pressure level is about 220 mmHg. If you have a pressure gauge on the device, trace the value and try not to exceed it.

As a rule, 10-15 minutes of appliance are more than enough to pump your boobs and nipples up, not damaging skin and vessels. You may also read some breast pump reviews to get the idea of how this or that model works.

If boobs swell or ache, and painful sensations last for more than a day, visit a doctor.

How to Choose

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If you don’t know where to buy breast pump, and which model is better, read the following information.

If you are a beginner, start with cheap breast pumps with manual control. First of all, you will be able to control pressure and increase it slowly. Secondly, you won’t regret spending a bit of money, if you don’t like the toy at all.

On the contrary, advanced users may not hesitate and take pumps with automatic control. If you already know what your optimal pressure level is, you will be able to control the process, at the same time performing any other actions. These models are perfect for solo masturbation, giving a user a lot of freedom.

Make purchases in official stores and sex shops selling special sex toys and appliances. Do not order breast pumps for nursing moms! They have different structure and system, and are not intended for any other purposes except milk extraction.

Where to Buy Breast Pumps?

Our partner’s site is the ideal place for all customers due to excellent shopping conditions:

  • Quick shipping that allows staying anonymous;
  • Moderate breast pump prices;
  • A user-friendly site, easy navigation;
  • A great choice of sex toys;
  • Warranty of product authenticity;
  • Various payment methods.

A correctly chosen breast pump may heighten sensitivity considerably and make your orgasms brighter and stronger.
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