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sexy 08.05.2016

If you are always on trips, or have to travel a lot, it doesn’t mean you can’t get your portion of sexual pleasure. With a wireless bullet vibrator, you will be able to climax everywhere and any time you want. This is a way out for females who love getting pleasure on-the-go, and are not ready to sacrifice it.
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What is a Bullet Vibrator?

What’s the big deal about these small items? Being made in the shape of a simple oval, or bullet, these devices can be put in hand, and stored in a purse, or even a wallet. Despite being tiny in sizes, a gadget provides as much stimulation as a usual vibrator. In fact, the most powerful bullet vibrator can make a woman climax in a short time because of its rigid structure, metal surface that transmits vibrations well, and normal sizes that allow keeping the object inside vagina for as long as needed without irritation or discomfort.

A device may be taken and used practically everywhere. Some ladies like silent bullet vibrators, because nobody even notices that a person is using it. Moreover, a waterproof bullet vibrator can be used in shower, bathtub, swimming pool, etc. This is one of the most convenient sex toys ever invented.

Main Characteristics

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In most cases, you can see silver bullet vibrators and gold bullet vibrators in the Net. They are usually made of light, skin-friendly (mostly plastic or metal). There are also exotic variants of Bullet Vibrator online: pink and purple colors, unusual shapes, etc.

As a rule, bullet vibrators for sale are 2 inches long and one inch wide, but there are more advanced and bigger variations, for instance, double bullet vibrators that are connected by wires to the base.

The vast majority of devices on the market are waterproof bullet vibrators. They come with O-ring that seals the mechanism, protecting it from water. Thus, a gadget may be used in bathtub and shower, and thrown right in the water to be cleaned.

There are both remote bullet vibrators and versions with wires which are perfect for anal penetration. They are battery operated, and work either from one AAA battery, or several watch batteries that usually come in set.

The best bullet vibrator comes with different speeds and frequencies that can be controlled by the used manually, or via remote control.

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How to Use

If you don’t know how to use a bullet vibrator, just follow these pieces of advice, and you are guaranteed to have unforgettable sexual experience.

  1. Before using bullet vibrator, screw down the lid to make sure the insides are sealed. The device is ready for underwater application.
  2. Add some lubricant on the tip of the bullet to make injection smoother and more pleasant.
  3. You may insert it into vagina, using as Ben-Wa balls for massage and exercise. It won’t cause any discomfort, and you will be able to achieve climax gradually. Another way is to rub the bullet against your clitoris, while your partner is moving in and out: with the help of vibrator you will experience more intense and more frequent orgasms.
  4. Dream up your own method of using, or read bullet vibrator reviews to learn something new from other people’s experience.

Don’t put a wireless bullet vibrator inside anus – it may be lost inside the rectum, and medical intervention will be needed.
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How to Choose

There are hundreds of bullet vibrators for sale in the Internet, so how can one know what is her ideal choice?

If you are searching for a silent bullet vibrator, plastic models should be preferred, because the material will suppress vibrations slightly.

Order bullet vibrators in official and well-known stores. You will be sure in product authenticity and quality. Don’t think there are no cheap bullet vibrators in good stores. Such models are made of non-expensive materials (plastic) and have either wire control, or no speed alteration.

Still doubt? Buy a bullet vibrator of classic shape and without speeds. You will try it and understand whether this toy is enjoyable for you, and won’t regret spending money.

Where to Buy Bullet Vibrators?

If you are searching for a bullet vibrator online, welcome to our partner’s site! This store does its best to provide every customer with excellent shopping conditions:

  1. Fast shipping in discreet package.
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  3. Extensive choice of various sex toys.
  4. Ample information about every product.
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  6. Convenient payment methods.

Purchase a bullet vibrator, and you will always be ready for pleasure, wherever you go. Convenient, discreet, powerful – a great sex toy for ladies.
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