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sexy 03.03.2016

If you and your partner are really intimately close, probably, it’s high time to try something new. Couple Vibrators allow both of you experience new emotions and open the new facets of the intercourse. What are the reasons to purchase Couples Vibrator and how does it work? Let’s clear this up.
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What is Couples vibrators

This is a new type of vibrator that consists of two parts – smaller and bigger one. This is a versatile sex toy that may be applied by both men and women, used for all kinds of sex or alone, without a partner. As a rule, it comes with a smartphone app or remote control to manage vibes so that you could play with your beloved one.

Traditionally, a couples vibrator is used to penetrate G-zone and clitoris in women, but the areas of application are not restricted: it might be put up on penis, used for anal penetration and even put up on chin during oral sex. They are becoming more intricate and technologically sophisticated.

Main characteristics

Since the technologies are developing rapidly, and sex industry is not an exception, vibrators for couples are made in various forms, colors and textures. But there are some common features for all models:
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  1. Each couples vibrator comprises two oblong parts, both of which may vibrate separately or synchronically. One is made in the form of penis, while another is slightly thinner and smaller (designed for anal penetration).
  2. As a rule, the item is produced from silicone or rubber (rarely – from smooth hard plastic).
  3. Since these are sex toys for couples, they go with some kind of remote control, which allows lovers teasing each other.
  4. The best Couples Vibrator may be programmed the way you like: you are free to choose various combinations of vibrations and create your own vibration modes.
  5. Comes in set with charging device and sometimes – with lube.
  6. All models have discreet design and can be easily transported.

If you want to buy Couples Vibrator, visit out partner’s site by clicking this link.
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How to use

Of course, your and your partner’s imagination is not restricted in any way. You are free to try it in traditional ways (penetration of anus and vagina, vagina-clitoris combination) or experiment by putting on penis, which will penetrate both of you, or even use in the course of oral sexual acts. Besides, this device is equally good for hetero- and homosexual intercourse.

Before using Couples Vibrator, apply a bit of lube – it will reduce friction, making introduction smoother. After that you can adjust settings on your app and turn the device on. Enjoy positive vibrations and select the most suitable modes that bring maximum pleasure.

Even a cheap Couples Vibrator will be enough for you to face new emotions and have a lot of fun with your partner. The most advanced models allow making one’s own vibrations and modes.

How to choose

Already crave to order Couples Vibrator? First of all, you need to know how to select a suitable device so that it would satisfy you by all parameters.

  1. Pay attention to the material: it should be safe so that not to cause skin irritation or sensitiveness.
  2. Read the instruction properly and analyze, how many vibration modes are present, are there any other options, what is the battery charge (most Couples Vibrators reviews say it is minimum 30 minutes).
  3. Note that sizes of a device should be optimal for you. Rule “The bigger – the better” doesn’t work in this case, either. Besides, you may want something compact so that to take it with you.
  4. Buy some lube together with a vibrator, because you will need some before and during intercourse.
  5. Consider how a device is controlled: management via application is easy, but you will need a smartphone for that.

There are lots of Couples Vibrator online, and with these tips you will be able to find a perfect “pocket rabbit” for you and your partner.
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Where to buy Couples Vibrator

If you need such a sex toy, welcome to our partner’s site! It provides excellent conditions for smart shopping:

  • A user-friendly site with simple navigation and catalogue surfing;
  • Reasonable Couples Vibrator price, special offers and sales;
  • The possibility to arrange delivery right to your house in discreet package: no one will know what the secret parcel is;
  • A wide choice of products with various options;
  • Only original sex toys made of 100% safe materials by the most advanced technologies;
  • Order arrangement takes several minutes, being quite easy.

Now you know where to buy Couples Vibrator, and are ready to realize all your partner’s fantasies. With a couples vibrator it is much easier to get faster and better erection, increase satisfaction and intensity of sensations and add a bit of spice into your sexual relationships, making you even closer emotionally.
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