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sexy 05.04.2016

Your couple sex lacks variety and gets boring? It is high time for sex toys! Don’t know which one will bring maximum pleaaure and fun for both you and your partner? Purchase Double Ended dildo, and experience fresh, hot sexual sensations!
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What is Double Ended dildos?

This is a sex toy that comprises two dildos connected together. It has a double ended shape which allows both partners use the device simultaneously. Except its unusual form, it has no other differences from a usual dildo. It is made in the shape of a phallus, replicating its length, size, texture and even color. Dildo is a real replacement for a man, because if used correctly, it brings not less pleasure and always stays firm.

According to Double Ended dildos reviews, this sex toy is perfect for lesbian intercourse, allowing both girls dump the load simultaneously. It is equally good for solo and couples sex, and is quite convenient to use, though, it may not seem so at the first glance.

Main characteristics

Double Ended Dildo reviews
If you look at the features of Double Ended dildos online, you will see they have the following in common:

  1. They are produced from conventional materials for sex toys: rubber, silicone, hard plastic, jelly, etc.
  2. As a rule, they don’t have electric mechanisms inside, but there are some variations with vibrators and pulsating devices .There are some separate models that rotate and perform rabbit style vibrations.
  3. These dildos are also different in sizes and length.
  4. The vast majority of double ended dildos have straight shape reminding of a fully erected penis. Though, if you search better, you may even buy Double Ended dildos with curved end. There are lots of models with adjustable angle and bent two fold.
  5. Colors vary from natural ones to exotic pink, black and purple.

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How to use

Depending on the number of people applying the device, solo and couple double ended dildo using may be different. If you masturbate alone, then you may try it in two different ways:

  1. Lie on the back, positioning yourself on a pillow or laying two pillows under your hips. Keep the dildo straight and start putting it inside fixing which length is enough to reach maximum pleasure. If vaginal penetration is not enough for you to experience maximum orgasmic sensation, use all the potential of this sex toy! Buy double ended dildo with soft structure. Bend the dildo twofold and use the bigger end for vaginal penetration and the smaller one for anal stimulation. That may bring unforgettable sensations and double joy.
  2. When used by two people, dildo is not less convenient; partners just need to find an optimal position. The first variant is to stand on your four back to back, inputting the dildo simultaneously. Continue doing that, adjusting tempo, until you both reach the peak of pleasure. The second way is to sit face to face one on another. In this case you should better order double ended dildo that is firmer and has adjustable angle. This position makes partners closer and allows feeling all the intimacy of the moment.

No matter how you use the device, remember the following rules:

  • Apply some water- or oil-based lubricant on both ends before using the toy.
  • Use smaller end for anal penetration and bigger one for vaginal penetration.
  • If you experience allergy, skin sensitiveness or other unpleasant sensations, stop using the device – probably, its material is not suitable for you.

How to choose

Double Ended Dildos using
For your shopping to be smart and purchases to be successful, follow these recommendations:

  • For solo, order softer double ended dildos so that you could bend it. If you have intercourse with your partner, firmer models should be selected.
  • Make purchases on official sites only to avoid buying fake production that may appear quite dangerous for health.
  • Note that double ended dildo price is not the most important aspect. You should pay attention to its length and size. Make sure you buy a suitable item.

Where to buy Double ended dildo?

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