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sexy 08.05.2016

Love masturbation, but vibrators are too huge and inconvenient for that? It’s all in your hands! To be more precise, at your fingertips. Lady finger vibrator is a compact and very powerful adult toy that does wonders and brings out of this world orgasms.
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What is a Finger Vibrator?

This is a sex toy that features an in-built vibrator, and is put on fingers. Devices may be of two basic types: the ones with a ring (such construction is also called “two finger vibrator”) and models with a deep hole for a finger.

What makes the gadget supreme is its compact sizes (as a rule, it is less than 5 inches in length) and strong penetration generated by the motor and dots on the surface. A finger tip vibrator is perfect for clitoris stimulation, but can also be used for vaginal penetration, nipple tickling, etc. This is a highly versatile adult toy, suitable for going solo or having fun with your partner. Put it in your purse, drawer, glove compartment, or travel with it, being able to get pleasure anytime, anywhere.
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Main Characteristics

Many women buy finger vibrator, because it’s very convenient and safe in use. What makes it so special?

  1. Items are produced from rubber, jelly or silicone. They are smooth and flexible, and feel very pleasant on touch. Besides, they can be used with any type of lubricant.
  2. All finger vibrators online have dots and teasers on surface, which is why it feels like many little fingers titillate clitoris, bringing fantastic arousal and pleasure.
  3. Gadgets are battery operated (watch batteries are used), and controlled with the help of buttons. The best finger vibrators are wireless, and sometimes even feature remote control.
  4. Although original versions are oval shaped, there are many other variations: eggs, mini rabbits, and hollow fingers. Besides, you can find finger massagers that are perfect for prostate massage, anal sex and moderate sexual penetration.
  5. There are many waterproof finger vibrators that may be used in bathtub, shower or Jacuzzi.

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How to Use

The construction of device is quite simple, so you may learn how to use a finger vibrator just in a matter of several minutes.

The gadget is equally suitable for clitoral and vaginal penetration and other types of teasing, and as soon as you apply a bit of lubricant on it (water-based goes well for all materials, while silicone-based is recommended for underwater usage), you are ready to start. This is especially important for anal sex.

You can either put it on your fingers and go solo, or ask your partner to stimulate you while moving in and out.

According to numerous finger vibrator reviews, this toy is perfect for bringing dual stimulation and is totally safe in use. Rubber rings prevent slipping, allowing the item sit firmly on fingers. So as long as you relax, the experience will be absolutely enjoyable and positive.
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How to Choose

If you don’t know where to buy Finger Vibrator, and which model will be the most suitable for you, keep in mind the following aspects and remember that sometimes the search of a perfect adult toy may take pretty much time.

  1. If you travel a lot, a small finger vibrator will be the most suitable variant. Purchase hollow finger models – they can be stored in a purse, pocket or a bag.
  2. Make orders in official stores only: they guarantee product authenticity, which means you buy a safe and high-quality device.
  3. Most models with rings are suitable for nipple and clitoral penetration only, so if you are going to use a vibrator for other purposes, select a finger-shaped gadget.
  4. Power eggs and bullets are most suitable for underwater using, because they have good seals and safe construction.
  5. Need a simple and cheap finger vibrator? Silicone models with ring and one vibration speed may cost lower than $10, being affordable and at the same time quite efficient and powerful.

 Where to Buy Finger Vibrators?

There are so many finger vibrators for sale, and so many stores offering them. Where to find your ideal model? Visit our partner’s site and enjoy pleasant shopping and satisfying purchases!

What else? Becoming its client, you benefit from:

  1. Low finger vibrator prices and sales;
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  6. Superior quality of original products.

A finger vibrator is the best choice for ladies who don’t want to compromise and need an all-purpose device that brings various types of penetration. Experience enhanced stimulation and stronger orgasms, use the power at the tip of your fingers!
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