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sexy 06.05.2016

If you are an experienced user of sex toys with exquisite taste, you need something more than just a plastic dildo or usual strap-on. Check for luxury vibrators online, and you will be surprised to find out there is something else that you haven’t tried before.
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What is Luxury Vibrators?

These are models of vibrators designed to please you both aesthetically and physically. Most models feature various functions and options to maximize the joy and turn lovemaking into a great, unforgettable experience. Whether you have fun with your partner, or go solo, the best luxury vibrators will provide you with unrealistic sexual sensations, being very simple and safe in use.

Moreover, many luxury models feature additions for anal or clitoral penetration, G-spot stimulation, and even sound effects. This is a perfect solution for women of any age, especially the ones who have sufficient experience of sex toy using, and “overgrew” simple dildos.
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Main Characteristics

Most models of luxury vibrators for sale are made to provide maximum pleasure, being safe and reliable at the same time. This is why they have the following features:

  • Typically, they are made of skin-friendly silicone. It is smooth, provides close to real sensations and goes well with most types of lubricants. You can also find metal vibrators (these are usually bullets).
  • There are both waterproof and usual devices, but, or course, most of them can be used in the shower, bathtub or swimming pools quite safely.
  • You can buy luxury vibrators with re-chargeable power source (cord goes in set), or battery operated gadgets. Some of them feature remote control with an application installed on portable devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.).
  • No matter what length you need, you will find a perfect variant: there are short (up to 5 inches long) and bigger vibrators (12” and more). Their width varies from 1.25 to 1.5 inches.
  • The vast majority of high-tech vibrators feature several modes and speeds. Besides, you can customize vibration by creating your own pattern with pulsation and rotation provided, as well. Luxury vibrators reviews prove that the number of patterns is not limited, if you have rich fantasy and a special application.
  • Natural or exotic? There are different colors and shapes. About half of the models sold come with additional curved anal and clitoris stimulators.

Want something more extra-ordinary? There are different unusual variations like vibrating panties, eggs, small and big bullets and rings. Select the most optimal sex toys on our partner’s website! It offers a wide range of gadgets and appliances, satisfying all clients’ needs.
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How to Use

If you are an experienced user, you will find such devices extremely convenient, and at the same time not boring. The wide functionality of high-tech gadgets turns luxury vibrator using a very interesting process and new experience. If everything is done right, you are guaranteed to get fresh sensations and explore your body even better.
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Number one rule is to apply sufficient amount of lubricant. It will make injection smoother, reducing friction and protecting you from bacteria. Water-based lubricant is perfect for silicone models, but is dissolved in moisture. On the other hand, silicone-based lube is use for underwater penetration, but gets sticky on silicone toy surface. Oil-based lube may be the golden middle between them.

Before starting, relax and create the most comfortable atmosphere. Use anything that makes your mood: candles, music, wine, etc. Make sure you won’t be disturbed.

Get down to the business, and enjoy! Customize speeds and modes, change positions and play with your partner. You are free to experiment to discover your new favorite ways of being pleased.

How to Choose

The market offers a lot of curious models with numerous features. Where to buy luxury vibrators that will be totally satisfying? What it should be like? The best sex toy is the one that suits you and your needs. Here are some recommendations for successful shopping:

Remember that luxury vibrator price is not the most important aspect. The model should be made to please you entirely and penetrate the zones that you like to be stimulated. Can’t climax without clitoral or anal penetration? Choose the models with additional stimulators. Want your G-spot to be teased? Longer and curved versions are preferable.

If you are going to use the gadget for anal sex, purchase luxury vibrator with some kind of restrainers to avoid losing it inside the big bowel.

Where to Buy Luxury Vibrator?

Our partner’s site offers a wide range of cheap luxury vibrators and other sex toys. Low prices, fast shipping, convenient payment ways and product authenticity are guaranteed!

Order a luxury vibrator, and experience brighter, stronger and longer orgasms!
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