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sexy 26.04.2016

For more than 30 years, the Original Magic Wand Vibrator has been a number one choice on American market and still stays one of the most demanded and appraised massagers in the world. Being a reliable, versatile and very helpful device, it can bring you various benefits both for health, and more “personal” spheres of appliance.
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What is Magic Wand Vibrators?

This is a Japanese electric vibrating massager with powered walls that has been on the market since 1968. This appliance has proved to be very helpful for treating muscle pains and relaxing tension due to its special vibrations. But the spheres of appliance are not restricted, and the product can also be used for sexual penetration. This is a perfect vibrator for vaginal and anal stimulation that allows enjoying very intense sensations and orgasms.

The gadget is equally good for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Besides, it can be used by males for prostate massage. Spheres of using of Magic Wand Vibrator are not restricted, which makes the device perfect for any user, serving for his or her own purposes.

Main characteristics

The famous device has the following features:
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  1. A corpus made of white hard plastic has dimensions of 12.5 x 2.5 x 2 inches. Since initially this is a massager, it has non phallic appearance.
  2. It has on-the-base control with buttons and small screen.
  3. The massager has two modes (speeds) of vibration.
  4. Currently, there are two models: Original (with a wire) and Rechargeable (includes batteries working at least for 25 minutes).
  5. The product comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you want to order Magic Wand Vibrator, open the link to our partner’s site and enjoy great shopping conditions, fast delivery and excellent product quality.
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How to use

Being best of the best, Magic Wand Vibrator can be applied for different purposes. You have soaring neck? It will ease the pain. Back muscle tension? The massager will come at handy, too. But there is one more way to enjoy the benefits of positive vibrations. If you learn how to use Magic Wand Vibrator for intimate penetration, matchless satisfaction and orgasms are guaranteed!

If you purchase Magic Wand Vibrator for clitoral stimulation, it is very convenient and powerful for these purposes. All you need to do is apply some lube on its head and select an optimal vibration speed. The toy is equally good for both solo masturbation and sex games.

Decided to turn a massager into a conventional vibrator? Then keep in mind two things. First of all, it is 35 cm long, so you shouldn’t eject it entirely so that not to damage organs. Secondly, it is not waterproof, so using puts you on at the risk of getting electric shock. To avoid it, inject up to 10 cm of the device, not letting moisture contact with electric parts, buttons, etc. This device in an ideal G-spot stimulator, and if you find it, you can reach great orgasms.

Men can benefit from this device, too. When being held close to penis, the massager can generate vibrations pleasant to prostate, serving for both sexual satisfaction and health improvement.

Read numerous magic wand vibrator reviews, and you will realize that the gadget can be used for many other purposes, including sex games and genital stimulation.

Remember about safety. Since the device is mainly designed for massage, sexual penetration can be dangerous for your health, if you don’t follow some precautions.

How to buy Magic Wand Vibrator?

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If you are in search of Magic Wand Vibrator for sale, pay attention to the following aspects of your online shopping:

  1. If you see a very cheap Magic Wand Vibrator, it must be a fake one. Make sure you buy a 100% original product – visit official retail sites only!
  2. Don’t forget to buy some lube, especially if you will use it for anal stimulation.
  3. If you are going to use it away from home, travelling or having trips, better buy Magic Wand Vibrator without wires. The same concerns vaginal and anal masturbation – absence of wire makes the process more convenient and safe.
  4. Ensure you buy a product with one year warranty.
  5. The original vibrator is made in white color only. All other variations are produced by other manufacturers, and their quality may not be as high as Magic Wand’s.

Where to buy Magic Wand Vibrator?

Don’t know where to buy Magic Wand Vibrator? Visit our partner’s site. It offers authentic sex toys only, and provides purchases with excellent shopping conditions:

  1. Moderate price of Magic Wand Vibrator and other sex appliances makes the products available.
  2. Discreet and fast delivery to your apartments.
  3. Various convenient ways of payment.

Enjoy good vibrations of one of the most reliable and popular massagers in the world. This is a versatile gadget that may come in handy for both you and your partner!
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