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Nipple Clamps

sexy 28.04.2016

Modern sex industry offers an extensive range of various accessories, and one of the most unordinary is the breast clamp. Being regarded by some people as deviant behavior, the practice of playing with clamps is getting more and more popular. If you want to experiment, and learn what pleasure through pain is, you should buy nipple clamps.
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What is nipple clamp?

This is a sex toy that consists of small metal clamps and objects attached to them (chains, jewelry, etc.). The item is largely used in BDSM games and sadomasochism, because the device causes a lot of pain both when being put on and off. First, a person experiences sudden pain shock when blood flow stops, and then when it starts springing.

Some people get pleasure from such sensations, or when seeing a person experiencing it. Although initially it is viewed as kinked sexual behavior, today, modern people are not afraid of experimenting and trying something completely out-of-the-way.

Main characteristics

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There are many nipple clamps for sale in the Net. Most of them are metal (brass, surgical steel, silver), and are easily adjustable at nipples of any diameter.

There are three basic types of nipple clamps online. Clothes-pin style nipple clamps look and have the same mechanism as clothespin, each gripping nipple very tightly. It often goes with screws serving to control the pressure. Tweezer clamp feature two short length of metal, and are adjusted with the help of special ring. Clover clamp is the most painful type that has a spring, and increases tension when being pulled.

Most clamps come with additional adornments, like chains, pendants, etc. Some users claim that Y-type is the best nipple clamp (connects nipples and a ring put in penis, or clitoris).

If you want to find your ideal type of nipple clamps, open our partner’s site. It offers the best shopping conditions, including wide choice of sex toys and different appliances, and provides low prices together with decent customer support.
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How to Use

Although sadomasochistic films show the process very enjoyable and appealing, in real life the entire experience is far harsher. If you don’t want to feel pain only, read some recommendations concerning how to use nipple clamps.

  1. When attaching the clamps, adjust them so that they fit breasts ideally. You can feel slight pain, or acute – it depends on the type of device and what you do with it. Just keep in mind that while holding the clamps, you should not suffer too much from it. If you see blood coming out, stop the process.
  2. Of course, people purchase nipple clamps for sadomasochistic purposes, but it should not necessarily cause a lot of discomfort. If it plays purely aesthetical role for you, it is also okay. Don’t pull them or clasp too strong, if you don’t want to. It must be your own experiment with your own preferences and rules.
  3. After putting clamps off, you may apply some soothing cream on nipples, or put ice on it. That will help to relieve irritation.

Remember that safety should be number one priority during sexual games. And if you can’t stand pain anymore, or just don’t experience any feeling except discomfort and embarrassing, this is not your type of sexual behavior, which is okay. Just try something else.

Have nipples swollen or badly irritated for several days? Visit your doctor, because you might have damaged nipple skin and breast vessels.
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How to Choose

Wondering where to buy Nipple Clamps, and what an ideal model looks like? To make the right choice, you should pay attention to several aspects.

First of all, make purchases in official stores only. Make sure that you get authentic items made of skin-friendly materials, and construction quality is high. It concerns your health.

Need cheap nipple clamps? Traditional clothespin variants are the most affordable ones. Brass in non-expensive, but if you have sensitive skin, surgical steel will be the most optimal solution.

If you are a non-experienced user, select the accessories with adjustable grip. Thus, you will define an optimal diameter and strength of clamping.

You can also read some nipple clamps reviews to learn more about users’ experience, sphere of appliance, and pros and cons of each model.

Where to buy Nipple Clamps?

Why you should make order on our partner’s site? It has all you need for easy-breeze shopping and satisfying purchases! Low nipple clamps prices, sales and special offers. Ideal customer support that will help you to choose an item and arrange an order. An intuitive site with an extensive catalogue. A real paradise for shoppers!

If you want to try something fresh and exotic, order nipple clamps. This is both a stylish intimate accessory, and a very arousing sex toy. A burst of unusual sensations and fun with your partner are guaranteed!
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