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sexy 19.02.2016

Sometimes natural sexual arousal is not enough for human body to be prepared for a sex act itself. In order to improve sexual experience and make coitus go smoother, a lubricant is used. This is one of the most demanded things on sex shop market. Why is it necessary for all couples who need normal sexual relationships and only positive sexual experience? Let’s clear up why it is recommended to purchase Personal Lubricant.
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What is personal lubricant?

This is a special lubricant used during human intercourse acts or masturbation. The substance serves to reduce friction between penis and other human parts to make penetration better. It is also applied when sex toys are used to ease the introduction.

Generally, a lubricant is a versatile thing that may be of much use during any sexual act, be that between heterosexual couples, gays or single person experience.

Main characteristics

Generally, there are three types of lubricants:
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  1. If you need a cheap Personal Lubricant, choose water-based versions. They are made on the basis of glycerin or cellulose and are considered to be quite safe, with some of them containing components helping to prevent HIV transmission. Many modern water lubricants dry out completely, which makes it easy to use and wash away. The only drawback is that such lubricants are not suitable for the cases when sexual intercourse occurs in the water (swimming pools, bath, etc.) as far as the substance may be dispersed.
  2. The best Personal Lubricant is silicone based. It contains not so much ingredients, going without water. Such lubricant is not absorbed by skin and may last much longer, being ideal for any type of sex. Not recommended to be used with sex toys, because it may dry out on silicone surface, leaving sticky layers.
  3. Oil-based lubricants also last longer, but are better to be used for partners who don’t want to use condoms, because oily substance causes slipping of rubber.

Traditional vaginal lubricants are used mostly by heterosexual couples during a usual intercourse or for the purposes of conceiving (note that not all of them are harmless for semen). It helps to reduce vaginal friction and pain. Moreover, there are some specific types of lubricants. For instance, you may buy Personal Lubricant for anal intercourse: it has a specific formula, being closer to a thick gel than to a liquid. It helps to reduce discomfort and relieve tension during sex acts. Some anal lubricants contain components that slightly numb the sensations, which is suitable for people only starting practicing such kind of sex.

Organic or natural lubricants are suitable for people suffering from allergic reactions. It cases minimal skin sensitiveness, helps to reduce irritation. Besides, such type of lubricant is preferable by vegetarians and animal right defenders, because they don’t contain animal-based ingredients.

Want to try something special? Order Personal Lubricant with warming or cooling effect. Such types are suitable when partners need stimulation or, vice versa, slowing down of penetration.

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How to use it?

Personal Lubricant online
As you may guess, Personal Lubricant using is suitable for all types of sexual intercourse. Lubricant is applied on genitals or sex toys, e.g. all zones that are subject to friction and penetration during sex act.

Any lubricant may be applied before and during sex intercourse, in some cases – after, to reduce sensitiveness and irritation (especially concerns lubricants with “cooling” effect). Be careful when using or along with condoms: apply it above the condom so that to exclude the possibility of slipping.

How to choose

According to Personal Lubricant reviews, the choice is of much importance for the partners to get maximum pleasure and ensure safety and comfort. How to select a lubricant with suitable characteristics so that to stay satisfied after sexual act? Here are some recommendations for you:

  • First of all, define what kind of lubricant (oil, water, and silicone) will be applicable for your situations. The characteristics of all three types are given above.
  • Mind that if you have very sensitive skin, or allergic to lubricants, 100% natural variants should be selected. Thus, you won’t suffer from pain, itching, etc.
  • Personal Lubricant price is not what defines its quality. Look at the contents: too many ingredients is also no good, because skin on human genitals is very thin and sensitive.

Where to buy personal lubricant?

If you need a high-quality lubricant, visit out partner’s site. It offers various kinds of Personal Lubricant online. You may enjoy convenient shopping and fast delivery.

Personal lubricant is not a luxury, it’s a necessity for comfortable and safe sex.
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