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sexy 08.05.2016

Today’s women search for more pleasurable sex toys that may bring not vaginal stimulation only. Starting from 1990’s, when it was introduced on the market, thrusting rabbit vibrator has been one of the most demanded things among females, and still stays popular. If you need dual stimulation for full-blown climaxing, it’s high time to buy rabbit vibrator and try it!
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What is a Rabbit Vibrator?

This is a sex toy that consists of a phallus-shaped body with vibrating and rotating motor inside, and a clitoral stimulator attached to it. The device is often called “rabbit ears vibrator”, because clitoris stimulator is made in the form of two rabbit ears. While shaft brings out vaginal, or internal all-out penetration, the second part teases labia and clitoris, contributing to double pleasure and enhanced sexual arousal.

A double rabbit vibrator can be used for both solo masturbation and partner sex: they toy is versatile, and is found pleasant by the vast majority of users. Besides, several vibration and rotation speeds allow customizing its work, making suitable for everybody’s individual needs and preferences.  Today, modern versions can slightly differ from original rabbit vibrators, having non-phallic shape and additional functions.
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Main characteristics

Rabbit style vibrators can be made of different materials: silicone (the most safe variant, because it has non-porous surface and is easy to wash), elastomer, rubber, plastic, vinyl. Initially, the toy was produced from jelly, but it is porous, which promotes collection of bacteria and is hard to clean, so alternative materials are getting more widespread now.

A typical pink rabbit vibrator with traditional features has two or three frequencies of vibration, and different rotation speeds. The shaft and the clitoral stimulator can work separately or simultaneously. A usual gadget is battery-operated, and needs three AAA accumulators. The best rabbit vibrator may have way more modes and go with remote control or speed and pattern customization. Everything is made so that the user could personalize her toy.

There are also thrusting rabbit vibrators that have a moving shaft that can thread and stimulate G-spot more intensely. These are advanced models that contribute to maximum penetration, and can bring very intense orgasms.

Look what rabbit vibrators for sale are offered on our partner’s site! You will definitely find a suitable model for reasonable cost.
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How to Use

The device may seem to be a complicated thing for beginners, but even if you are not an advanced user, you will soon learn how to use a rabbit vibrator. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Before injecting the shaft, apply some water-based lube on it. Rubber, jelly and silicone cause a lot of friction, which can damage tissues. If you have enough natural lubricant, you may distribute it so that rabbit ears didn’t rub the clitoris too harshly.
  2. Going to use a waterproof rabbit vibrator? Check seals and battery compartment: everything should be protected against moisture properly so that to eliminate the risk of getting electric shock.
  3. While using rabbit vibrator, make sure you fixed it right: the “ears” should be slightly pushed to clitoris and massage it slightly.
  4. Change speeds, rotation frequency, positions and styles. Note that even a small and quiet rabbit vibrator can bring a lot of mind-blowing sensations, if used correctly.

If you experience pain or discomfort, you may try changing position, or adding lubricant. If anything, you may also visit doctor.
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How to Choose

If you want to purchase the most pleasurable and most powerful rabbit vibrator, it may take time: perfect toys are found by trial and error, because every woman has her own anatomical peculiarities. But you can avoid typical mistakes and take into consideration the following aspects:

  1. Search for rabbit vibrators online in official stores only. They offer high-quality products made of skin-friendly materials.
  2. There is no need to buy a very large rabbit vibrator: size is not the most important thing in such toys. Nerve endings are located in the first part of vagina, and even small shafts can cause very strong penetration, if used smartly.
  3. If you need a cheap rabbit vibrator, select rubber and silicone models with minimal modes.
  4. Read rabbit vibrator reviews to get the idea of what their drawbacks and merits are.

Where to Buy Rabbit Vibrators?

If you want to purchase a high-quality big rabbit vibrator, shop on the partner’s site. You will be surprised by low rabbit vibrator prices, fast delivery and wide choice of sex toys. Besides, convenient payment types, 100% authenticity warranty and full info about product will make your shopping easy and breezy.
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