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sexy 12.04.2016

For some people, masturbation is something quite awkward and strange. When it comes to sex toys, some women get embarrassed even more: these bright pink colors and intricate shapes add to the feeling you do something unnatural, which, of course, spoils the mood and somewhat disturbs from getting pleasure. How to make masturbation process more natural and get feelings closer to real ones? Purchase a realistic dildo, and you will experience the same sensations as with a partner.
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What is a realistic dildo?

As its name suggests, a realistic dildo is a sex toy that completely mimics the appearance of a genuine erected phallus. Size, color, and texture look and feel like a real penis, and most models also feature testicles. When being put in hands, this device creates an impression like you keep a real man’s shaft, which, of course, helps some women to relax and get the sensations they crave for.

The best realistic dildos are designed to the last detail: veins, knob-end and skin creases look very natural! Besides, rubber surface is moving towards the inner stem, which adds to the feeling.

Main characteristics

If you search for realistic dildos online, you will realize they have quite similar features. The device has the following characteristics:
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  1. It is made of silicone, rubber or jelly. These materials are safe for skin and allow replicating penis skin in texture, color and softness.
  2. The vast majority of dildos come with balls to look more naturally, and can be used for additional penetration.
  3. Devices are available in a number of colors close to natural ones: white skin, black skin or tan…it’s up to you to choose!
  4. Most realistic dildos are slightly curved to mimic a hard-on.
  5. Various sizes are available: from 6cm to 22 cm and sometimes even longer.
  6. You can also buy a realistic dildo with vibrating motor inside.

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How to use

If you have never had experience of realistic dildo using, the first time may appear to be scary and difficult. Don’t despair! Here are some recommendations for both beginners and amateurs:

  • Before applying the device, make sure it is clean. Don’t forget that safety is of high importance!
  • Apply some lube on the dildo and, if needed, on genitals, as well. Since such dildo is made of rubber or silicone, the material will create a lot of friction which can irritate skin and feel unpleasant. Lubricant is obligatory for anal penetration, because the big bowel tissues are very sensitive and may be damaged by a rubber sex toy.
  • Try to create a peaceful and quiet atmosphere to relax and get maximum satisfaction. Candles, chocolate, porn – you are free to use anything you need to get into the right mood.
  • Input the dildo slowly, making sliding movements. Ensure it does smoothly and doesn’t irritate genitals.
  • When using the dildo for anal penetration, don’t put it too deep. Keep the end in your hands.
  • Adjust the tempo and power of your motions. Enjoy!

If you still feel clumsy about this experiment, read some realistic dildo reviews. Perhaps, you will learn some useful information about how to apply it properly and what type of device may be suitable for you.

If you experience pains and other unpleasant sensations, cease the intercourse. You may apply some more lube, and if it doesn’t help, most probably, the toy was chosen incorrectly.

 How to choose

Realistic Dildo using
To make a smart purchase, you need to know the following aspects:

  1. Buy realistic dildos in official stores only. Be aware of fake production, because it may be produced of non-safe materials.
  2. Choose the length according to your own preferences and anatomical peculiarities. The biggest dildo is not necessarily going to be the best for you.
  3. Don’t aim to buy realistic dildo cheap. High-quality items are a bit more expensive, but provide maximum comfort and safety.
  4. If you prefer anal penetration, select the models with testicles – it will help to keep the item, not letting it slip inside.

Where to buy realistic dildos

If you have resolved to try such a toy, visit our partner’s site! It provides everything you need for successful, totally satisfying shopping:

  1. Low realistic dildo prices, constant sales and special offers.
  2. Fast shipping with your purchases packed discreetly. Save your time and privacy!
  3. Original products only. No fake production!
  4. Wide catalogue of sex toys and other similar goods.
  5. Order arrangement takes two minutes.

Now you know where to buy realistic dildos, so it’s high time to make the purchase of your dream! Open our partner’s site and select the best items with the best prices.
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