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sexy 28.04.2016

Tired of masturbating with your hands, and want something more true-to-life? Today, the market of sex toys has a lot to offer, and modern appliances can bring far brighter emotions than real people. If you don’t have a partner, or just want to make masturbation process seem more natural, buy realistic vagina. Open 24/7, and always accessible.
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What is realistic vaginas?

This is a sex toy that is made to replicate female genitals (clitoris, vulvar lips, vagina and rectum) and to provide close to real sensations. Its texture and rigidness remind of pussy, which boosts sexual penetration and ensures more psychological comfort to men who are somewhat confused by the fact of masturbation.

If you search for realistic vaginas online, you will realize there are different variants designed to please everyone. Men can enjoy traditional pussy + vagina tandem, select a toys with both vagina and anal hole. Plus, there are toys made in the form of boobs and featuring opening at the same time. A realistic vagina is a good sex toy for solo masturbation, but it can be used for gay sex, too.

Main characteristics

The vast majority of realistic vaginas for sale come with the following features:
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  • Toys are made of high-quality silicone that ensures natural feeling and smooth surface;
  • The toy has skin color (pale or black);
  • The depth of hole may be from 5 inches to 12-13, and sometimes even more;
  • They toy may comprise a vagina only, or the entire genital zone with buttocks, or even female body without limbs and head.

The best realistic vaginas are hard to differ from real skin and tissue, if touched with your eyes closed. There are advanced versions with special ribbed or wavy surface inside, and vibrating mechanisms.

Want to try a device yourself? Order realistic vaginas on our partner’s site. Only original products and reasonable prices!
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How to Use

At first glance, the device can look somewhat embarrassing and strange. But if you don’t know how to use realistic vagina, don’t be afraid of trying it for the first time. Everything is simpler than it seems!

Before starting having fun with your silicone pussy, apply some lube on your shaft. Don’t buy silicone-based lubricant for such types of toys: rubber reacts with it, and everything gets sticky. Water-based versions are preferable.

If this is a usual cylinder in the form of vagina, all you will need to do is just hold it firmly. But if you have purchased a more advanced device, for instance, a body with boobs and butts, first you will need to lay it on the bed or install somewhere else so that it didn’t dangle, allowing you to control your motions.

Make sure that a vagina is not too tight for your penis. If you experience discomfort or pains during injection, try to add some more lubricant. If that wouldn’t help, stop using the toy. Probably, you need some other model.

And don’t overdo. Although a realistic vagina is a safe and skin-quality toy, excessive using can result into skin damage and irritation. Don’t forget about sufficient lubrication.

How to Choose

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How to make the most satisfying choice and purchase a perfect toy? Consider the following:

  1. Read some realistic vagina reviews to learn the drawbacks and merits of each model, and realize which toy will be the most suitable for you.
  2. Where to buy realistic vagina? Make purchases on official web-sites and stores. Be sure that you get a 100% original product, because it concerns your health.
  3. Remember that realistic vagina price depends mostly on the size of toy. Need an inexpensive variant? Select a usual cylinder. Want more true-to-life experience? Be ready to pay for the entire corpus with breasts, and butts.
  4. Prefer silicone variants over rubber ones. This material is smoother and safer.
  5. Pay attention to the length and choose an appropriate size and diameter.

Where to Buy Realistic Vagina?

A lot of realistic vaginas for sale can be found on our partner’s site. It provides all you need to be satisfied by both shopping and purchases made:

  1. Fast and discreet shipping that takes up to several days only.
  2. An extensive range of cheap realistic vaginas and other sex toys.
  3. Brilliant customer support with assistants always online.
  4. Different payment types.
  5. Full information about each item.
  6. Total security of your personal and payment data.
  7. Fast and easy order arrangement.
  8. A user-friendly platform that is very simple in use.

Purchase a realistic vagina, and get your fresh, realistic sensations with smooth and easy masturbation. This sex toy was created to delight you anytime, anywhere, being the most obedient partner on Earth. Select your optimal variant on our partner’s site, and just in a matter of several days masturbation will become as pleasant as never!
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