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sexy 12.04.2016

In fact, women like masturbating not less than men do, but they don’t talk about that much, preferring to keep silent about that. Are you one of those girls who love self-satisfaction, but want to keep it in secret? Purchase silent vibrator, and nobody will even notice you’re doing something suspicious.
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What is Silent Vibrator?

As you may guess, this is the same thing as a usual vibrator, but producing much less sound. The noise suppression materials and technologies make the mechanism work smoothly, allowing using it even there is someone sharing a room with you.

Just like its conventional analogue, a device has several modes and speeds of work, with best silent vibrator models rotating and having adjustable frequency. It is the perfect variant if you can’t stay alone at night, and don’t want the others to suspect anything. Roommate, child, or even a husband won’t know anything, if the device you apply emits no noise. Besides, it is convenient in travel. It provides both physical and psychological comfort to you.

Main characteristics

According to Silent Vibrators reviews, the models have a lot in common. Their features are as follows:
Silent Vibrator using

  • They are made of safe materials typically used for sex toys: silicone (most suitable for noise suppression) rubber or hard plastic.
  • Silent vibrators online are divided into four basic types: bullet, rabbit vibrators, egg-shaped devices and remote control ones.
  • These sex toys are typically pink or purple colored, but you can also find models or realistic skin colors, or bullets made of metal-colored materials.
  • With a small battery compartment, a sex toy works from the base and has a very powerful, yet quiet motor.
  • Having a conventional cylindrical prolonged shape, a silent vibrator can also be slightly curved to the end, or have a rib structure. Rabbit variations have separate “ears” for anal penetration.

You order silent vibrators on our partner’s site. There are tens of variations with different features and characteristics, so you will always find a suitable model!
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How to use

If you have never tried these sex toys before, you will find them very convenient in use. Silent Vibrator using is a very simple and discreet process that is no different from usual vibrator application. However, there are some recommendations that you should consider:

  1. Before using the device, make sure its batteries are charged, all seals are properly closed and the toy is clean. If this is a remote control variation, you would probably have to download an app on your smartphone.
  2. Since you don’t want anyone to notice you masturbating, try to find a suitable position and relax as much as it is possible.
  3. Start inputting the device slowly, evaluating your experience and sensations. If something goes wrong, and you are disturbed by pains or unpleasant feelings, cease the process.

A super Quiet Vibrator is a very convenient item, because it can be applied almost wherever you want, without you being “caught red handed”.

How to choose

Silent Vibrators reviews
Decided to buy silent vibrator, but have no idea how to find a perfect model? Here are some considerations for smart shopping:

  1. Make purchases in official stores only. Be aware of fakes, because they may appear to be highly dangerous for your health.
  2. Pay attention not to Silent Vibrator price, but to material quality and its functionality. Since this is a very personal thing, you should select it carefully.
  3. Don’t forget to take some lube. Water-based is best, if used for silicone sex toys.
  4. If you are afraid of being seen during masturbation, select remote control models. Having a vibrator inside, you will be able to switch it on and off discreetly, without anyone even noticing that.
  5. Silicone materials are usually used for such items, but if you need less penetration, or have difficulties when inputting rubber dildos and other toys, there are plastic alternatives that reduce friction considerably.
  6. Select a Quiet Powerful Vibrator according to your own preferences. Like anal sex? Rabbit vibrators will bring you genuine pleasure. Want something less aggressive? Classic bullet versions or egg-shaped machines should be chosen.

Where to buy silent vibrators?

Want to give it a try and find a cheap silent vibrator? Don’t rush to the nearest sex shop. There are suitable variants on our partner’s site. It has everything you need for smart shopping:

  1. Low prices, sales and special offers.
  2. Fast shipping and secure package.
  3. Different payment types (electronic money, bank cards, etc.).
  4. A huge catalogue of sex toys and appliances.
  5. 100% personal data protection.
  6. Authentic products only. No counterfeit production!

Now you know where to buy silent vibrators, and soon will be able to enjoy every second playing with it, not disturbing anyone else or catching their attention.
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