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sexy 13.04.2016

If you are single, it doesn’t mean you cannot have great sex and fulfill you wildest dreams. What you need is to check for Silicone Dolls online. You will be surprised by their naturally sexy appearance and the wide choice of “girlfriends” for any taste.
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What is Silicone Doll?

Being one of the most widespread sex toy in the world, silicone doll is a complete replica of a live woman, with all the details thoroughly made: body, face, hair and, of course, genitals. Just close your eyes, touch it, and you won’t notice the difference!

Silicone is very close to human skin in touch, which makes it perfect for such types of toys. Men buy Silicone dolls, because this is a great opportunity to go as wild as they want, being capable of making any sexual fantasy true. Besides, this is a way out for those who don’t have a partner, and are not willing to masturbate the way they usually do. A silicone doll helps to create more natural feelings during sexual intercourse.

Main characteristics

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Search for Silicone Dolls in the Net, and you will be pleasantly shocked by the endless number of appearances and variations. Black, Asian, white and tanned…There are even zombie or vampire dolls. Your fantasy is not limited; you can buy practically any type of dolls you like. All of them have the following features:

  1. They are produced from skin-friendly silicone that is very smooth and pleasant on touch.
  2. The best silicone dolls have a detailed face with eyelashes, slightly or fully opened mouth, natural hair and pretty ears. You won’t differ them from a real person!
  3. Genitals (vagina, anal and clitoris) are made to that to mimic genuine organs and are made from smoother silicone for maximum pleasure.
  4. Some silicone dolls for sale may feature vibrating devices for better stimulation.
  5. There are variants without arms and legs – you only have the most necessary body parts.

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How to use

Never had experience of sexual intercourse with toys? Believe, silicone doll using is very simple and enjoyable. Just follow these simple recommendations:

  • Before using, apply some lube on doll’s genitals and your shaft, as well. Silicone creates strong friction, and you don’t want your sensitive penis skin to be damaged, right? Better use water-based lubricant, because it is safe, easy to wash and doesn’t react with rubber surfaces.
  • Create the atmosphere you need to relax and enjoy. Music, porn, alcohol…Whatever drives you on! If your doll looks realistic, the whole experience should be like that.
  • Place the doll in the positions you like best and enjoy!

If you experience pains, skin irritation and sensitivity, cease using the doll. Try to add lubricant – that should help. Otherwise, search for another toy, and if the symptoms last too long, visit the doctor.

How to choose

Silicone Doll using
Even if you already know where to buy Silicone Dolls, you should be aware of the following aspects for your shopping to be pleasant and successful:

  1. Make purchases only in original, official stores and sex shops. Note that fake dolls and sex toys are more likely to be made of cheap, potentially hazardous materials.
  2. Need a cheap silicone doll? Select the versions without limbs, or the ones without hair, face features, etc. Mind that the more natural and beautiful a girl, the more expensive it is.
  3. Depending on the type of sex you prefer (anal, vaginal, oral), choose the dolls with corresponding elaborated body parts. It may have several holes, and you should know exactly which ones are present.
  4. Read some silicone dolls reviews. Customers describe their advantages and drawback, give recommendations concerning using and just share their experiences.
  5. Keep in mind that the most important point is quality, not silicone doll price. Besides, you should pay attention to its sizes: most versions are close to real dimensions, which makes it quite hard to hide them from the others.

Where to buy Silicone Dolls

Want to purchase silicone dolls? Go to our partner’s site and select your ideal model! Check the conditions offered for every client:

  • Quick delivery right to your house. Security and anonymity are guaranteed!
  • A wide catalogue of different sex toys and appliances.
  • Low prices, special offers and sales make the goods available for every client!
  • A simple, user-friendly site makes online shopping as enjoyable as never.
  • Every product has detailed description.
  • Only original goods. No counterfeit production!
  • 24/7 customer support is always ready to help.

Order a silicone doll, and make your wildest sexual fantasies come true! This is the most suitable sex toy for those who need natural, intense sensations and full freedom of sexual expression.
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