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sexy 12.04.2016

Love oral sex? It’s great when your partner is ready to bring you pleasure the way you like. But what if your better half is against this type of intercourse, or you are just single but want to experience this kind of penetration so badly? Don’t despair, sex industry is full of various intricate things, including tongue shaped vibrators. This is the new must-have for people loving muff diving.
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What is tongue vibrator?

This is a sex toy coming in the shape of tongue. It mimics the motions of human tongue by sliding, rotating and swirling, favoring a woman to even a greater degree than in conventional way. Besides, being equipped with a vibrating unit, it stimulates all hot spots, making her experience indescribable satisfaction. Many men buy tongue vibrators, because it does all the job for them, and they don’t have to face tongue fatigue anymore.

There are two versions of device: vibrators put on the tongue (perform mostly vibrating function, boosting penetration greatly) and on-the-base vibrators (look more like an ordinary vibrators, but are designed in the form of tongue) that perform various motions and can be used during solo. This is a perfect sex toy for both hetero- and homosexual couples.

Main characteristics

best Tongue Vibrator
Despite being something different from conventional variations, these sex toys have a lot in common with them:

  • They are made of silicone safe for oral cavity and sensitive skin;
  • Most models feature dots and spikes for additional stimulation;
  • Work with batteries (on-the-base models usually have AAA batteries, while vibrators put on tongue contain smaller accumulators). Cartridge is removable in most cases;
  • There are various exotic colors: pink, purple, black;
  • The best tongue vibrators feature several modes, allowing user adjust speed, frequency and the manner of motions;
  • The toy may fit any tongue size.

Find the tongue vibrator of your dream! Visit our partner’s site and check for the items offered there. You will be pleasantly surprised by the choice and prices allowing purchasing tongue vibrator that will satisfy you entirely.
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How to use

Does this thing look weird for you? Have no idea how to apply it appropriately? In fact, tongue vibrator using is simple; you only need to follow several directions:

  1. If batteries are included, the item is ready to be used out-of-the-box. Clean it, just in case.
  2. Lack pussy juice? Apply some lube on genitals and the sex toy itself. Better choose water-based lubricants, because they don’t react with silicone materials and are safer.
  3. Put the vibrator on the tongue, fixing it properly.
  4. Switch the device on and start penetrating your partner’s genitals. Swirl your tongue around, slide it forth and back. Push the tongue gently against her sensitive areas. Your girl will pipe and scream from pleasure when you find the right way of penetration.
  5. Try to find hot spots and the most sensitive areas. This is going to be fun for both of you.
  6. Switch modes, change positions and experiment. Enjoy!

Don’t be afraid of trying something new. This is a real source of fantastic pleasure for most women. Just read tongue vibrator reviews, and you will realize that those who tried it once don’t want to us anything else. If used correctly, this sex toy is one of the strongest stimulators.

How to choose

Tongue vibrators using
To make the purchase of your dream, you need to know where to buy tongue vibrators and which characteristics it should have. Here are some recommendations for you:

  1. Most vibrators are made of mouth-safe silicone, and if you see any other material, think twice: they may appear to be less comfortable and more irritating for the skin.
  2. If you search for tongue vibrators online, make purchases in well-known, popular markets. They provide authentic and safe production of the best brands.
  3. Base version or a device put on tongue? It depends on who uses the vibrator and how. If you are single, or your partner doesn’t want to go under the house, hand vibrators will be perfect. Besides, they may also be used during menstruation. If your partner want to do everything on his own with a little help of vibrating device, a cheap tongue vibrator for mouth would be suitable.
  4. She needs additional stimulation? Select the models with a variety of modes and dots.

Where to buy tongue vibrators?

So, you have decided on the models you need, and there is one thing left: to find the shop. Here are 5 reasons for you to order tongue vibrator in our partner’s store:

  1. Fast and secure shipping.
  2. Low tongue vibrator prices.
  3. 100% warranty of authenticity.
  4. Wide choice of sex toys.
  5. Different payment types.

Give your girlfriend a buzz, making her experience the stimulation she never dreamed about! Order tongue vibrators and other curious sex appliances on our partner’s site!
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