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sexy 30.03.2016

Many women love masturbating in the shower, or while having bath. But there is one problem that spoils the whole pleasure: vibrators tend to break and go out of service because of the water damaging the device from the inside. What is the way out? Buy Waterproof vibrator, and you will be able to get your portion of pleasure anywhere you want – in a swimming pool, bath, shower and other places.
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What is Waterproof Vibrator?

In fact, this type of device is a conventional vibrating strapless dildo with the only difference: it is made of waterproof materials and has special seals that don’t let moisture inside the apparatus. Thus, it can be used under water for as long as possible.

All the best Waterproof vibrators have several modes of functioning (vibration, pulsation, etc.) and speeds (vibration frequency), which is a common feature with usual vibrators. Just like its ordinary analogue, it works with batteries or accumulators that are perfectly protected from water. Theoretically, they can be used for anal and vaginal sex and by both women and men. This is a versatile sex toy that serves for a long time, if used correctly.
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Main characteristics

If you search for Waterproof vibrators online, you may find out that all of them have the following features:

  1. Usually waterproof devices do not have control panel with wires (poses the risk of electric shock of user) or remote control (inefficient in the water), the batteries are placed inside and the vibrator is controlled from the base. It is safer and quite convenient.
  2. These devices can be made if various materials: plastic (most popular type of material for waterproof sex toys), rubber (latex), silicone or jelly (cannot be used without lubricant). All of them can be properly sealed to protect the inner mechanism from water, but the degree of convenience of usage is different.
  3. Moreover, waterproof vibrators can be divided into two categories: penetrating (traditional sex toys in phallus form that may be used with or without partner and are activated without remote or wire control) and non-penetrating (discreet sex toys that can be made in various forms like cell phones, lipsticks, etc.). The second ones are more frequently used for the stimulation of erogenous zones, and may have additional functions, like massaging or making soap foam. Non-penetrating vibrators can also be used underwater, which won’t be noticed by anyone else. That is why they are frequently used by the people who tend to cover up the fact that they masturbate.

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How to use

As you might have already guessed, this type of device is perfect for being used underwater, e.g. in the shower, hot bath tub, sea water, swimming pools, etc. But you still have to know some rules of Waterproof vibrators using before trying it on board:

  1. Selecting low price waterproof vibrators, make sure that the batteries and the mechanism are enclosed properly! Otherwise, the moisture getting inside may cause short circuit or electric shock of people using it. Some women love a slight sensation of electricity coming along vagina walls, but that can be quite unsafe and even dangerous for health, causing damage of tissues.
  2. Usage of lubricant is obligatory in 99% cases, because water washes away all natural lady juice. Usually, oil- or silicone-based lubricants are used, because water-based ones are dissolved by moisture. Mind that silicone-based lubricants are not used with silicone or jelly toys (similar materials react with one another), while oil-based lubricants are hard to wash away from the porous structure of rubber or latex surface, and can accumulate bacteria.
  3. Before invading a vibrator, turn it on underwater just to check how it functions and whether it is properly sealed.

If you experience some unpleasant sensations while using the device, stop the process and check the mechanism. Some people may not even realize that this is electric shock.

How to choose

cheap Waterproof Vibrators
If you haven’t tried this device before, you should know several things to purchase Waterproof vibrator that will suit you best:

  • Make orders on official sites only! Be aware of fake production, because it may expose danger to your health.
  • If you order a cheap Waterproof vibrator, make sure it is properly sealed and the battery compartment is normally enclosed so that the water wouldn’t get inside.
  • Don’t know which type of lubricant to use, and which one you will like? Then buy plastic waterproof vibrators, because they are compatible with both of these lubricant types and are quite pleasant to the skin and vaginal tissues.
  • According to Waterproof vibrators reviews, non-penetrable discreet types are perfect for massage. So if you want to relieve muscle tension, try one of such toys – you only need to select a form you like.

With these recommendations, you will be able to find the ideal sex toy for you and your partner.

Where to buy Waterproof vibrators?

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