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100 cm Sex Dolls

Silicon 100 cm Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are extremely popular among a certain category of people. You need to have the money to afford these unique sex companions. Said that sex dolls need not have to be your sex partner only; rather, these dolls can be your companion during those lonely days. If you are feeling dejected and trying to stay aloof from society, a tiny sex doll can just be your playmate within the four walls. Her presence will certainly make you feel relaxed and energized. Look for the ones that are not over 100 cm in size. Those tiny variants are easy to carry and store. Even when washing them, their lightweight factor makes it easier to handle the entire process.

Are you interested in purchasing a small sex doll? Well, refer to the table below for the best choices available in the market:

What is a 100cm sex doll?

A 100cm sex doll is a mini sex doll with a height exceeding not over 100 cm. These dolls are lighter, smaller, and cheaper compared to regular-sized love dolls. These dolls are easy to store and hide. Being lighter, they are easier to carry to the washroom for cleaning purposes.

Two of the most common material-made sex dolls are available in the market TPE based and Silicone based. The TPE ones are relatively cheaper compared to silicone-based 100cm sex dolls. However, that doesn't prove a point in regards to the quality of either of these variants. It all depends upon individual preferences and features of the sex toy that act as a deciding factor.

Should you purchase a 100cm miniature sex doll?

It depends on individual preferences. If you are hesitating about sexual pleasures, there are the finest quality 100cm dolls available to meet your libido. But that said, petit sex dolls often come with single or dual orifices. Usually, a regular size sex doll will have all three orifices namely, pussy, anus, and mouth enabled for penetration purposes. But with miniature sex dolls, it’s very rare to find ones with all the three orifices functional. Still, a 100cm mini sex doll is a convenient option for those with tighter budget and space constraints. There will be at least one orifice available to provide with the thrusting and copulation. These little sex dolls are easy to carry and hide. Considering all these factors, it is viable to purchase one such doll to fulfill your sexual fantasies.

Advantages of owning tiny sex doll

There is probably no substitute for life-size realistic sex dolls. But those are costlier and can be difficult to store because of their gigantic size. If you are looking for something cheaper yet functionally prominent, the little sex dolls certainly look a lot more promising. Unlike the fleshlights and other masturbators available, the tiny sex dolls have a human-like appearance with size being restricted to a maximum of 100 cm. However, the size of the orifices, be it the vagina or anus does not differ much from the large dolls. Also, the breast sizes are full, thus making the experience quite pleasurable with these super cute products. The 100cm love dolls look very cute, similar to teenage girls. They are easy to maintain. Carrying them for cleaning and storage purposes is a lot easier compared to regular-sized dolls. If you haven't tried sex with a love doll, it's advisable to start with a 100cm sex doll. It will provide you an idea of the proceedings.

How to purchase it?

Purchasing a small sex doll is not difficult. Visit the local sex toy store and ask for the options available. If there are no sex toy stores available in your city, go online and look for options. Usually, the best 100cm sex dolls are available online. To purchase a tiny sex doll, you need to focus on the features. See, a tiny love doll will probably have only one orifice enabled. In some dolls, you will find two; the luckier ones will get hold of options that offer all the three orifices enabled. So, before you make a purchase, make sure to focus on these features. You can even custom create a sex doll according to your requirements.

Different types of 100cm sex dolls

When searching for a 100 cm love doll, be sure to know your preferences. Accordingly, you can search for the options. Speaking of variants, you will find mini-dolls in different avatars:

  • Anime sex doll
  • Celebrity sex doll
  • Dwarf sex doll
  • Torso sex doll
  • 100cm flat chest sex doll
  • Teenager sex doll
  • Thin sex doll
  • Curvy sex doll
  • Black sex doll
  • Asian sex doll
  • Russian sex doll

Apart from these options, there is a wide range of sizes for these miniature sex dolls. Usually, the size ranges from 40cm and goes up to a maximum of 100cm in the category of mini dolls.

Care Tips

Follow the basic care instructions mentioned in the manual that comes with the doll. Antimicrobial soaps are available to wash the private parts of the doll. Use clean regular temperature water to rinse off the soap from the doll. A hand shower can be used to flush away the soap from the doll. Never be too harsh on the doll while cleaning or else you may just damage it. With a little care and gentle affection, your 100cm TPE sex doll will last for quite some time.


It is a new form of fun to make out with a sex doll. If you are a novice, in this case, bring home a 100cm adult doll to try your manliness. These dolls are fun to enjoy some steamy moments. Enjoy the feel of real sexual stimulation without any risk of STDs and STIs. The tiny dolls are affordable and can be your companion for erotic affairs during leisure time.

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