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Adjustable Bed Sex Positions

Cowgirl position on an adjustable bed.

As the term implies, adjustable beds are high-tech mattresses that can be manipulated into several positions. Therapists usually recommend beds for pain alleviation and improved sleep quality. However, doctors and therapists need not recommend the adjustable bed these days as more and more people recognize its usefulness and purchase it.

Speaking of usefulness, adjustable beds are great for sexual intercourse. They make it easier to get into certain sex positions and introduce a new chapter of possibilities for partners. You would not need extra furniture to make your sex colorful. The adjustable beds allow couples to explore sex on a different field of play.

We have rounded up some sex positions more enjoyable on the adjustable bed than in other places. Check out our list of 5 sex positions on an adjustable bed below.

Lazy Man

The lazy man comes top of our list of sex positions on adjustable beds because it happens in a sitting stance. The mattress can stay upright and support the man's back like a wall. The man can sit with his back to the upturned angle while the woman sits on his lap and rides. An adjustable bed makes the technique even better as it is a bit reclined and allows the man to position his neck and back better than a sturdy wall. It also allows the man to angle his lower body higher and aids deeper penetration.

Cowgirl And the Reverse

An adjustable bed helps with the knee, making it a perfect spot for most sex positions that involve kneeling. Since the knees take the strain during those techniques, it helps to find anything that makes sex more comfortable. You can successfully get into the Cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position using an adjustable bed and stay there longer than doing it on a regular bed.

Standing Doggy

Height discrepancy is one of the major problems of getting into some sex positions like the standing doggy. Your partner will always stand on their tiptoes to match your height when theirs goes lower than your waistline. Most of the time, the sex is not enjoyable as the receiver tries to stay in position without hurting themselves. However, with adjustable beds, you can raise the foot part of the mattress and adjust your partner's height before sliding in from the edge. That helps to improve the sex quality and enables you to thrust deeper.

Edge Of the Bed or Standing Valedictorian

This is very similar to the valedictorian style. The only difference is that the man stands at the edge of the bed, not kneeling. It entails the receiver lying close to the bed's edge with their legs balanced on the giver's shoulders. The adjustable bed can be raised to level the receiver with the giver's waist. They can both enjoy sex from the position without using pillows for support. It allows deeper penetration and intimacy for the partners.


Do you love the spooning sex position? Try it on an adjustable bed. It hits differently! Spooning can pass as a tantric sex technique when it is more of grinding and not pumping. The vibration feature of an adjustable bed makes the session more fun than on regular mattresses. The vibration moves around your body and stimulates your erogenous spots in tantalizing ways, aiding an increased sex duration and a stronger climax.

Are Adjustable Beds Great for Sex?

Summing up reviews from various adjustable mattress users, the answer depends on factors like the bed type, your preference, and the chosen sex positions. Some adjustable beds are made with materials that limit movements while others are great in that aspect. Anyone who buys an adjustable mattress, for instance, will not get the bounce of a spring bed.

Some sex positions that involve bending like the pretzel are not enjoyable on an adjustable bed. Instead, they are for techniques that involve the edge of the bed or sitting positions. That is because the head and foot of the mattress are adjustable for heights or to support the spine. Apart from those, you can also enjoy sex positions that do not involve special stances like spooning or masturbation using the adjustable bed.

Lastly, your taste plays a role when deciding whether adjustable beds promote good sex. If you are used to your regular mattress, adjustable beds may not feel so good when you try them. And if you don't enjoy sleeping on such a bed, it will be hard to love sex on it.


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