Alex Comfort

Alex Comfort

I am Alex Comfort, owner of an online adult sex store that specializes in selling everything BDSM toys, gears, fetish wears, and other sex toys.

I am 43 years old, and I live in Portland, Maine, where I also earned my first degree in Psychology at the University of Southern Maine. My hobbies include gardening, blogging, dancing, cosplay, and role-playing. Growing up, I was a curious kid and young adult. As a young adult, I have always been interested in sexuality and how BDSM works, so it's no surprise that this area became my focus professionally. In fact, I got the idea of opening a BDSM sex shop after realizing how much people want to try out BDSM but don’t know where to start.

As mentioned earlier, I have always been interested in sexuality and BDSM specifically. My interest stems from how BDSM can encourage creative thinking about exploring sexuality, pleasure, and desire.

Professionally, I have been practicing BDSM techniques for 12 years now. I got into BDSM because I wanted to expand the boundaries of conventional sex. I also wanted to try out new experiences. Practicing BDSM is empowering and liberating, and it enables you to explore your fantasies in a safe environment.

With my knowledge and experience, I have been able to help young and older adults who are confused about their sexuality gain insight into accepting and exploring their sexual desires and fetishes safely. Safety is a big deal in my world, so part of my jobs includes guiding and helping practice safe sex in the most creative ways.

I have also used the techniques I have learned in real-life scenarios, especially to help people who buy my products. My customers have described me as that person to go to when you have questions about any sex toy. I take my work seriously, and for me, helping people achieve pleasure and desire is one of the most fulfilling accomplishments of my life.

Besides selling in an online store, I have a strong passion for writing. With the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years, one of my strong desires is to share my understanding of sexuality, BDSM, sex toys, and fetishes with everyone. For me, the quickest way to achieving this is through blogging and writing. This has helped me disseminate my message faster to a much wider audience. However, writing is not my primary job, so I only do this part-time.

My goal is to make people more sexually aware by helping them understand their sexuality and how they can use adult sex toys to enhance their sexual lives. In any case, I'm also available to answer any questions you may have concerning adult sex toys, fetishes, and BDSM. I can promise you; you won't regret it!

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