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Alien Sex Dolls

Alien Sex Doll Blue Skin

There are different ways in which a person fantasizes about sex. The fetishes can vary based on one's mentality and way of thinking. The surrounding atmosphere also plays a significant role in the process. Those who have a taste for supernatural beings, often crave peculiar fantasies. The concept of making sex with an alien always enhances their libido. With the introduction of alien love dolls, things have become a lot more viable. The alien sex dolls are fun to interact with. They create an uncanny appearance but at the same time, can be quite enjoyable to those who prefer extraterrestrial beings.

If you have loved those favorite extraterrestrial characters from the cartoons and movies and fantasized about making out with them, here are a few options that you can try. Have a look:

What is an alien sex doll?

We all are familiar with the concept of aliens. Hollywood movies have introduced us to this concept for ages. An alien sex doll is a type of sex doll designed exclusively keeping in mind alien characters from your favorite Hollywood films and cartoon shows. With a peculiar facial appearance and body structure, alien sex dolls create an uncanny presence in the sex toys industry. It is mainly because of their uncanny looks that make these dolls so popular among a certain segment.

Different types

There are different alien characters you witness in different movies, TV shows, and videos. An alien love doll is designed based on these characters. You will find these different types available from reputed sex toy stores, online and offline. Some of the common types include:

  • Alien blue skin sex doll
  • Elf sex doll
  • Alien red-haired dolls
  • Avatar sex doll
  • Robot alien sex doll
  • Star wars sex doll
  • Space alien sex doll

While these are the most common variants available, you also stand a chance to place orders based on personalized designs. Some stores offer this option of customized alien sex doll designing. Get your dream alien doll designed with a special focus on boobs and buttocks. Male or female, there are different versions of alien sex dolls available. You can even try the transsexual alien dolls, having boobs and cock with tails swinging from the ass. Those dolls look sexy and can be a great option to engage in a steamy sexual encounter.

How to choose the best alien sex doll?

Choosing a perfectly designed female alien sex doll is not a big deal. There are different options available as already discussed in the above section. You just need to understand your preferences. Are you looking for a life-size alien doll to meet your requirements? Do you want to invest more in these sex toys? If so, why not opt for a robot alien sex doll! This is the best you can consider when planning bringing home a sex doll for your amusement. With vibrating receptors attached to the pussy, ass, and mouth, these dolls are capable of responding to certain commands. Also, when engaged in thrusting, you will feel the vibrancy that ensures a realistic feel.

Then again, you must focus on the surroundings and other factors before choosing a sex doll. If there is a space constraint, choosing a toy sex doll alien torso can be the best option. You can also opt for mini dolls. There are inflatable options also available that require the pump to be in shape. When not in use, you can release the pump and fold it for easy storage purposes.

Using tips and tricks

If you are looking at a robot sex doll, there are specific areas to focus on. These are complicated machinery items. You must handle these humanoid dolls with care. Make sure you are following the instructions available in the manual. The humanoid alien realistic sex doll may require charging for a few hours before starting to function. Then, when cleaning these dolls, be careful with the electronic parts. Follow the instructions provided in the manual to take care of the doll.

If you have purchased a TPE or TPR alien doll, don't emphasize strong pressure on these dolls. These materials are porous and hence can have a negative impact with heavy pressure.

If the doll is made of silicone, consider using an antimicrobial soap to wash the doll. Make sure you wipe the doll using a dry towel.


Bring home an alien sex doll and enjoy some fantastic lovemaking sessions with this uncanny creature. Give shape to your strangest of fetishes and experience sexual encounters like never before. Life is short; trying different things to fulfill your inner desires is always the best way to enjoy it. Making sex with a love doll designed in the shape of an alien is certainly an experience you will not want to miss. Give it a try!

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