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Anal lubricant or simply lube is a liquid used for anal sex. Since anal hole does not lubricate naturally, it is advisable to use lube for anal sex if you want to enjoy it. It is widely used among men and women – it is for whoever wants to have pleasurable anal sex. There are many types of this product, so we will discuss best lube for anal in next lines.

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What is an anal lube?

Since having anal sex without any lubrication might be a painful experience, it is a wise idea to shop for good anal lube. Whether you are a heterosexual or homosexual couple, we will help you orientate yourself in order to find best type of lube for anal fucking.

Safe anal lube is also needed when you are alone but you want to use a sex toy and put it into your anal hole. Safety first applies also here, otherwise you can cause yourself pain and possibly injuries. Luckily, nearly every anal lubricant is fully compatible with condoms as well as every sex toy on the market, so you do not need to worry of that combination.

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But good anal lubricant can do more than just reduce friction. It can be a numbing anal lube in case anal sex is generally painful for you, it can also be a relaxing anal lube it you feel nervous and tight about your anal adventure. This is best anal lube for beginners as it helps to ease into anal fucking. Good preparation and shopping for quality lube causes less trouble afterwards.

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Types and main characteristics

Nowadays, the market with lubricants for anal sex is huge and finding the right for you has become much easier. So let’s talk about different types. You can shop according to lubricant texture:

  1. Cream lube;
  2. Oil based lube;
  3. Silicone based lube;
  4. Water based lube.

Whether you are looking for best anal lube for women or you are looking for best anal lube for men, it is important to figure out which substance will feel the best and most natural for your taste. The closest you can get to feeling natural anal lube is with the water based one, as it resembles normal vaginal lubrication. Best water based anal lube is something you need to just try out and see which you like the best. If you like rough anal, you should shop for easy anal lube cream as it stays put even if things get rough. Silicone anal lube and oil textures are for longer, more romantic encounters.

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There are also lubricants that can do much more for your pleasure:

  1. Numbing anal lube;
  2. Relaxing anal lube;
  3. Desensitizing anal lube;
  4. Flavored anal lube.

Those can help you start with anal sex, or to step up your game. If you are anal virgin, try relaxing or desensitizing lubes to help you ease you into anal sex. If you like things to get kinky, shop for flavored lubricant.

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How to choose the best anal lube?

You already know many things about anal lubes from lines above, so uses that knowledge to decide which lubricant you want. This paragraph gives you more info in order to make a better purchase for your next anal sex. So there is texture, flavor, different types of effects… What else do you need to know?
There is certainly a price to consider when you are shopping for top anal lube. The price range is:

  1. $10 or less;
  2. $10 – $20;
  3. $20 – $30;
  4. $30 – $50.

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If you are not sure, shoot for the middle range. But be sure that the more expensive ones normally are the highest quality, so maybe you should invest to be safe there is no pain or problems. You should also consider how bit a lubricant should be:

  1. 100ml or less;
  2. 100ml – 200 ml;
  3. 200ml – 500 ml.

anal lube

In this case, you should think about the situations in which you are gonna be needing a good anal lube. If you need it when traveling or you like to do anal sex outside, you should buy small-sized for its convenience. But also consider that 100ml sometimes might not be enough, so just for sure, you might consider buying a bigger one. Still not sure? Just buy smaller as well as bigger bottle and use them as needed according to the current situation.

How to use an anal lube?

The usage of anal lubricant is fairly common-sense and very similar to a normal lube used for vaginas. For the best results, put a small amount of lube first in and around the anal hole, then on the penis or a sex toy (according to what you are going to put in the anal hole). Then try entering the anal hole and if everything feels ok, proceed and enjoy the ride. You do not need to worry that lube is an unnatural substance. It is totally safe to put into your holes, you can even eat it without any health ramifications. But for good hygiene, do shower after sex or a play with toys and make sure to rinse the bits and pieces of lube with soap.

If you want your lubricant to be good for use as long as possible, store it in a cabinet without direct sunlight exposure and preferably at room temperature, not higher. Check for anal lube reviews to find out the real user experience and to help you decide according to people opinions. And once you find the best product for you, buy bulk anal lube – it is cheaper and saves you the hassle of ordering lubricant every time you run out of the bottle.

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