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Best Anal Training Kit

Although anal sex is loved and enjoyed in our society, there’s much more to it- that people don’t like to talk about. Did you know that the anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina? Honestly, ditch whatever your favorite erotica has told you. An anal training kit is a must-have if you intend to enjoy solo or partnered anal play anytime soon. You cannot do a proper split without continuous stretching. In the same vein, your butthole can not fully accommodate a penis or dildo without initial anal training. Think of it as teaching your anus how to get used to a ‘foreign object’ inside of it. If anal sex is one of your fantasies, let’s help bring your dreams to life! Scroll through our top anal training kits for safe anal stretching and an ‘off the charts’ kind of pleasure.

What is an Anal Training Kit?

You cannot fully grasp the importance of an anal training kit to your sex life without understanding what anal training is. So, let’s get to it. What is anal training? Anal training is the process of stretching your anus to prepare the butthole for eventual anal sex. Certified sex therapist Janet Brito defines anal training as ‘a series of exercises meant to prepare the anus for those interested in anal play.’ Anal play is a process you want to ease in because doing it on impulse might cause bruises and tears in the anus, which is not pleasurable. When preparing for anal sex, most people like to start with their fingers and do a bit of fingering in the butthole before using a butt plug kit. A complete anal training kit includes anal toys that help you relax the anal sphincter and anus overtime to prepare you for more intense anal pleasures. Why is an anal training kit necessary, though? The point of engaging in anal sex at all is to achieve sexual pleasure. Without an anal training kit to prepare you, your first anal play will be a painful process. The great thing is, it doesn’t have to be. Using an anal training set over an extended period will make your first time of anal sex a lot more comfortable and pleasurable than anything you ever imagined.


Anal training kits come in different packages, each unique to the buyer’s taste. This section will classify anal training kits based on their material, shapes, sizes, and control.


Anal kits contain anal toys made from porous or non-porous materials. Porous toys are made from hard plastic, Cyberskin, jelly, rubber, latex, neoprene, and elastomer. Meanwhile, non-porous anal toys are made of glass, silicone, and stainless steel. The key to choosing a great anal kit for yourself or your partner is to know what feels right. However, if you’re looking for a more versatile kit, silicone material would be a great choice because you can clean anal toys made of silicone in cold and hot water without causing damage.


An anal training kit typically contains similar anal toys in two or three different sizes, from the smallest to the biggest. Now, the sizes of your anal toys depend on how far along you are in anal training. If you are a total beginner, choose a kit with the most petite sizes you can find.


Some butt plugs are shaped like penises, while others look like beads, bullets, etc. One common thing you’ll find in any beginner anal kit is that the plugs have a flared base. The base is vital as it remains outside the body to prevent said buttplug from getting lost inside the rectum. If you prefer to use anal beads for your anal training, go with one that has a ring attached to the tail end. We’re going for anal play, not anal search.


While most anal toys do not need external control, some others do. An excellent example of externally controlled anal toys is a vibrating butt plug. You or your partner can control a vibrating anal toy using a remote control or smartphone. To make things more exciting, step out with your partner and let them control the vibrations and speed of your anal plug-in public.

How to Choose the Best Anal Training Kit?

When purchasing an anal training kit, there are some tips you need to take note of to prevent you from making the wrong choice. We have curated these tips to help you choose the best anal training kit for your sexual pleasures.

  • Choose a toy kit made of a body-safe material.
  • Your first anal toy kit should have small-sized buttplugs.
  • Pick an anal kit that includes toys of different designs- variety is the spice of life.
  • Read the product description of your preferred kit carefully to avoid surprises down the line.
  • Buy your anal kits from reputable retail stores which have professionals that can guide you through your purchase.

How to Use?

It is not enough to simply purchase anal stretching toys. Have you learned how to use and care for them? It’s easy to say you want to explore, but following guidelines will do you a lot better than messing it up the first few times. Learn from our mistakes, really.

Safety and Usage

If you want to make the best use of your anal training kit, the best way to go is slow. You don’t want to ram the toys in there and cause harm to yourself or your partner. Generally, butt plugs have narrow tips, and they get wider in the middle- giving you that anal stretch you need. Remember that the rectum does not self-lubricate, so get generous on the lube. Then, choose the most miniature butt plug from the kit and lubricate properly before gently inserting the toy in your butthole. To make the insertion more effortless, you can engage in foreplay or oral sex, as it can help relax the anal muscles. For most people, inserting an anal toy while having sex in the doggy position makes the whole process easier. Just figure out what works for you. The anus contains a lot of bacteria. It doesn’t matter how often you wash your rectum; it’s always there. When engaging in anal play, do not transfer the butt plug to the vagina. That can cause a transfer of bacteria and subsequently lead to infections.

Now, the anal toy can be left in for 2-3 hours to help your body get accustomed to the object. Through anal stretching, your anal sphincter becomes more relaxed, and your rectum can take a full-size penis or dildo- eventually. Slow and steady will always win.

Care and Cleaning

Can your anal toys survive without proper care? I’m sure you think not. Apart from extending the shelf-life of your anal kit, adequate cleaning after each use prevents bacterial growth on your toys. As long as your anal toy is neither battery-powered nor rechargeable, you can submerge it in water for a thorough cleanse. In a case where your toy contains motors, just wash it with warm water and a mild soap without immersing it.


The first thing you need to know about storing your anal kit is that your toys must be clean and dry. Then, place them back in the box they came in and keep the kit in a breathable cotton bag or storage box. Whichever storage mode you prefer, ensure that your anal training kit is protected from yeast, mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Pros and Cons of an Anal Training Kit

You must be thinking to yourself, ‘what could probably be the cons of an anal training kit?’ Well, you are about to find out.


  • An anal training kit makes anal stretching easy.
  • It is also inclusive; any gender can make use of an anal kit.
  • It also provides toys for extra penetration during regular sex.
  • An anal training kit prepares the individual for anal sex.
  • Anal training kits offer different sizes of anal toys to experiment with and take stretching at one’s own pace.
  • An anal kit can lead to more intense orgasms.


  • Anal toys can quickly transfer bacteria if they come in contact with other genitals.
  • Anal toys can cause a feeling of discomfort on the first try.
  • Anal kits require thorough cleaning.


Seriously though, if anal sex is something you want to do, then this is your starting point. However, the anal training kit you eventually purchase is a personal decision between you, your partner, and the butt hole(s) involved. Just remember that in preparing for anal sex, slow and steady is always the smarter way to go.

How long to use an anal training kit?
In using an anal training kit, there are no deadlines. Our bodies react differently to anal toys, so it’s essential that you observe your body and how you feel as you progress with the toys. Stick with your anal training kit till you find that your butt hole can easily take each toy without feeling too stretched. That’s the sign you need to move on to something bigger. Use each toy in your anal training kit for about two weeks before moving onto a bigger size.
What is the best anal training kit for women?
The best thing about anal kits is that they are super inclusive. To answer this question, the best anal training kit for women is comfortable with a woman. If you are confused due to the wide range of kits you find in retail stores or online, see our best anal training kits in the section above.
How to use an anal training kit?
An anal training kit is designed to help beginners at anal play get comfortable with anal stretching. When anal training, you can decide to go solo or use your partner’s help. First, get relaxed and aroused. Lie in a comfortable position, then use a generous amount of lube to plug in the smallest toy from your anal kit slowly. You can leave in the plug while you pleasure yourself in other ways or go about your day. Avoid wearing your anal toys for more than 2-3 hours at a time; when it’s time to take out the plug, hold onto its stem and pull gently, with breaks in between. Repeat the process whenever you’re ready and keep at it until your butt hole is prepared to take a bigger toy.

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