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Anal Vibrators

A special type of anal toys for adults with unique features and performances, the anal vibrators for adults are a real bless to all anal lovers. They deliver fantastic stimulation and incredible sensations during masturbation of anal foreplay for both male and female partners. They are a specially designed type of anal toy which can suit any desire and grant full orgasms every time.

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What are anal vibrators?

Unlike other anal toys, both the vagina and the anal vibrators are suitable for the same gender without particularities. They are toys that resemble the shape of the penis but can come in other forms as well. They imitate the sensation of anal sex by either emitting vibrations to the rotating head or by simply emitting vibrations to the whole toy. Large anal vibrators often come with additional features but the same thing applies to some of the small anal vibrators as well.

black smooth anal vibrator

Main types and features

Depending on what the user desires, anal vibrating toys can be of multiple types and with various features

These are the main types but there are also some other types for the more experienced ones out there. Also, such toys come as large anal vibrators or small ones but also as slim anal vibrators or thick ones. The materials which they are made from also contributes to the large variety and offer of such toys.

slim anal vibrator

Most sellers offer rubber, silicone, plastic and latex vibrators for anal stimulation but there are also ABS, jelly rubber and PVC ones available. No matter the material they are made from, their purpose is the same: to offer ultra anal stimulation for single persons, couples and groups of lover. They have a multitude of features like:

  • rotating heads;
  • pulsating heads;
  • realistic feel;
  • sounds;
  • remote control;
  • WiFi connectivity.

Some vibrators for anal stimulation might also offer the possibility to add multiple features via the internet apps they come equipped with.

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How to choose the best anal sex vibrator?

Choosing the right anal vibrator for your sexual desires requires your attention to details and most recommended, reading anal vibrator reviews on the internet. These reviews can really help you in making the right decision based on what other users have experienced.

black remote control inflatable anal vibrator

  • Make sure you choose the right size;
  • Read info about each of the materials;
  • Search for feedback regarding your first anal vibrator;
  • Don’t go for the most powerful anal vibrator from the first time;
  • Talk with your partner for a better decision.

pink anal vibrator

Choose the right size

The size and the diameter of your first anal vibrator will influence the way you enjoy anal masturbation and anal sex. It’s always best to start off with a smaller anal vibrator if you are a beginner or faced with your first anal experience. Later, you can proceed with bigger sizes and diameters if you feel comfortable with that. The reason is simple, for a proper anal experience, pain and unwanted pressure in that area should be minimal. If the toy will be too thick or too big for your hole, such unwanted moments might occur and the whole experience could be a total fail. Choose the right size based on online anal vibrator reviews, anal vibrator guides and other feedback from real users.

black realistic anal vibrator

Start with a slim anal vibrator and as you gather experience and skills, proceed with using an anal vibrator that’s thicker and bigger. The results will dazzle you and your partner in case you use such toys in your couple’s love life. Strongest anal vibrators are not always recommended for all users and that’s because they can cause pain for unexperienced users.

silicone black butt vibrator

How to choose the right material, shape and texture?

Just like the size of your vibrating anal toy, choosing the right material, shape and texture is also another important step to follow during the whole process of buying yourself such a toy.

The materials which anal vibrators are made from are:

  • Rubber;
  • Silicone;
  • Plastic;
  • PVC;
  • ABS;
  • Latex.

Depending on the material, their texture can be soft, smooth, slippery or hard. While some users love using soft rubber anal vibrators because of their life like feeling and texture, other users prefer the plastic ones which are harder and more rigid. They do that because of the more intense penetration which occurs when using such type of toy. Best anal vibrators for women are often made out of silicone or jelly rubber but some women prefer them stiffer and more rigid that’s why they go for the PVC ones.

mini black anal vibrator

Either way, in order to make the right decision and enjoy the best anal moments with your toy, always seek feedback from other users and positive reviews, they will come in handy when faced with taking the decision.

How to use the vibrating anal toys?

Using an anal vibrator is as simple as using any other type of vibrator or sexual toy. All you need to do is follow some basic rules and simple instructions, such as:

  • Use lubricants of high quality;
  • Make sure the toy is clean;
  • Don’t use the anal toy for other purposes;
  • Gently penetrate the hole the first time;
  • Play with the toy in gentle manners;
  • Huge anal vibrators are not always the smart choice.

purple 6.5 inch remote control anal vibrator

Keep the remote control anal vibrators safe from humidity because the electronic parts might suffer damage if otherwise. All other types of anal vibrators should be kept in dry places and out of the reach of children. Hygiene is most important that’s why always make sure the toy is clean, before and after every use.

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