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Woman Prepare For Practicing Analingus

The first time you heard about analingus, you were probably like- "Hey, people really do this? What's the fun in that?" However, eating ass has become more popular in sex over the years as more people learn to embrace all forms of sexual pleasure with their partners. While most people fixate on the risks involved, some couples have unlocked a new level of gratification from this act, and for them, there is no going back from this form of sexual gratification.

This article will serve as a guide to provide you with everything that you need to know about this pleasure package, otherwise known as rimming.

What is analingus?

Analingus is the act of pleasuring the anus or butt hole using your mouth. This act involves licking, sucking, and other pleasurable mouth-to-anus actions. A popular misconception about ass licking is that this pleasure act is limited to gay partners. On the contrary, rimming has nothing to do with your sexuality, and you can engage in this act as long as you enjoy anal eating or want your butt to be touched.

Is rimming safe?

Like every sexual act, there is a bit of risk involved in rimming, but it is entirely safe for the most part. Cleanliness is an essential factor to consider if you're thinking about introducing analingus into your sex life. This is because bacteria can be passed down to the vagina or ingested in the throes of ecstasy. Safe sex is also an important practice for anyone who wants to explore this world of sexual glee because STIs such as herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea can be transferred through this act. But protection from this is available in the form of a dental dam.

Tips for practicing analingus with your partner

If you're new to butt licking, you might have a lot of questions- "how do I introduce it to my partner? Do I need to know?". We'll provide the necessary tips to ensure that you get the most out of your first rimming experience.

  1. Talk it out with your partner. Suppose you were thinking about springing this up on your partner randomly during sex. In that case, that might not be a good idea, mainly because the anal muscles would literally tighten in these situations. Therefore you need to warm your way into it, and this can only be done when you've discussed it with your partner beforehand.
  2. Prepare for it. Prepping for analingus is actually pretty easy, but it is crucial to help you get the best first-time rimming experience. A good practice will be to massage the area with a finger to get used to the sensation. It is also advisable to wash up with warm water and soap to keep it clean and ready for your partner to dive in and please you.
  3. Use lube. Just because you're not penetrating the butthole doesn't mean that it should not be lubed up. Flavored lube can make things more enjoyable for the giver while relaxing the nerves around the receiver’s anus.
  4. Feel free to incorporate sex toys. Although analingus is an entire world of rapture, you can take the pleasure up a notch by introducing sex toys that stimulate the anus and pleasure points around that area. Feel free to introduce dildos and vibrators to stimulate the inner anus if you don't mind a little bit of penetration. This could just hold the keys to the ultimate sexual delight, especially during gay rimming where prostates are involved.
  5. Try using a dental dam. Using dental dams is an excellent idea if you're in a polygamous relationship. This thin layer of sheet offers protection from bacteria and all forms of sexually transmitted infections. You may decide not to use one, but it does little to harm the satisfaction, and you can dive in knowing that you're protected.

Techniques for eating ass

There is more to analingus than spreading the butt cheeks open and sticking your tongue in. If you're curious about the best way to please your partner in this sex play, you might want to consider the following techniques.

  • Flatten the top of your tongue. Flattening your tongue allows you to cover a larger surface area in the anus. Don't just skim through the surface with your tongue. You can keep your partner yearning for more as you apply pleasure with every lick.
  • Try out various positions. Try out various ass licking positions that allow you to access the anus with ease, so you can give your partner the leg-shaking anal delight that you've both fantasized about. Some of the best positions for rimming are doggy style, face sitting, reverse face sitting, and 69.
  • Use every part of your face. We know analingus majorly focuses on the use of your tongue on the butthole, but why limit yourself in this world of thrill? Feel free to use every part of your face, including your nose and chin, especially if your tongue starts getting tired. The switch between various parts of your face makes it more exciting for your partner as they don't know what to expect.


Rimming is a highly sensational sex act that you won't regret adding to your repertoire. Just remember to maintain hygienic buttholes before getting down and dirty. If you found this article helpful and want to get the best out of your sex life, don't leave without checking our sex toy reviews. Here you'll find everything that fits your budget and taste.

What is rimming?
Rimming, also known as analingus, is pleasuring the anus orally by rubbing the tongue around the area or sucking it. It can be practiced among male and female homosexual and heterosexual partners.
How to clean for anal?
Cleaning for anal helps you prevent the spread of bacteria during sex. You can do this by washing the anus with warm water and soap or using baby wipes.
How to eat ass?
Eating ass can be done by using the tongue and lips to pleasure the area around the anus. You can try flicking your tongue, pushing it through, or whatever combo feels right.
Is eating ass safe?
Eating ass is safe if both parties take appropriate safety precautions such as washing the anus beforehand and using a dental dam to avoid the spread of STIs.

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