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Anime Sex Dolls

Anime Sex Doll

Do you fantasize about girls with big breasts? Or, are you a huge anime fan? If so, an anime sex doll is made just for you. These dolls are very popular and they can make you feel that you’re with your favorite anime girl. This guide will help you buy your first anime sex doll and explore your desires.

Top 10 Best Anime Sex Dolls in 2022

Products Information Price
Asuna: Anime Sex Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: 29 kg
Bust: 28 inches
Waist: 23 inches
Hips: 31 inches
Vagina: 6.7 inches
Anus: 6.7 inches
Mouth: 5.1 inches
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Aki: Manga Sex Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 30 kg
Bust: 31 inches
Waist: 21 inches
Hips: 30 inches
Vagina: 6.7 inches
Anus: 6.7 inches
Mouth: 5.1 inches
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Moon: Hentai Sex Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 5 feet 1 inches
Weight: 34 kg
Bust: 35.4 inches
Waist: 22 inches
Hips: 35.4 inches
Vagina: 6.7 inches
Anus: 5.5. inches
Mouth: 4.7 inches
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Esther: Maid Sex Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Bust: 31 inches
Waist: 21 inches
Hips: 30 inches
Vagina: 6.7 inches
Anus: 6.7 inches
Mouth: 5.1 inches
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Jane Premium Female Sex Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 35 kg
Bust: 31.5 inches
Waist: 23 inches
Hips: 34 inches
Vagina: 6.7 inches
Anus: 6.7 inches
Mouth: 5.1 inches
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Height: 92 cm
Bust: 49 cm
Lower bust: 31 cm
Waist: 29 cm
Hips: 48 cm
Weight: 8.4 kg
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Material: Extra Soft Platinum TPE
Height: 95 cm
Weight: 9.3 kg
Bust: 51 cm
Waist: 32 cm
Hips: 53 cm
Feet: 13 cm
Vagina: 16 cm
Anus: 14 cm
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Material: Extral Soft Platinum TPE
Height: 90 cm
Weight: 8.3 kgs
Bust: 53 cm
Under bust: 34.5 cm
Cup: E-Cup
Waist: 33 cm
Hips: 56 cm
Vagina: 16 cm
Anus: 14 cm
Oral: Non
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Height: 80 cm
Weight: 6 kgs
Bust: 50.5 cm
Under bust: 31 cm
Cup: G Cup
Waist: 30 cm
Hips: 53 cm
Vagina: 17 cm
Anus: Non
Oral: Non
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What are Anime Sex Dolls?

Anime and hentai are popular and well-known for their animated porn. In anime, the characters and storyline are intriguing and people get easily addicted to them. Their crazy popularity among millions of people led to the introduction of anime love dolls. These are toys for adults that perfectly replicate the highly attractive features of the anime characters. The anime sex dolls are based on the characters that are displayed in fictional stories. These dolls replicate the female body parts and face. With a cute anime sex doll, you can make all wildest male fantasies come to life. After all, these are the most realistic looking dolls in the market. They appear to be so realistic that they are even found in Japanese brothels where visitors specifically come to spend quality time with dolls instead of real-life prostitutes.

Silicone Anime Sex Doll.

How are Hentai Sex Dolls Different from Other Sex Dolls?

The anime-style has been popularized by Japan. This is why they’re also referred to as Japanese anime sex dolls. These dolls are based on anime characters and have large, captivating eyes. The eyes are found to be extremely expressive and this is what helps people connect to the character.

Unlike other sex dolls, hentai sex dolls have massive sized asses and breasts. This has led to an attraction to these characters. These dolls come with erogenous zones and genitals like real people. Since anime dolls are fantasized like their characters, they are considered to be a much better option when compared to regular sex dolls.

Also, hentai is associated with rough sex scenes, which are not typically found in porn. Therefore, hentai sex dolls give people the confidence to explore a wide variety of their sexuality. Hentai porn disguises wild sex under the innocence and cuteness of the anime characters. This is why a lot of anime sex dolls are found to be in school uniforms.

Sino Anime Sex Dolls.

Types of Anime Love Dolls

There are many different types of anime sex dolls that can be categorized by their body proportions, clothes or size. But, most of them are designed to fulfill hentai fantasies. So, the life size anime sex dolls can be differentiated based on the following fantasy type:

  • Lolicon – This is hentai anime porn that focuses on post-pubescent, pubescent or pre-pubescent girls who might be heterosexual, as well as, homosexual. As such, the anime sex dolls are dressed in school uniforms and other age-appropriate clothes. But, they have big assets.
  • Catgirl – This is hentai anime where the females showcase cat characteristics. So, these silicone anime sex dolls have big boobs and ass, as well as, cattails, cat ears and whiskers.
  • Bakunyu – This is a genre of anime that focuses on women who have exceptionally large breasts. The anime sex dolls that are designed to feed Bakunyu fantasies come with exploding breasts.

Additionally, hentai sex dolls can be differentiated by the color of their hair. The unique, bright anime hair colors are not selected randomly. Each color has a unique meaning and it suggests a special kind of personality, such as:

  • Yellow – Yellow hair means that the anime sex doll is based on a character who is popular, sexy, over-confident and a man-pleaser.
  • Green – Green hair means that the silicone anime sex doll is a smart, friendly and cute anime character who is capable of forming deep attachments.
  • Orange – Orange hair means optimistic, unpredictable, loyal and spirited. But, they can also be someone who wishes to be the center of attention.
  • Pink – Pink hair refers to anime characters who are helpful, happy, childish, cute and very romantic. They have an innocent trait.
  • Red – Red hair anime characters are dominating, headstrong, loud, self-confident and rash. They are also passionate lovers.
Super Sonico Anime Sex Doll. Choose Anime Sex Doll

Materials & Main Features

Hentai sex dolls are typically made of silicone or TPE materials. This is why they’re all tasteless, odorless and also hypoallergenic. They have realistic faces, soft skin and a metal skeleton is placed inside each anime sex doll. The dolls can be fixed in varied positions. There are also inflatable anime love dolls available in the market and they’re usually made of latex or rubber.

As for the features, these are the common characteristics of Japanese love dolls:

  • Anime sex dolls come with realistic-looking female parts and they all have an opening where the penis can enter. Users can stick their dicks inside the anus, mouth and vagina of the dolls for a satisfying experience.
  • These dolls come with life-like facial features. Real-life face details are found to be designed on these anime sex dolls, from eyes to lips and silky hair, they look nothing short of the actual anime character. Also, they have make-up.
  • The size of the anime sex doll is typically 150 to 165cm in height and appears as an average Japanese girl.
  • Anime boy dolls are also available and they come with a penis. They are also designed after hentai characters.
  • The technically advanced manga sex dolls come with vibrating devices. They may even make sounds or talk and perform small motions.
Yuuki Realistic looking Anime Sex Doll.

It is also possible to take any anime sex doll and customize it to suit your specific preferences. You may want different color eyes, a wig or skin. Customization is easier for larger sex dolls compared to small anime sex dolls. Some of the personalization options are:

  • Choose the color of the vagina or labia.
  • Up to 5 different types of pubic hair option.
  • Choose the areola and nipple color.
  • USB heating.
  • Different eye colors.
  • Various hair colors and hairstyles.

To know which Japanese anime sex doll is right for you, you can peruse the reviews. This will give you a clearer understanding of the features and height of the doll.

TPE Mini Anime Sex Doll Suki.

How to Use an Anime Sex Doll?

Have you played with sex dolls before? If so, intercourse with a anime silicone sex doll will be a breeze. They are pleasurable and convenient for beginners and advanced users.

When playing with anime love dolls, it is crucial to create the right, romantic atmosphere. Play porn movies, switch off the lights or play romantic music. You may fix your doll between pillows to add to the sensation that you’re with your girlfriend. You can place the doll in any position that you like. Before you move in, get water-based lube and apply it to your shaft. If you are playing with a boy sex doll, apply lube to the doll’s penis. You can also wear condoms if you want. After you’re done playing with your doll, make sure to clean it properly.

No doll that can completely satisfy and fulfill your wild desires more than a good anime sex doll. These dolls are the very definition of desire and enable you to live with a woman that is not available in real life. With anime sex dolls, you get the opportunity to explore your most perverse fantasies with a woman that has the right body proportions. Having them, you can look forward to a much better sexual experience than what you would get in real life. If you’re still unsure, read reviews on girl sex dolls and you’ll know that you need one right away.

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What is an anime sex doll?
Anime sex dolls are sex toys made to look exactly like female characters from anime movies and hentai. They are designed to appear like very attractive female figures, and are guaranteed to help achieve wild sexual fantasies. They also usually appear very realistic.
How to use anime sex doll?
Start by creating the right romantic atmosphere for you and your sex doll. Have your sex doll in your preferred position, then lube up, and begin to have fun. Make sure to clean up your anime sex doll after you are done.
How to clean an anime sex doll?
You want to start by using an antibacterial sex toy cleaner, preferably a foaming one. Use a douche to wash the internal parts. Then you dry your anime sex doll and apply some powder to keep your doll dry and fresh. Avoid using any harsh chemicals.
How much is an anime sex doll?
It depends on what brand you are purchasing, and where you are purchasing from. However, you should be able to purchase one online between $1,000 and $2,000. This also depends on what exact anime love doll you are buying, as they come in different specifications.

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user avatar
02.01.2022, 18:58
Bradley Bates
I love big breasts. They are soooo my thing. That's why I fell for anime sex dolls immediately after I knew about them. To be honest, I don't care about their face. Just the breasts. But as much as huge breasts are hyped with anime dolls, it's funny that many of those dolls have little titties. Would have been better if more anime fake ladies have huge breasts.
user avatar
09.01.2022, 00:56
I just broke up with my girlfriend and I would like to know if I can use anime love dolls as a rebound. Getting desperate here.
user avatar
10.01.2022, 12:50
Anime sex dolls were created to help fulfill the sexual fantasies and fetishes of both males and females. They look and feel like real people so that you won't think they aren't real. Don't feel down. The anime dolls are here to help. And best of all, they have names and personalities too.
user avatar
14.01.2022, 15:30
Ameer Rich
So, I read your article and decided to try one of these sexy girls. The Aki Manga Sex Doll stood out to me and I got one delivered to me about six days ago. I have used it three times and all I can say is that bitch gets me going on for hours. Oh, God. She has huge soft breasts, warm temperature, vibrating breasts, and can make sexy moan sounds.
user avatar
19.01.2022, 05:23
Hello there! To those that decided to write on this topic, I say a big thank you. The article was interesting to read and the words were easy to understand.
user avatar
23.01.2022, 12:39
Leo Giles
Anyone there? So, I read the article and explained it to my friend who has been sex-inactive for over two years. He needs help and I believe that these anime sex dolls can get him started (since there's no judgment). However, which one can he buy? Considering he is just starting, is there anything he needs to look for before buying one. Please, some advice?
user avatar
27.01.2022, 21:24
Cain Khan
What's up Leo? I have been in the same shoe as your friend. Then I didn't know where to begin because sex had been so long. So as for your friend, he doesn't have to be bothered by which one he uses. All anime sex dolls are safe and easy to use by all levels of sexual experience. So just show him a few pics of a hot doll and that should get things running.
user avatar
31.01.2022, 14:44
My best friend got one and he has been happy ever since he bought it. I think hentai sex dolls are here to stay. I just wish his own had a storage case. It's awkward seeing her on his bed when I go visiting.
user avatar
03.02.2022, 22:12
I have a question. I am trying to buy one but I need to know. How can I choose a more human-like one?
user avatar
07.02.2022, 20:23
Hi Nelson, I love your question. Choosing an anime love doll that feels like human skin means paying attention to the material. The Moon: Hentai Sex Doll, for example, is one that I would recommend. She is as real as real can be. My lovely doll has natural hair color and skin tone and can be with or without pubic hair. She has fingers and toenails that can be painted or left natural. The anime love doll is made from silicone and she has a steel skeleton with moveable joints. Yeah, she is almost human.
user avatar
11.02.2022, 17:27
Marianna Gutiennez
I have been seeing women complain about not being able to use the anime sex doll. That's not true. I have one and we have been reaching the heavens together.
user avatar
14.02.2022, 20:58
Hi, I am new to hentai sex dolls so I want to ask. Am I supposed to use lube or something? I feel like the friction will hurt me.
user avatar
15.02.2022, 19:01
Hello, Ayaan. Thank you for coming out to ask this question. A hentai sex dolls is more than a doll. She is your sex partner and anime love doll can be treated exactly how you'd treat a hot and sexy lady. To make the sex more pleasurable, you can apply water-based lube to your shaft before sliding in. And if you wish, you can also use a condom.
user avatar
18.02.2022, 14:03
Brayan Alvarez
No doll has been able to satisfy and fulfill my wild desire as an anime sex doll. Forget it. Hentai is naturally the hottest being alive. And so having a hentai sex doll all to myself with the right curves and size is crazy. Man, I must say. I am in for this thing.
user avatar
22.02.2022, 09:00
Taila Hodge
Hi. I read through the article completely unaware of anime sex dolls. Now I know they exist that my sex life isn't over. Thank you for saving my ass. Please post more on how to buy a great male sex doll. I would love that.
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