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Automatic Hands Free Masturbators

Designed for both man and woman, the hands free masturbators are the right toys when one needs extra pleasure in solo or in couple. Easy to use and highly reliable for the best orgasms, these toys are not to be missed by those seeking for an adventure in bed.

black dual motor automatic hands free masturbator
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What is a hand free masturbator?

Hands free masturbators are specially designed sexual toys for adults meant to offer the ultimate pleasure on both men and women users. Toys with exceptional design and features that can stimulate the vagina, the anal zone or the man’s penis in many forms and sexual activities. They come in many forms and shapes, ready to offer ultra-pleasure by enabling both the user and the partner to control it without the help of the hands, with a simple remote controlled or in some cases, with simple gestures.

blue automatic hands free masturbator

Types and main features of the hand free masturbator

Just like any other sexual toy, the handsfree masturbator is classified into two main classes:

  • The male hands free masturbator toys
  • The female hands free masturbator toys

black automatic hands free masturbator by Tracey Cox

The hands free masturbator toys, either it’s for men or for women, comes with a wide range of types and characteristics:

  • Hands-free dildos – specially designed for women but used by men as well, perfect for both vaginal and anal stimulation
  • Hands-free vaginas – perfect sex toy for men to provide a realistic feel without having to touch it
  • Hands-free vibrators – unique toys for women, suitable for vaginal stimulation and easy to control by both the user or the partner

All these types of realistic hands-free masturbator toys come with various characteristics and depending on the level of intensity or sexual activity you want to experience, these characteristics can be more or less. A standard hand free masturbator requires fewer characteristics than a complex hand free pussy pump, for example.

black automatic hands free masturbator by Hot Octopuss
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How to choose the best hand free masturbator toys?

When it comes down to choosing the best toy of such type, it’s a matter of taste and desire to reach for the best results. While some users love to experience unique moments of masturbation with rigid hands-free toys, others are more comfortable with the soft ones. The best hands-free masturbator is strictly related to the brand, manufacturer, material that is made from and many other things like shape, size, etc. For a better understanding on how to choose the best toy of such type, always rely on the hands-free masturbator reviews which can provide a great amount of information and details to better understands the role and potential of these toys.

white automatic hands free masturbator by Tenga

How to choose the best size?

Either you are a man or a woman when it comes to choosing the right size for your hands-free masturbation toy, you always have to take into consideration a couple of details and parameters.

  • If you are a beginner, try and enjoy proper masturbation with hands-free toys smaller in size. Ex. Small hands-free dildos, smaller hands-free vibrators, etc.
  • For women seeking anal pleasures, a small to medium sized hands-free toy masturbator is the answer. The same thing applies to men as well
  • Experienced used, both women or men should seek additional hands-free masturbator reviews for better understand which size is the right one for their needs.

Taking into consideration this information alongside seeking instructions before buying the toy will grant you a better experience no matter the size.

automatic hands free masturbator and VR headset

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

Choosing the right texture for your top rated hands-free masturbator is the main key to absolute pleasure. While a rigid material like plastic or stainless steel and even glass can provide a stiff feel and texture, other materials, more suitable for beginners, can offer silky feel, smooth texture and soft penetration in any case. Such materials are more common among the toys users, and they can be silicone, rubber, skin-safe rubber, etc.

automatic hands free masturbator and pump Worx

To make sure that you made the right choice regarding the shape, material, and texture of your new hands-free masturbator, always rely on the feedback other users provide. Most online sellers offer detailed information about each type of toys, but the feedback from the real users will always come in handy.

Shapes vary from one toy to another, and while the female hand free dildos mostly come in the shape of the penis, other similar toys, like the vibrators, hand free magic wands and others can take the form of a bullet, an egg, or even a baseball bat. The right shape should suit your needs in an optimal mode and should offer only stimulation and pleasure without any form of pain or pressure.

black USB 10 function automatic hands free masturbator

How to use a hands free masturbator?

Always make sure you read the instructions found in the box of your sex toy. Follow instructions and always use the toy as designated. Such type of sexual adult toys contains electronic parts due to their specially designed purpose, to control it without the use of your hands. Since both the hands-free masturbators for men and the ones for women contain such electronic parts, cleaning them and storing them is also a significant step in the whole procedure of using such toy. Before and after each use, make sure the toy is clean and away from extreme heat or moisture. Follow the hands-free masturbator guides on the internet, read the reviews and the instructions in the box to better understand how these special sexual devices work.

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