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Beginner’s Butt Plugs

Super cool sexual toys to stimulate and initiate lovers into the beauty of anal pleasuring. A top gadget for those passionate about stimulating their love life with something a bit extra and a chance for lovers to get even more intimate to one another.

crystal beginner butt plug
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What is a beginner butt plug?

The butt plugs for beginners are basically standard butt plugs but a little smaller and less thicker. They are sexual toys meant only for anal stimulation and can be used by both male and women. It’s a starting point for those needy to try anal and a great way to initiate yourself into doing that. Beginner butt plugs can have many shapes and texture as well as a large variety of sizes. These sizes are suitable only for beginners and they are specially designed to ease the whole procedure of enjoying anal stimulation.

red crystal beginner butt plug

Types and main characteristics

Just like a normal butt plug, the beginners butt plug is a versatile toy with multiple functions in some cases and lots of features in other cases.

  • Standard beginner butt plugs – anal toys with one simple function, to stimulate the bum in great ways and provide extra pleasure thanks to its unique shape.
  • 2.5 inch metal crystal beginner butt plug

  • Vibrating beginners butt plug – it comes with a small vibrating motor included which stimulates the user’s anal hole by emitting soft vibration while inserted. Perfect for extra intensity and stimulation for beginners
  • Butt plugs for beginners with remote control – specially designed so that the other partner can use it while you insert it in your desired hole. A great way to initiate yourself into anal sex with the help of your partner.

3 inch purple beginner butt plug
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How to choose the best beginner butt plug?

In order to choose the best beginner butt plug for you or for your partner, it’s always best to seek proper beginners guide to butt plugs and see the information available. You will learn more about the types, the materials and the shapes, enough to make yourself an idea.

You need to pay attention to the size as the butt plugs for beginners are only those with a maximum of 4 inches in length. Although they are smaller in size than the normal butt plug, it’s enough for a first timer to feel the maximum pleasure.

3 piece purple beginner butt plug

How to choose the best size?

According to most of the beginner butt plug reviews online, the best size for a first timer, in order to feel great without causing himself any type of pain, is the 3 inch toy. The 3 inch insertable length is enough for a person faced with enjoying anal stimulation for the first time to feel perfect. With that in mind, choose a size similar or close to this length in order to experience the best sensations. Bigger toys are not suitable for beginners as they might cause pain rather than pleasure.

pink beginner butt plug by Doc Johnson

How to choose the right material, shape and texture?

  • Beginner butt plugs made out of silicone – high class anal toys meant for amateurs and specially designed to provide a smooth and silky texture when inserted. Recommended with lubrication in advance and very reliable for first timers.
  • beginner butt plug by Jolie Pleasures

  • The glass/metal butt plug for beginner – firm and solid butt plugs suitable for both men and women, perfect for beginners in love with trying extra pleasure. They provide a frisky sensation combined with a very rigid texture.
  • The rubber butt plug beginner – close to the feeling of a real penis due to the material which is lifelike and very soft. Provides smooth penetration when used with lubrication.

black 4 piece beginner butt plug

How to use the beginner butt plug?

Since it’s a toy meant for beginners, you should always read beginner butt plug reviews ahead of using such toy and learn the basics of anal stimulation. Unlike the vaginal stimulation, anal stimulation can be painful if conducted improperly. Make sure to lubricate the area before every use and start the penetration with slow and gentle moves. The best beginner butt plugs will provide only soft pleasure and deep stimulation, therefore, make sure you don’t end up buying cheap toys or fake ones. Keep hygiene to a maximum level at all times and store the toy in dry places, out of the reach of humidity.

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