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Ben Wa Balls

Unfortunately, women tend to lose pelvis muscle tone because of aging and after childbirth. But that doesn’t mean that the former sensitivity and strength cannot be restored. Regular exercises promote more intense sensations for both female and her partner. If you buy Ben Wa balls, it will be an easy task for you.
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What are Ben Wa Balls?

The story runs that the prototype of this device was invented several thousand years ago in China. Men used these balls to massage prostate and stimulate rectum and anus. But women decided to try them, too, and that is how the item turned into pleasure balls.
ben wa balls in the shell Pleasure Peapls
So, what do Ben Wa balls do? They are used for the following purposes:

  1. Used by men for massage prostate or sexual penetration of anus.
  2. Inserted into vagina to strengthen muscles and improve health of female body.
  3. Serve as love balls for women being input in anus or vagina.

metal ben wa balls
This is a versatile adult toy that is equally good for both personal care and sexual experiments regardless of partners’ sexuality.

Main Characteristics

Sex market is constantly developing, and modern stores offer a lot of different Ben Wa balls for sale. You can find items made of different materials: metal, silicone, plastic or glass Ben Wa balls. Their size varies from ¾ inches to 2 inches, Although balls are quite small, they are pretty heavy, but users with different level of experience may find suitable variants.

You can order Ben Wa balls with a string connecting them: it eases removal and is essential for anal stimulation to avoid losing the objects inside the big bowel. Some balls have magnets inside, so you can ensure they won’t get lost.
ben wa balls Lelo
The best Ben Wa balls also feature vibrators and provide strong muscle stimulation together with pleasant sexual sensations.

You may also find kits for Kegel exercise with balls, instructions and lubricant. This is a perfect variant for women who are going to use balls for health purposes mostly.

No matter what you will use the toy for, you can always find an optimal variant on our partner’s site. You will be surprised by extensive choice of items, reasonable prices and superb product quality!
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How to Use

Women who never tried any sex toys and never performed yoga exercises aimed at pelvic floor strengthening will find the effects of balls using overwhelming. If you are a starter, don’t worry. You will learn how to use Ben Wa Balls just in a matter of several days. So, how to apply them correctly?
silver ben wa balls

  1. Insert the balls inside vagina and leave the string outside (just like you inject tampons). Usually no lube should be applied for muscle exercise.
  2. Perform your routine things: go shopping, clean your house or cook – the balls and your body will do the entire job for you. How do Ben Wa balls work? A smaller ball inside a bigger one moves and bumps the walls, which creates vibrations and makes pelvic muscles contract. Thus, they become stronger and you gain the desired sensitivity.
  3. You can use the balls for several hours in a row. The more you exercise, the heavier Ben Wa balls your vagina can keep inside.
  4. Continue exercising for as long as you need and enjoy health improvement. When you become an advanced user, you can purchase large Ben Wa balls.

twins ben wa balls
As the result, you will get rid of urinary incontinence, recover after child birth, improve sensitivity and increase vaginal lubrication. And the most important: climaxing will be more intense and frequent. And, according to Ben Wa Balls reviews, they are useful for women who go through menopause period: exercising relieves vaginal pain and cystitis.
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How to Choose

There are thousands of Ben Wa Balls online! How to decide on some certain variant?

  • If you are a starter, buy cheap Ben Wa balls made of silicone and with a string: it is simple in use. More experienced users may try metal Ben Wa balls that weight more and promote more intense exercising.
  • Make purchases in official stores to be sure in product quality and authenticity.
  • If you are going to use the toy for anal penetration and prostate massage, select items with strings or some kind of restraints! That will prevent object lodging.
  • As for the size of balls, women after 30 and in postnatal period should choose bigger versions, while starters should select balls with ¾ inches diameter.

medium ben wa balls

Where to Buy Ben Wa Balls

Visit our partner’s site and discover an extensive catalogue of various sex toys! Customers will enjoy great shopping conditions:

  1. Reasonable Ben Wa balls
  2. Quick delivery in discreet package.
  3. Personal information safety.
  4. Different payment methods.
  5. User-friendly site and simple navigation.
  6. Great choice of sex toys.

Order Ben Wa balls, and you will enjoy general well-being and enhanced sexual stimulation. Stronger, longer and frequent orgasms are guaranteed!
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