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Ben Wa Balls

Anything works when it comes to reaching ultimate pleasure and sexual satisfaction. However, which method is the best one? What to do to make it happen? Well, sex toys are already well-known for aiding millions of people to reach orgasm and using Be Wa balls will definitely impress you and help you to implement your wild fantasies in reality.

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What are Ben Wa balls?

Ben Wa balls reviews confirm that there are many names for this type of sex toy, like: orgasm balls, Venus balls, rin-no-tama, Geisha balls and others. Basically it is a sex toy type for internal application, which consists of little light-weight balls, which are generally hollow inside and used for vaginal insertion. The balls can also be solid or have chimes or clappers inside. Sometimes, Be Wa balls on string are applied as well and they can also be without the string. The benefits of Ben Wa ballsis that they create a subtle stimulation, which spreads over the time and also improve pelvic muscle strength.

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Types and main characteristics

There are plenty of different types of Ben Wa balls, which are suitable for diversified purposes. Likewise, the main types are:

  • Conventional Ben Wa balls;
  • Duotone Ben Wa balls (hollow inside);
  • Weighted Ben Wa balls;
  • Magnetic Ben Wa balls;
  • Wireless vibrating Ben Wa balls;
  • Remote control Ben Wa balls and many more.

Besides that you are free to select the material of the string that connects the Ben Wa Balls, which can be nylon or silicone. It is up to you to decide whether you want to have the balls with a string or not. Generally, the string makes it easier for balls to be retrieved, but at the same time it creates problems when you want to clean the balls.

It is up to you, whether you prefer hollow balls or solid ones. Check out the reviews and select the best option based on your desires, expectations and confidence level. The main thing you should keep in mind is that the Ben Wa balls should easily get inside and outside without causing any discomfort to you. Besides, the surface of the ball should be smooth in order not to damage the cervix or any inside walls of your vagina. Give it a try and do not feel shy to change your sex toy, if it doesn’t feel right. Your pleasure and satisfaction is what matters most of all.

metal ben wa ball

How to choose the best Ben Wa balls?

When choosing Ben Wa balls, there are many factors that you should pay attention to, like:

  • Price – do not go for a too expensive option hoping that it will be reliable. Instead, better conduct a thorough price-quality check;
  • Brand name – there is a number of brands that are specialized in production of good-quality Ben Wa balls and you better make sure you know their names;
  • Size – don’t be too greedy in attempt to receive more pleasure. Find the size of Ben Wa balls that is most comfortable for you;
  • Material – depending on material selection you can ensure the reliability of product and estimate how long your sex toy will last.

silver ben wa ball

Choosing the right size

There is no doubt that size really matters, when it comes to Ben Wa balls. Likewise, there are large Ben Wa balls, small heavy Ben Wa Balls with the following sizes:

  • 2 in;
  • 3 in;
  • 4 in and others.

purple ben wa ball

Be careful, when selecting the size, because it must feel just nice inside and should not cause any discomfort. There are people asking “Are Ben Wa balls safe”? Likewise, the answer is yes, as long as you select an appropriate size. If necessary, you can apply some lubricant in order to achieve the smooth penetration.
Besides that, you should also pay attention to the length of the string connecting the Ben Wa Balls, which can be:

  • 2 in long;
  • 3 in long;
  • 4 in long.

Do not select too short or too long string, because you want to make sure that the balls are inserted and released from vagina without any problems. Hereby, as long as you are not too greedy and select the appropriate size, you will surely receive the long-awaited satisfaction and anticipated joy. If you do not know where to start, read some reviews and check out what other people say based on their experience. That will help you to find just the right proportions.

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Choosing the right material, shape and texture

When it comes to material selection, then you should pay a close attention, because it will reflect on your pleasure in a long run. Likewise, the main materials are:

  • Surgical Steel;
  • Glass;
  • Silicone;
  • Plastic;
  • PVC and many more.

For example, surgical steel has a very smooth surface and sufficient weight, so that when you put them in, they enter easily and provide the necessary satisfaction. Besides that, you can wash them easily, and they don’t tend to become very dirty over time. Just apply soap and warm or hot water.

The shape is generally spherical and does not change much. That is the reason why this type of sex toy is called Ben Wa balls. Any irregular shape may cause the sex toy performance to reduce. At this moment, make sure you stick to a simple design with a round shape of balls to attain the desired results and satisfaction.

Besides, the texture should be as smooth as possible, because you are going to keep the balls inside for some time until they deliver the desired satisfaction amount. Any rough surfaces may cause internal irritation, and that is definitely something you want to avoid at any cost. Inspect the smoothness of the balls or check out the reviews to confirm, which material comes with the desired smoothness.

twins ben wa ball

How to use Ben Wa balls?

Generally, various types of Ben Wa balls are recommended by obstetricians and gynecologists to improve the elasticity of vagina and bladder control. Hence, it is important not to make any jerking moves, while inserting Be Wa jiggle balls inside. The empty balls should be inserted first inside until you reach the cervix. After that insert the filled ball until it reaches the hollow ball inside. After the balls are in place, then even a slight hips or thighs movement will result in filled ball contents to roll, which results in a pleasant vibration. To increase the joyful sensations,, it is advised to sit on a rocking chair or swing.

medium ben wa ball

Even top-rated Be Wa balls require proper cleaning because they are being inserted inside the vagina. Hence, make sure you clean them even if you never used them before or haven’t used for a long time. Maintain proper hygiene and store the balls in a dry place. If necessary, apply the lubricants to make the penetration easy, smooth and pleasant.

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