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Benefits Of Morning Sex

Early Morning Sex In Relationship

You can make love at any hour of the day, and all you need is a willing participant in this adorable game that couples play. One crucial factor to consider is consent, as you can't make love with your significant other without getting a valid license. Once authorization has been obtained, both of you are on the same page, and Cupid strikes, lovemaking can occur. One of the best times to have an adorable bout of sex is in the morning, and this is an activity that seems to hit differently.

Here, we will be showcasing some of the most critical ingredients to a savory morning sex experience and the little things that go into such. We will also examine the benefits of such a thirst and why couples can't seem to get enough of the act. Morning sex might sound super mundane, but there's a lot that you should consider before slipping the panties to the side. So without further ado, let's get down to business!

About morning lovemaking

Making love in the morning seems to be preordained, as it shouldn't come as a surprise that men experience cases of "morning wood" almost every single day. Also, women aren't left out of the party, as three in every five ladies crave sex first thing in the morning (especially when they are in committed relationships). Morning sex is a fun way to begin your day, as what beats making love to your significant other before a long day at work? Also, morning sex appeals to people who aren't in committed relationships, as this activity has a touch of spontaneousness about it.

The benefits of morning sex are endless: Your energy is through the roof. You're not as stressed, bond with your partner, and you can look years younger. Morning sex has all the makings of beginning your day on a bang (all pun intended), and it can set the scene for a serene atmosphere for the rest of the day. You could do your partner a world of good by riding that morning wood pogo stick, and such a partner would likely be grateful. What's more, breakfast in bed is fantastic, but we can't think of a lot of things more soothing than being in the arms of your favorite person to start the day. Speaking of which, it's high time we showcase some critical merits of morning sex!

What are the pros of morning sex?

Here are the advantages of getting down and being naughty first thing in the morning.

  • It is an instant mood booster: Ever heard of that saying that goes, “they woke up on the wrong side of the bed?” Well, we are pretty sure that such a person woke up without getting a mild bout of morning sex. Morning sex does wonders in boosting an individual's mood, and better still, it sets the scene for the rest of the day. That is especially so when your partner knows how to find their way around the bedroom. You can thank endorphins, pain-killing hormones released during sex (and exercise), for that. A lot of science goes into this, but we will save the gist until later moments in our little think piece.
  • It can strengthen your relationship: No matter the strength of a relationship, it isn't out of the ordinary to experience a few rocky patches here and there. As such, couples should look into figuring out new ways to spice up such a stale union. Morning sex could do the trick, as the spontaneous nature of it can set pulses racing. The same way a morning romp in the sheets will make you feel giddy all day long, also reinforcing your relationship. This reinforcement is always welcome no matter how long a relationship has lasted, as partners never get tired of trying new tricks.
  • Baring it all in the morning light strengthens a union: For some unique reason baring it all in the morning light has been proven to bring couples closer, especially on these pandemic days. Maybe that is a result of individuals being so used to making love in the dark. Perhaps it is because you can savor the luxurious skin of your partner in its full glory. Or maybe it's because you love seeing the look of pleasure on their face when you hit the sweet spot. The fact remains that morning sex is a lovely way to strengthen a union no matter how long such a union has been in existence. There's just something about being fully exposed and with nothing to hide that brings partners closer together!
  • You need not fret about the kids: Mehn, why are kids so pesky on a good day, and why can't these little terrors take a hint? Well, that's maybe as a result of the fact that they're mere kids, and they can't seem to help it. However, one way to have lovely sex without fearing that they'd barge in unawares is by fine-tuning your timetable to early in the morning! Furthermore, you'll have an easier time tackling school drop-offs and last-minute homework checks if you've made time to de-stress with sex first thing. Also, factoring early morning sex into your daily timetable could be a unique proposition for the couple in question, and this extreme sport is pretty captivating. Just make sure that the door is bolted shut, just in case.
  • It keeps the relationship fresh: We won't act like morning sex is the only way to keep a relationship spontaneous and new, but there's no way that we won't show it some love. Early morning sex is a surefire way of stimulating your partner's mind, keeping the union fresh, and setting the scene for savory experiences in the not-too-distant future. It is worthy of note that anything that adds variety and spontaneity into your relationship is a good thing. Morning sex is quite literally a breath of fresh air, as all the factors can seemingly work in your (and your partner's) favor. Just make sure that you keep it hot, sexy, consensual, and remarkably passionate; the rest would ease out by itself.

Final Thoughts

Early morning sex might not be a piece of cake for everyone and sundry, but there's only one way that you can find out whether it is your partner's cup of tea. That way is by testing the waters, putting on your sexy pose, and guarding against intrusion from those little terrors that share a last name with you both. Morning sex has so many benefits, so few drawbacks, and there are a million and one tricks that you can perform to spice up the affair. As such, we hope that this piece has added value to your love life, and if it did, then you can check out the rest of our website. We have many resources that you would find valuable, and we would love it if you checked out our online store. Till next time, have a blissful and productive bout of early morning sex!

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