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Benefits of Sex

Great Benefits Of Sex For Couples

Who would have thought we’d be telling a bunch of horny people why sex is great? You certainly don’t need any convincing -wink. But, apart from the Big Orgasm, you’ll be getting as a souvenir, there are many more reasons why you should engage in sexual activity as much as possible.

In this article, we’ll show you why it’s important to have a healthy sex life. And how you can reap all the incredible benefits of sex, with or without your partner.

Seven Great Benefits of Sex

If we could, we’d ask you to be having sex every day, but that’s not sustainable in the long run. So, we say, make sure you engage in sexual activity often, so you can enjoy the effects of being sexually active, and get some orgasms while at it.

Here are some health benefits of sex you need to know.

  1. Pain Relief. Barry Komisaruk, Ph.D. says, “orgasm can block pain”. Isn’t it wonderful that sex can offer you relief from any kind of pain, even menstrual cramps? People who menstruate understand that period pain is very agonizing. But what if we told you, a simple solution is just sex! It’s true. Try this the next time your joints ache, or you have those annoying cramps. This is, however, not medical advice; please see your doctor for all health issues.
  2. Sex Counts as Exercise! Did you ever think you could burn calories while having such a great time in bed? Well, you can. All that thrusting and touching, and squeezing ramps up your heart rate significantly. Sex burns about five calories per minute, and due to positional changes (we know you love your sex positions!), you work several muscles in the process. That’s a wonderfully easy way to exercise if you ask us.
  3. Stronger Immune System. According to Yvonne Fulbright Ph.D., ‘sexually active people take fewer sick days.’ And that is the whole truth! Regular sex, being a great form of exercise and mood-lifter, helps your body produce more antibodies that fight against diseases. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should be having sex every day and neglect other immune boosters that your body needs. A balanced diet, rest, and exercise, combined with regular sex, will make your immune system stronger than it’s ever been.
  4. Reduced Risk of Prostate Cancer. A reduced risk of prostate cancer is one of the greatest benefits of sex for men. A 2016 study in the Journal of European Urology showed that men who ejaculate more than 21 times a month were 20% less likely to develop prostate cancer. And the best part of this is that you don’t even need a partner to help you ejaculate! Think some dirty thoughts, go into fantasy land, dick-in-hand and give yourself a good orgasm!
  5. Better Heart Health. A healthy sex life equals a healthy heart. Regular sex keeps your heart rate stable, and to a large extent, prevents cardiovascular diseases. However, if you’re already diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, see your doctor for proper sex advice. You don’t want to go overboard, as too much sex can trigger your heart.
  6. Sex is a form of Stress Relief. Listen, stress relief sex is always good sex. Imagine coming home after a long day, and having your partner massage your shoulders, which may lead to a happy ending. Or it’s just you and your vibrator getting down and dirty. What matters is that sex in any form, makes you feel good and triggers the release of endorphins (the feel-good hormones). By relieving you of stress, sex helps anxiety.
  7. You’ll Sleep Better. Have you noticed that after an intense masturbation/sex session, you get sleepy? There's a scientific explanation for that. Sheenie Ambardar, MD, says, ‘after an orgasm, a hormone called prolactin is released in your body. It causes a feeling of relaxation and sleepiness to settle over you, and then you quickly nod off, feeling sated.

How Can Single Persons Enjoy the Benefits of Sex?

It’s a simple answer, masturbate! Masturbation is great for everyone, whether you have a partner or not. It’s a great way to learn what turns you on so that your partner can please you better. There’s also zero risk of STIs while you enjoy the full benefits of sex.

To make your sessions more intense, incorporate sex toys. Our sex toy reviews offer an amazing yet affordable variety of toys that can spice up your sex life and keep things interesting in bed. Purchase one or five to enjoy the benefits of sex in grand style.

Let’s be clear on this; there’s no such thing as too much sex (except you have health issues and your medical professional has stated otherwise). Go ahead and get all the pleasure you need; life is tough enough as it is. If you’re looking for ways to diversify your sex life and make it more exciting, check out our review section for great sex toys you can use alone or with your partner to reap all the benefits of sex.

Is sex good for you?
Sex is good for you, and for me. Apart from keeping your heart healthy, and boosting your immune system, it also helps with anxiety. Engage in sexual activity frequently; your mind and body will thank you for it.
Does sex lower blood pressure?
According to Joseph Pinzone MD, ‘research suggests a link between regular sex and lower blood pressure.’ However, if you’re already hypertensive, it’s best to let your doctor decide your sexual frequency until your condition has stabilized.
Is sex good exercise?
Sex is great exercise. Burning five calories per minute has never been easier. Sex however, shouldn’t take the place of actual work out in your life. You’ll see that a healthy sex life combined with great exercise will yield great results.
How much sex is healthy?
The question should be ‘how much sex is unhealthy?’ We do know that for averagely healthy people, there’s no such thing as too much sex. However, if you have existing conditions such as cardiovascular issues or hypertension, seek your doctor’s advice about your sex life.
Does sex relieve stress and anxiety?
Yes, it does! Sex triggers endorphins and oxytocins, hormones that make you relax and feel great about yourself. So, a healthy sex life equals less stress and anxiety. It also helps you sleep better.
Why do we need sex?
Answering this question would be denying the complexity of human nature. We need sex for different reasons. First and foremost, pleasure. Then, some for-stress relief, some for better health, some need sex to feel loved. There are so many reasons we need sex. Why do you need sex?

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