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Best Sex Positions for Women

Sex positions for women.

It is a well-known fact that women don’t necessarily orgasm from sex – penetrative sex, that is. This is because she needs the clitoris to be stimulated for that to happen. Alas, the clitoris is sometimes not involved in many sex positions leaving the woman unsatisfied during sex, and it’s even worser if there was no foreplay. However, female sex positions give the woman a chance to have her clitoris stimulated and hence can lead to orgasm. Here are the best sexual positions for women.

Spooning (Open-legged)

Everyone probably knows about the spoon position, where the woman lies on her side with her knees closed together and bent upwards then the man lies behind her and then goes in through the backside. This is a great sex position if you don’t want to do much during sex, are tired, or are maybe lazy. Sadly, it isn’t the best sex position for her because woman`s clitoris is out of the topic. Instead, the open-legged spoon position is a variation that allows the clitoris to be accessible during sex either by her or him. Also, if you were wondering, it’s still effortless to achieve.

How to do it:

Have your partner lie on his side while you lie on your back with your legs spread open. Keep on leg on the bed/floor and the one closest to him over his side. Then allow him to penetrate from the side while you or he can touch your clitoris freely for better stimulation.

Stand to Sitting

This position is also easy for females because they don’t have to do much. However, the man might have to stand while trusting. To this note, a few things have to be placed into consideration before attempting this female sex position. For one, you need to understand that this position cannot happen on the bare floor. An item of furniture that elevates you up to his penis level whole standing is required. Also, you might need to involve pillows to help make things even more comfortable.

How to do it:

Using a bed, lie on your back at the edge of the bed and raise your legs. Have your partner stand in front of you and then wrap your kegs around his neck or join them both and place them on one shoulder. He can hold your waist or hold your legs to pull you closer with every thrust. But the main aim of this female sex position is that the clitoris can be accessed by both the man and woman.

Missionary (Lifted)

The Missionary position is famous, and though it is known for a lot, it is also known to be one of the worst sex positions to help a female reach orgasm. But the lifted version is a variation that changes the whole story. This lifted model of the missionary position becomes one of the best sex positions for women. However, unlike the other positions for women where clitoris access is the goal, here, her g-spot is the target. The female’s G-spot is like the ultimate internal zone for pleasure rush, so it’s understandable why it is targeted.

How to do it:

Lie as you would for the missionary position, but this time, tilt your pelvis upwards. You can use pillows or sex furniture to support you and make things easy. Then allow your partner hit you from the front as he would in the missionary but this time, with a target. You can also allow him to grind your clitoris as he thrusts slowly for more pleasure.

90-Degree Doggy

This is another popular sex position its variation is one of the few best sexual positions for women. Though the original model has the woman on all fours, usually the man alone is the one pleasured while the woman bends there without reaching that ultimate pleasure. The 90-degree doggy instead allows you to reach your clitoris since your hands would be less busy from supporting your weight.

How to do it:

Lie face down on the edge of the bed, and have your knees spread down to the floor. Then allow your partner to reach in from behind while standing, and your hands can play with your clitoris during the play. A fun fact is that this position is the total opposite of the stand to sitting position.


Though, all these sex positions are the best positions for her, things can be done to spice up the feeling even more. That’s the use of female sex toys such as vibrators, suckers, and clips. Have a hard time finding the best sex toy for you? Try checking out some of our best sex toy reviews . We have everything that you would fall in love with a guide in which one is the finest for you.

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