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Best Sex Positions to Avoid Cystitis

Girl on top position to avoid cystits.

Cystitis is caused when bacteria (Escherichia coli, for example), get into the urethra. But because a woman’s anatomic structure places the anus close to the vagina, a wrong sex position can allow the bacteria in the anus to get into the vagina hence causing the infection. That is also why it is especially rampant in women than men.

Cystitis is discomforting, painful, and can be awkward from itching in public. It is not something you would look forward to experiencing at all. However, even if sex does NOT cause Cystitis, some sexual positions can strengthen the power of the infection or even worse, be the cause of it. Keep reading to know more about the best sexual positions for interstitial cystitis from this post below.

Shower Sex

This is not only a heated and intense sex position but also one of the best sex positions to avoid cystitis. This is because while having sex, you will be in the right place for a clean-up. You could even keep the shower running during grinding, which is a big win-win. By doing this, you’ll be restricting the E.coli from finding a way to your vagina from the anus. You would also be able to prevent spreading the infection if it has already invaded the vagina.

Moreover, no one says you are limited to standing and grinding. Have fun in the shower, use the bathtub and other bathroom items as props, and bring in your waterproof vibrators and suction cup sex toys. But make sure the floor is not slippery, else, hot sex might become not-so-hot in a split second.


This is another one of the best sexual positions for interstitial cystitis and unlike the shower sex, needs less work and is more intimately satisfying. This sexual position has the partners lying down by their sides with the woman in front and the man behind.

The woman’s buttocks are usually directed against the man’s groin so that the thrusting can be done from behind, and his hands can work up to other erogenous zones of her body. Spooning is especially great for interstitial cystitis because thrusting pressure and strength are low, hence, resulting in reduced pain and pressure on the urethra.

Girl on Top

Most popular of all the positions, this position also doesn’t suffer the urethra too much. Here, the man lies on his back while the woman sits on top of him and rides him as she pleases. She gets to control the amount of penetration she needs, which would not (again) stress her vagina even further if she already has a cystitis.

You can use pillow support to fuel pleasure or add in some sex clamps and suckers for intense stimulation. Whichever way you go, this sexual position can guarantee that you will not spread the infection as long as a condom is in the picture.

Note that with the following sexual positions, the most guaranteed way to stop the spread of the infection process is to use a condom. The material and type of condom, however, are based on preference. Non-penetrative sexual positions are as follows:


It’s not every time the sex has to be penetrative before it gets orgasmic and erotic. If you haven’t tried fingers or tongue, it is pretty easy to say that you are missing a lot. As long as your beliefs and personal values are not against it, you can talk to your partner about mutual masturbation, otherwise, called oral sex. Outercourse doesn’t allow the bacteria from the anus can make its way to the vagina, so as long as you and your partner practice oral hygiene, you both are safe.

One of the positions in this category is the famous “69” where you lie on your bac, and your partner (facing your legs) uses his finger and tongue to treat you to a hot session of oral sex. The great thing about this position is that both partners can touch each other with series of cunnilingus, blow jobs, hand jobs, fingering, and perennial massage/caress. You both can also imbibe the use of vibrators and other sex toy stimulators to make it even more fun for both.

Solo Masturbation

This is the safest sex position that prevents the spread of any diseases and infections. Well, that is as long as you practice good hygiene while at it. If you don’t know how to do this, there are several resources online, that can guide you into the art of true masturbation. Your body has so many erogenous zones, and touching or caressing them can give you the most pleasurable sensations. Therefore, invest in sex toys, machines, and maybe furniture to help heighten your solo experience. Also, don’t limit yourself to the bed or chair, try the bathtub, the shower, etc.


It is not enough to have the best sexual positions to avoid cystitis, you also need to take precautions when in these positions to avoid turning them into worse problems. We hope, therefore, that you have learned something new from this article. But don’t go just yet, if you are interested in adding more spice to your sex life while remaining safe and healthy, check out some of our sex toy reviews. You won’t be disappointed since there is always going to be something for you, your taste, and of course, your budget.

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