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The landscape has changed, and sex toys have become more accepted in the mainstream than ever before. Long gone are the days when a person would be shy or discreet with their sex toy, as now it's better accepted. It is a huge plus, as many sex enthusiasts are tired of doing it in an orthodox way, and they are out to try new tricks. One of the more exciting sex toys in the market today is the blue dildo, a sex toy that leaves little to the imagination and works on a user in some enthralling ways.

Here we will discuss what blue dildos are, the main types of blue dildos in the market today, and we will give you a couple of pointers on how to choose the best blue dildos. Further along the line, we will show you many ways in which you can use the blue dildo to achieve a throbbing orgasm and replace an inflexible partner without much stress. What's more, we will give you a set of merits and demerits that come with a blue dildo and why people should quit sleeping on this unique sex toy. However, you might want to look at the table below displaying our top and sexy blue dildos before we go further. So without further ado, let's check out one of the most enticing additions to the twenty-first-century sex toy industry!

What are Blue Dildos?

Blue dildos are detachable penis-shaped sex toys used to please individuals who aren't so eager to use a human penis for their sexual shenanigans. They are a relatively new addition to the sex toy industry, and they are more effective than several handheld dildos and other related sex toys. Blue dildos are magnificently sculptured to give the user peak satisfaction, a sustained release, and a lot of pleasure when used correctly. These sex toys are a break from the norm, and there are several types available for a broad audience.

Blue dildos are notable for being available in different shapes and sizes, they are assets for achieving a sustained orgasm, and some of them have unique perks attached. What's more, these dildos can be attached to walls, you can fit them on beds, they are helpful on the floor, and they are super safe for use. Blue dildos are an asset for a sensual enthusiast, and it's high time that we show you the different types available in today's market.

Which type is better?

Here are the different types of blue dildos that you can purchase today.

Regular Blue Dildos

These dildos are pretty much self-explanatory, but there's nothing essential about the work that it is guaranteed to achieve when used correctly. They are tremendous assets (get it) for working on different stimulation zones; they come in different shapes and sizes, are waterproof, they make for quiet work, and you can alternate the strokes as you please. These regular blue dildos are also extremely safe to use, as they comply with several health protocols, hence their broad reach. The only limitation when using the regular blue dildo is the user's mind; once the user is open, there's so much that can be done with and on the majestic sex toy.

How to Use?

First thing's first, ensure that the regular blue dildo is cleaned before you start the shenanigans. It is essential to prevent stray infections and an array of diseases that could creep into a user's open endings.

Monster Blue Dildo

What's the point of purchasing a simple sex toy when you can go for an absolute monster? Well, that's likely the reason why blue dildo manufacturers made the fantasy dildo, a true asset of the sex toy industry. Once purchased, the monster blue dildo is super lovely as it can be sculptured into different sizes. It works on several stimulation zones, is waterproof, and is pretty durable. These days more people find themselves using the monster blue dildo, as it adds to the thrill in more ways than none.

How to Use?

Monster blue dildos are an exciting proposition to use, as you'll need to patiently craft it before fitting it into your receptive sex organs. You'll need to follow the instructions on the box to the later, take care to ensure that it dries properly, and avoid foreign substances infecting the work. Once that's done, then you can proceed to fit it into the stimulation zone(s), having fun while grinding up and down and ensuring that you reap the fruits of your labour.

How to Choose the Best Blue Dildos?

Here are some tips that might come in handy.

  • Weigh the pros against the cons. It is essential to look at all the angles before purchasing a sex toy, as this is something that you'll be using pretty frequently. Make a chart, do the math, and consider whether this purchase is genuinely worth it or not. If it has more pros than cons, you can go ahead to purchase it and get to work with it.
  • Talk to your partner. Your partner must be on the same page with you regarding the purchase of a blue dildo. The reason is that some partners might be conservative, potentially jealous, or they might feel a tad bit threatened by such a well-endowed sex toy. That's why it's essential to be on the same wavelength with the said partner, as this isn't something that you can do unilaterally.
  • Pay attention to detail. Every orgasm is essential, and you could be the sole reason for not achieving peak sexual satisfaction, or it could be the other way around. Hence, make sure that you check out the finer details, look through all the lines, and do not discard red flags. You've spent quite an amount on this blue dildo; you deserve to enjoy it till you get tired of it.

Final Thoughts

Blue dildos leave little or nothing to the imagination, which is probably one reason why they are so highly valued in today's sex toy industry. These are sex toys that are easy to use, convenient to carry, and they are among the most durable sex toys in the industry. They are great for doing the work of a natural penis, so your partner won't be able to deprive you of a full member. These sex toys are also easy to maintain, as all you have to do is ensure that they are adequately cleaned, frequently, and painstakingly. Blue dildos are assets to the sex toy industry, and it's fair to say that they are here to stay, and we are looking at conservatives that aren't crazy about their rise.

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