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Conventional sexual intercourse is not enough for you? Want to experience something new? Surprisingly, many people love anal penetration, and sometimes even cannot climax without getting such kind of stimulation. Want to try? Or you already know about your preferences and want to have fun with your partner? Then purchase Butt Plug, and you will discover new facets of sex games.

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What is Butt Plug?

This is a sex toy that is inserted into rectal hole to provide penetration and sexual satisfaction. In some way, a plug toy is a dildo, but is almost twice shorter, and features a flanged end to avoid losing the item inside colon.
butt plug with tail
While usual toys are made in the form of thin tips, or a human penis, you can find special fetish Butt Plugs online. For instance, plugs with faux animal tails are very popular, and jewellery variations are also quite widespread. Plus, some male butt plugs provide prostate massage, being used for both sexual satisfaction and health improvement purposes.

Generally, this is a perfect sex toy that is equally good for men and women, and the vast variety of variations allows experimenting with anal sex both beginners and amateurs. Equipped with a flanged end, even a huge Butt Plug is one of the safest things for anal penetration.

Main characteristics

A typical butt plug is made of rubber, jelly, glass, wood, stone, plastic or silicone. The last material is the most popular because it is easily washed and quite safe. Most Butt Plugs for sale are produced in the form of a thin tip with wider diameter in the middle, and a notch that helps to keep it in the place, preventing complete plug insertion and loss.

The length can greatly vary. A small butt plug is usually two inches long (inserted length), while larger versions can be 5, 7 and even more inches long.

As a rule plugs have exotic colors: black, purple, pink. Glass plugs may be transparent.
vibrating massager butt plug
A traditional device is waterproof and made of silicone, but there are special versions and editions: with vibrators inside, or plugs that can spray water or other liquids into the bowel.

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How to use

Although the toy seems to be simple, inexperienced people may face some problems while trying to insert it. How to use Butt Plug correctly? Here are some recommendations for both beginners and amateurs.
butt plug black horse

  1. Lubricant is essential for anal sex. Apply a sufficient amount of lube on the plug, covering the entire surface excluding the outer end. Mind that water-based lube is ideal for all materials, while silicone-based lube is not supposed to be applied on silicone and rubber toys.
  2. Relax your butt and the whole body before injecting the toy. Remember: if you are a starter, you don’t need a big Butt Plug, because bowel needs to get used to such kind of foreign objects. If you have totally no experience, you may try to start with a finger or two. Everything is good? Go on!
  3. Sometimes, condoms are put on the plug to clean feces more conveniently, and it is also done to sustain proper hygiene. So use latex, if your toy has porous structure, but don’t let other people use one and the same condom, because it exposes the danger of infection transmission.
  4. Read some Butt Plug reviews to learn something new about the spheres of appliance, safe using and the most enjoyable models.

If you feel pains, stop using the plug, or just try to add some more lube. And don’t overplay – rectum is quite sensitive and is easy to damage.

How to choose

Searching for the best Butt Plug for your partner and you? Here are some recommendations concerning making the right choice.

First of all, buy Butt Plug in official stores only. Make sure it is made of safe, high-quality materials.

When selecting the size, remember than a large Butt Plug is not always the best one. If you are a starter, you will be more comfortable with smaller versions (about 2 inches long).
glass butt plug
Pay attention not only to the Butt Plug price, but to the materials used (glass, stone and plastic appear to be more convenient, reducing friction greatly). For your safety, choose models with a flanged end, and don’t forget about appropriate type of lubricant, of course.

Where to buy Butt Plug?

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butt plug with remote control

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