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Car Sex Positions

Couple Have Car Sex

Having sex in bed is fun and all but a time comes when you need to change the scenery to enjoy an even steamier rumpy-pumpy with your partner. Sometimes, you have to break the bank to book a luxurious hotel to add extra spice to your sex life. Other times, you only need the spontaneity of your car to enjoy a sex romp for the ages.

Sex does not get kinkier than getting it on with your spouse in the back seat of the car, with your fingers scratching against the window as you moan with ecstasy. Everyone will agree that nothing beats getting freaky in the backseat of your car. For one, you can take your sexcapades to any romantic location, and the thought of doing it somewhere unusual somewhat adds to the thrill.

If you're looking for a way to add a spark to your sex life, your best option might just be in the car, and we'll show you how to do it with this list of exciting car sex positions.

Best positions for car sex

Now that you're ready to get into it with your partner, you can check out our expert picks of the best positions for sex in a car.

Backseat doggy

Doggystyle is one of the most popular sex positions, which is a testament to the sheer glee derived while making love like this. Now, how do you improve on something as magical doggy? Doggy in the back seat of your car. This position is perfect to allow you and your partner to move freely and penetrate deep within the compact space of the back of your vehicle. Allow your partner to take you from behind while bending his torso over yours as he gets easy access to your clitoris. Enjoy G-spot stimulation that will take you to cloud nine as your bodies crash into each other. To try out this position, jump into the back seat and get on all fours. Have your partner kneel behind you as he inserts the throbbing dick to get the game on.


This is more like “Cargirl”. If you still don’t get it, it is a play on the fan-favorite "cowgirl" position but adjusted to the car seat. Experience pure freedom and sexual thrill as you hop on and off your partner while stimulating your clit with his penis. The cowgirl position allows you (the girl) to be in control as you push your body against your partner and dictate the tempo of penetration. You can decide to lock lips with your partner in this sensual position as you approach the zenith while his hands roam over your body and stimulate your nipples. To get into this position, have your partner sit on the driver or passenger seat while you climb and straddle upon him. If you please, you may recline the seat to find a more pleasurable angle of penetration.

Road Head

Road Head is a fairly common sex car position, and odds are you've seen it in at least one movie. This is an oral sex position that allows you to incorporate some level of power dynamics if you're one for such play. Basically, it involves the person in the passenger seat bending over to go down on the person in the driver's seat.

Warning: We know it's called "Road Head," but this sex position should not be attempted while driving for obvious reasons.


The seashell is a clutch sexual position perfectly suited to the car because it doesn't take up much space. Once you have your legs up to the sky and your ankles pressed close to your shoulders, you can easily accommodate your partner in a missionary position as he crashes deep into you with every stroke. Enjoy G spot stimulation while intensely kissing your partner as his hands run through the rest of your body.

Car sex tips

Now that you know the best positions to try next time you want to have a quick one in the car, you can follow these tips to make sure you get the ultimate car experience.

  1. Park in an isolated area that is unlikely to violate public sex laws and free from the sight of passersby.
  2. Despite what you have seen in movies, do not try anything while the car is moving. It's easy to lose focus in the pure moment of bliss and endanger yourself and others.
  3. Don't forget to turn on your favorite sex playlist. We all know that music amps up any form of sexual experience, and you might want to crank the volume up if you intend to get noisy.


Sex in the car doesn't have to be uncomfortable. In fact, think of it as a makeshift bed that allows you and your partner to get intimate right under the stars. If you found this article helpful, do come back for more. Also, you can maximize your sex life by visiting our best sex toy reviews. Here, you'll find everything that suits your taste on a budget.

How to have car sex?
Before having car sex, you need to find a perfect position that is private and romantic, then try out any of the car sex positions that you both find desirable.
How to have sex in a small car?
Having a small car doesn't stop you from having car sex, provided that you know the perfect positions to explore. Some amazing positions for this sort of situation are cowgirl, doggy style, and lotus.
How to have sex in a truck?
It's possible to enjoy several positions in a truck even with the limited space. Sex positions like cowgirl and Om require little movement without sacrificing pleasure.
How to have sex while driving?
Sex while driving is hazardous because it is easy to lose focus amid all the glee. If you want to experience the thrill of car sex, it's best to pull over before going on with it.
Where to have car sex?
The most important factor to consider when picking a spot for car sex is finding a place free of people. It also helps if it's dark and you can enjoy this romantic experience with the stars cheering you on.

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