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Cervical Orgasm

Benefits Of Orgasms From Cervical Stimulation.

The cervix is a crucial organ in the anatomy of the female reproductive system. It connects the vagina to the uterus and serves as the pathway for sperm to meet the egg for fertilisation to occur.

In terms of sex and pleasure points of the female anatomy, it ranks high up with the vagina and clitoris. A woman can achieve intense orgasms from cervical stimulation. Although lesser-known, unlike the vagina and G-spot climax, orgasms from the stimulation of the cervix do exist. In tantra, the cervical climax is known as a ‘full-body orgasm.’

What you should know about cervical orgasm

Contrary to belief, the cervix can not be penetrated, just stimulated; it is too small for penetration. The feeling of penetration that people report during intercourse and stimulation by a penis, dildo, or vibrator is actually pressure and not penetration.

Once a woman is aroused, the cervix can no longer be stimulated with a finger because the vaginal muscles stretch and pull it farther. At this point, it can only be accessed with a penis or sex toy. Unaroused, stimulating the cervix can be uncomfortable, leading to cramps. The best way to avoid this discomfort is to avoid deep penetration.

Although some women have indeed testified to having full orgasms that began from the cervix, most women don't enjoy cervical stimulation. That is why it is essential to communicate with your partner to understand her preference.

Bleeding during cervical stimulation is abnormal. Bleeding that may happen from first-time cervical stimulation due to the unexpected friction can be prevented by engaging in more extended foreplay and ensuring that the woman is properly aroused.

The cervical climax typically lasts longer than the clitoral climax. The sensation of the pressure from the orgasm starts building and circulates over your body, ushering you to an intense, full-body orgasm that appears in pleasant waves from your head to your toes.

Benefits of cervical orgasm

Cervical orgasm, just as every sexual activity, is an excellent way to relieve stress. It leaves the woman with a europhic feeling. Cervical orgasms are also said to aid menstrual cycle regulation; hence, it is often recommended that you try it before your period.

They are good for your heart, and have you heard about the post-sex glow? A full-body orgasm like a cervical orgasm will give you an even better glow.

Tips for experiencing cervical climax

  1. Communicate with your partner — If you don’t express your desires to your partner, they may never know your kinks. If your partner is convinced to try it, do not hesitate to ask them questions to understand what you are signing up for.
  2. Research — The importance of research can never be overemphasised, especially when it relates to sexual matters. Use the internet, read books, or speak with your gynaecologist to know the normal reactions to cervical stimulation and orgasm.
  3. Explore solo — Engaging in a solo session will help you understand your body, and consequently, direct your partner to deliver pleasure.
  4. Invest in sex toys — Seriously, what would sex be without sex toys? Whether for solo sessions or with your partner, sex toys will help you explore regions of sexual pleasure undiscovered. Long vibrators and dildos have proven to be effective for this sort of stimulation.
  5. Be relaxed and get comfortable — This is very important if you aim to experience cervical orgasm. Relax and let go of your inhibitions. Any discomfort or inability to relax will destroy any chances of having great, fantastic sex, which makes cervical orgasm impossible.
  6. Explore sex positions — Doggy style provides unfettered access to the cervix. It helps you relax your perineal muscles and gives room for deeper penetration. You can find other sexual postures with your partner to enable you to explore and test your limits. Cowgirl position with the female on top lets her control the depth and angle of penetration. This position can also help in experiencing cervical orgasm.
  7. Start slow — There is no deadline to having a cervical orgasm. You can start slowly and experiment to see what works best for you. “Sometimes, you gotta fall before you fly.” You might not get there the first time around, but you are closer than you think.
  8. Foreplay — The best way to experience a cervical orgasm is to prepare yourself and get your body ready. Get yourself aroused, whether it’s in your alone time or with a partner. There is no cervical stimulation without proper arousal.
  9. Take advantage of your menstrual cycle — The menstrual cycle often determines the height of your cervix and the level of sensation you can get from stimulating it. If the sight of menstrual blood isn’t a deal-breaker for you and your partner, you may take advantage of this period to experience cervical orgasm.


While penetration is virtually impossible due to the size of the cervix, stimulation is possible and leads to cervical orgasm. While cervical orgasm can be a mind-blowing experience for some other women, for others, it’s a pain-filled, no pleasure, and uncomfortable ordeal.

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How deep is the cervix?
The depth of the cervix varies from woman to woman. The universal average is about 3-4 inches; a high cervix measures approximately 4-5 inches, while a low cervix measures less than 3 inches.
What is a cervix?
The cervix is in the bottom portion of the uterus and acts as the connection between the uterus and the vagina. Simply put, it serves as the door or opening to the uterus through which sperm cells travel to fertilise the eggs.
How far is the cervix from the opening?
The cervix is quite close to the opening of the vagina. You can measure the distance from the vagina to the cervix using the longest finger. If you could feel your cervix, it is a round circular mound with a dimple in the middle. The universal average is about 3-4 inches; a high cervix measures approximately 4-5 inches, while a low cervix measures less than 3 inches.
Does hitting the cervix feel good?
The sensation from hitting the cervix differs. Most women would describe it as highly hurtful and unbearable with a deep ache, while some will say the pain is a pleasurable kind.

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