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Chasity Belts

Chastity Belt.

Oral plays, hard plays, or even foreplay, name it and chastity belt will turn out to fit in most of these scenarios. Chastity belts are adored by BDSM lovers and they have every reason to do so. Chastity belts are used to amplify one of the most important components of hardcore sex plays, anticipation, and waiting. Making the wearer wait to achieve orgasms, chastity belts play with the idea of waiting, asking, and even begging at times to achieve some of the most intense orgasms, a play of the experts. Almost every dominant and submissive arrangement or roleplays contain chastity belts as an important part of their regiment. But before these belts could be used for such intensely pleasurable acts, they were used as a source of restriction and social order control over women.

Top 3 Best Female Chastity Belts in 2021

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DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Anal Plug Harness with Cock Ring
Material: Leather
Fastening: Buckle
Length: 23 inches
Contains latex: No
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Bondage Boutique Deluxe Leather Female Chastity Belt with Dildo and Butt Plug
Female Chastity Belt with Dildo and Butt Plug
Material: Leather
Fastening: Lock and key
Length: 35 inches
Kit includes: chastity belt, dildo and butt plug
Contains latex: No
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Chastity Belts History

Female chastity belts have been a huge part of history. It is referred to in several documents that women used to wear or were made to wear a special kind of belt-like device which protected their “honor” while the husband was away on business, to fight wars, etc. The belts prevented women from being unfaithful to husbands by either seeking sexual pleasure from other men or by pleasuring themselves on their own – masturbation. In a way, the belts preserved the chastity of the women and hence got the name 'chastity belts'. In other words, chastity belts mean a belt protecting a woman’s chastity. While these belts were more of a social restriction at a time, they are one of the most elements of hard plays now.

Chastity Belt Bondage.


Chastity belts, on a larger scale, can be classified into male and female chastity belts. There are seldom any further classifications based on “types”. However, you will have to decide on the additional variations or accessories that some designer female chastity lock belts contain. The main accessories include:

  • Additional waist, hip or leg straps;
  • Chains for aesthetic or decorative purposes;
  • Removable parts and adjustable pieces;
  • Dildos and butt plugs;
  • Locks and similar devices;
  • Timers.
Cock Cage Chastity Belt.

Why Use Chastity Belts?

The reason for wearing a chastity belt is different for every single person. Let us look into a few of the top picks:

  • Tease: The act of teasing is not something that is limited to sex toys or support equipment. It comes in many forms. The simple act of withstanding from kissing your partner during the foreplay is the kind of teasing everyone is familiar with, even couples who are more into vanilla sex. Chastity belts increase this feeling several times and build up sexual tension like nothing else.
  • Sense of Control: A huge turn on for everyone out there, man or woman, chastity belts bring an ultimate sense of control over the pleasure of female partners. The sexual pleasure that is received on somebody else’s terms is several times more intense than the usual type. It somehow personifies the concept of ‘pleasure in pain’.
  • BDSM Fantasies and Games: Needless to add, since chastity belts involve a lot of hard play, forced actions, giving up control, and seeking pleasure in pain, it makes an ideal toy to breathe life into BDSM fantasies.
Heart-Shaped Design Chastity Belt.

How and When Chasity Belts Can Be Used?

  • Long Distance Tease: Some couples like to play and pleasure when they are apart via sexting, phone sex, or a little video call action, while others like the tease and the tension that it builds. Chastity belts can be used when one partner goes away for a few days from the other and wants them to hold off from any assort of physical pleasure in their absence. It is all that more pleasurable when things finally resume. Along with that, people who like to control every single sexual act of their make their partners wear these belts, mostly dominant.
  • Submissive Training: Many doms like to train their submissive in the act of absolute obedience. Chastity belts are a medium for that. They are used to teach the art of waiting and the rewards that it reaps or as punishments by withdrawing the sub from sexual pleasure.
  • Sex Games: Roleplays have endless possibilities and they can take any turn that you want them to. Chastity belts can be a part of your dom-sub fantasy play or an act inspired from the medieval times.
Locking Steel Female Chastity Belt.

Choosing Chastity Belts: Things to Look Out For

Chastity belts for women are designed in several forms. Some are more suited for hardcore sex play while others are more for a show or a casual idea or presence. If you are trying to find a chastity belt for yourself or your partner then you need to decide what kind of play you have in mind for it. While this part is mostly a topic for discussion, there are some technical things you need to consider before you set out to buy an anal or vaginal chastity belt. Let’s have a look.

Choose Chastity Belt

Taking the Measurements:

It is true for any kind of belt out there including chastity belts. To get the right size, you need the right measurement and since the female chastity belt comprises many additional chains, belts, straps, and such accessories, you need to get the basic measurements perfectly step by step.

  1. Waistband: Find the place between your ribcage and the hipbone because that is where the cage of your chastity belt should sit. Furthermore, opt for a type which has its cage sit at this exact point because they are the most comfortable to carry.
  2. Hips: For the types which fit around the lower waist part. This is the part where you feel your hips bones. Even if you are opting for an option which is a medium rise, measure your lower waist as well because sometimes there are added belts, chains, or other sorts of accessories on the main piece to add to the aesthetic appeal.
  3. Crotch: This is the most important part of your measurement regime and it depends on whether you are going for a waist level belt or a hip level belt. Grab a normal belt and tie it around your waist or the hip bones depending on your choice. Take the measuring tape and put it in the middle right below the buckle of the belt. Run it down and circle back to the other end of the belt on your back.
  4. Front and Back: To measure ‘front crotch’, repeat the same procedure as in Step 3 but stop measuring as soon as you reach your vagina. For backside measurement, take the measuring tape and measure from the middle of the belt on your spinal cord to your anus.

If the design holds additional belts and buckles in it then you may have to take a few more measurements. That completely depends on what you choose. The required additional measurements are usually mentioned with the design too so you will face no problem as long as you are ready with your basic numbers.

Male Chastity Belt.

Get the Right Material

Go for a material that is not prone to become porous and can be easily cleaned and sterilized regularly. Silicone, stainless steel, ABS plastic, and titanium are the best options to go with. Not only they are easy to maintain and clean, these materials are durable and offer long-lasting use. When you finally start digging, you will find several variants made of rubber, leather, TPE, and TPR. While modern chastity belts made with them will look fabulous, sexy, and extremely erotic, they are not very safe to wear. Rubber and TPE may contain phthalates which are toxic material and can cause skin allergies along with TSS, Toxic Shock Syndrome. Leather may be skin safe but it requires a lot of care and is prone to become porous very easily.

Modern female chastity Belt.

Follow a Strict Cleaning Regime

It is not uncommon for women to wear chastity belts for an extended period sometimes lasting up to weeks. Although, this does not mean that it is safe to do so. Proper cleaning is extremely important for any toy, equipment, or furniture that comes in contact with your privates. Ensure that you give your chastity belts a basic everyday cleaning session and one weekly deep clean.

A mild, warm soapy solution can be used for the initial stage of cleaning a metal chastity belt or silicon and ABS contemporaries. Use something small like a Q-tip to get to the smaller hard to reach parts of the belt. End the cleaning process with a disinfecting the belt and some sunlight.

Woman in chastity belt.

Safety is of Utmost Importance

If your partner is going away for a few weeks or months and wants you to wear the chastity belt at all times in his absence, try and settle for a loophole to work cleaning in your schedule. It can be over a video call so that the person in control can supervise or any other way that suits you both.

If you are indulged in a dom-sub play and getting your sub a belt then it is your responsibility to take care of hygiene as you hold the control. Safety is one of the four pillars of any healthy display, act, or play of sexual desire.

While medieval times were the time of forced chastity for females, the concept of modern chastity belts is all about the pleasure derived from tease, control, or pain with consent. Female chastity devices are a great hit among all BDSM admirers and they uphold their reputation very well. Ensure that you take care of your or your partner’s chastity belt well and you will be able to explore new heights of plays, and the kinds of intensive orgasms that these chastity games can bring.
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