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Christian Sex Positions

Classic missionary position.

There have been hearsays about Christian sexual positions. Many say that the only sex position allowed as a Christian couple is missionary style. Besides, some ask if it is a sin to try a different sex position other than the missionary one.

Sex, a gift from God, is for procreation and leisure for human beings. And like every gift from God, sex is sanctified, and it honors God when done in marriage. This means that we honor God if we use His gifts in sacred ways.

Therefore, the best sexual position in a Christian life should be that both partners agree on, sanctify God, and honor marriage life. Sadly, most Christian couples do not enjoy sex in their marriage because of disagreement on sexual positions and are afraid of approaching their pastor regarding this sensitive topic. What follows is broken marriages because of the absence of intimacy, adultery, sexual repression, and more.

For this reason, it is vital to deal with and overcome issues that might affect sex life. Both partners should agree on the best sex angle that satisfies them. No doubt, happy sex life equals a happy home and happy couples. Happiness has a multiplying effect since being a happy person makes you spread the same positive and happy feelings to your loved ones.

Are There Sinful Sexual Positions?

Although the Bible is not direct regarding the most suitable sexual position for couples to engage in a marriage, some circumstances make one try a distinct position other than the known missionary sexual position. These circumstances include:

  • Health issues, like being overweight, make the man unable to do the missionary style because of a big belly.
  • A woman in the third trimester — This is the woman in the last stages of her pregnancy.
  • Some disabilities.

Christian Sexual Positions

Irrespective of being Christian or non-Christian, take sex as an art that both of you should learn and develop over time to experience the most pleasurable moments. And since God approves of sex in marriage, couples need to be free to share their thoughts about the position that works for them.

Also, remember that sex involves giving and not receiving or taking always. As you strive to satisfy your partner's sexual needs, you'll also find your sexual gratification.

Spooning-Bliss Sexual Position

It is a sexual position where the couples lay on their sides, and the man penetrates his woman from behind. While it allows the man to protect his wife, he also pleases her. It is for couples who do not want the physical angles, yet they need sexual satisfaction.

Classical Missionary Sexual Position

Among the various Christian-friendly sex positions, the missionary style is familiar. It is a simple, straightforward sex position where the man lies on top of his woman. Thus, the couples make love while they face each other. The Bible talks about a man and woman lying down.

For instance, David and Bethsheba laid down. So did Adam and Eve. Even though it is the most known and many people regard it as a Christian sex position, talk to your partner if you're not satisfied.

Side-By-Side Sexual Position

Unlike the spoon style, the couple face each other while engaging in sexual intercourse in this sexual position. Thus, there is more contact between couples' bodies, and they can kiss comfortably while at it.

Doubled-Up Missionary Sexual Position

It is where the woman pushes her legs to the chest, opening her genitals for deep penetration. It is common among the younger, passionate couples that are not afraid to explore. Unlike the usual classical missionary, this position requires physical effort.

Standing Sexual Position

This is amongst the Christian sex positions that couples can achieve in two ways. First, the couples might stand as they face each other during sexual intercourse. This allows for more intimacy and contact between the partners. Many people prefer this position while in the bathroom.

Secondly, the couple faces one direction, but the man stands behind the woman. Hence, he penetrates from behind. However, it can be tiring since he uses more energy to penetrate and might not be comfortable when shorter than the lady.

End Of the Bed Sexual Position

The woman lies facing down on the bed while her buttocks are at the end/edge of the bed, and her husband stands on the ground. Thus, he can penetrate her as he stands. The woman can raise or lower her waist depending on the comfort the couples want.


You do not have to be non-Christian to enjoy exciting, fun sex positions. As long as you're in a marriage, you can agree on the best angle to have the maximum pleasure during sex. Talk to your wife/husband and experiment with the above positions.

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