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Clitoral pump

If you are a girl who needs some brighter sexual sensation and wants to have stronger, faster sexual arousal, there is one thing that may definitely help. You should order clitoral pump – a sex toy that makes your pussy bigger and brings unforgettable emotions both to you and your partner.
red clitoral pump by Doc Johnson
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What is Clitoral pump?

Clitoral pump is a sex toy intended for clitoris and labia penetration, and in some cases – for the stimulation of the whole area of female genitals. It is made in the form of a round or, most frequently, oval cup and a hand pump attached by it by a tube. Thus, a woman using it creates a vacuum between the skin and the cup, pressing the pump manually.
pink silicone clitoral pump by NMC
This device servers not only for masturbation, but in health purposes, too. The best clitoral pump may be used to treat anorgasmia, because periodic usage of this device helps to increase blood flow to the genitals and trigger the sensitivity of clitoris, labia and other areas of pelvis. In some cases, it may also be applied for the nipples to make them firmer and bigger.
black remote control clitoral pump

Main characteristics

Before rushing to buy Clitoral pump, learn some basic information about this device and its main features:

  • The cup and the tube are made of soft flexible materials like rubber, gelly, silicone, etc. Hard plastic is not good for this purpose, because it won’t be so pleasant for the skin and convenient in usage.
  • There are three main types of this device: traditional pumps with usual cup and tube without additional equipment, pumps with special teasers inside the cup (spikes, knobbles, etc.) which sometimes can even be interchangeable. And, according to Clitoral pumps reviews, the most pleasant kind is the one with vibrator. It may have different frequencies, modes and speeds, and the capsule with the vibrator may also be put away.
  • Most devices have oval shape of cup, but its size depends on the area penetrated: smaller versions are designed to stimulate clitoris only, while the bigger ones allow teasing all feminine genitals.

blue clitoral pump
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How to use

Sounds enticing, right? But to get maximum pleasure, a girl must be aware of how to use this device so that the process of Clitoris pump using was safe and enjoyable. Read the following pieces of advice:
purple clitoral pump by Selene

  1. First, take the cup of the required form and size. If for you clitoris stimulation only is enough to get orgasm or strong sexual arousal, don’t take big sizes – you don’t want your genitals to be strongly irritated afterwards, do you?
  2. You may lose a bit of lube, if natural precome is not enough. Remember that optimal moisturizing is essential to let your skin stay safe and calm.
  3. Attach the cup to genitals and start pressing the pump. In several seconds the needed vacuum will be created, and you will experience penetration. You may continue doing that for as long as required to experience orgasm or at least some satisfaction.
  4. pink silicone remote control clitoral pump

  5. If you feel the vacuum is too tight, you can release pressure in anytime by using the valve on the tube.
  6. If you feel pain or some unpleasant feelings during the process of using, cease it. If clitoris or genitals keep aching after using or change their color, this is the reason to visit doctor. As a rule, the best clitoris pump is made so that to replicate feminine anatomy and fit genitals properly.

Have all parts if the devices clean. This is the number one rule for safe masturbation. And don’t use the pump fir vagina stimulation, because it may damage the skin inside.
pink silicone clitoral pump

How to choose

To ensure exciting sexual experience, you should find an ideal sex toy. But before asking yourself “Where to buy Clitoris pump?” first you need to know what exactly you are searching for and what you need. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Select safe materials only. Silicone and gel are preferable, because they create less friction, but need less lube, so have softer and gentler effect.
  2. Purchase Clitoral pump on official sites only. Fake production may be dangerous for health, causing allergic reactions and skin sensitivity.
  3. Mind that cheap Clitoral pump is rather simple, so in some cases they may be not enough to achieve enough arousal and satisfaction.
  4. Buying a pump with vibrator and other electronic elements, make sure it is waterproof, especially if you like masturbating in shower and bath.

pink remote control clitoral pump

Where to buy Clitoral pump

Want to purchase Clitoral pump? Don’t rush to the nearest sex shop – there are lots of devices on our partner’s site. Besides, it provides excellent online shopping conditions:

  • A convenient site with user-friendly interface. Search through the catalogue easily and quickly.
  • Registration and order arrangement are simple and take up to several minutes.
  • A wide choice of devices with different sizes and forms. You can always find something optimal.
  • Reasonable Clitoral pump price allows buying the most advanced sex toys.
  • Seller provides absolute warranty of quality for each item: 100% original goods only.
  • Order discreet package and anonymous delivery: only you will know what is inside the parcel received.

Make your sexual experience richer and explore and possibilities and need s of your body. Clitoral pump is a toy that may satisfy any woman.
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