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Clitoral Vibrators

A specially designed love toy for women suitable for proper clitoral stimulation during solo or couple masturbation. A toy unlike others, with multi functions and speeds to offer women unforgettable moments of pure satisfaction and orgasms. Perfect for solo masturbation and amazing in pleasing couples with best foreplay.

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What is a clit vibrator?

Clitoral Vibrators are sexual toys for adults specially designed to help women with stimulating their clit during masturbation, foreplay or sexual intercourse. They are the best toys for external stimulation without penetration which can cause women great pleasure in many ways. They are usually very powerful and silent, ready to stimulate any kind of clitoris and any type of sexual demand regarding such actions. Powerful, discreet and quiet for a maximum satisfaction.

pink rabbit vibrator for clit stimulation

Types and main features

Vibrators for clit come as they are but additional accessories can be used to increase or mix the pleasure when using them. The main types of these highly rated sexual toys are:

  • Remote control clit vibrators;
  • Wireless clit vibrators;
  • The mini clit vibrators;
  • Huge clit vibrators;

All of these four main categories of clitoris vibrating toys come with many other features that makes them diverse and different. The top rated clit vibrators can provide extra pleasure with the help of their interchangeable heads and multi speed functions while other types of clit vibrators can provide pleasure with the help of their speed and power.

oral sex simulator for clit stimulation by Sqweel Go

The main purpose of these toys is to stimulate the female clitoris during solo or couple masturbation and grant powerful orgasms in the end. With interchangeable heads, multi speed rotation, wifi connection and many other cool features, using a clit vibrator should be an amazing experience. The clitoral vibrating toys come in many shapes and sizes and in combination with so many features, they can provide the absolute pleasure.

Choose Clitoral Vibrator

How to choose the best clitoral vibrator?

First of all, you have to decide whether you need a small clit vibrator or a large one. After that, you have to decide about the features of the toy, what type of clitoral vibrator to be and what size.

After you decide on all these features, the next recommended thing should be to search for positive clitoral vibrator reviews regarding your configuration. It’s always best to know opinions from other users instead of trusting the seller only.

mini silicone clitoral vibrator

How to choose the right size?

The best clitoral vibrator is the one that suits you best so don’t look for the most expensive ones, the most accessorized ones and so on, look for the one to suit your needs and that will be the best vibrator for clit. The size is an important feature and choosing it right will influence your sexual adventures very much. If you are a beginner with little to none experience in using such type of toys, choosing a small sized clit vibrator is recommended. That size may vary from 3 to 5 inches.

purple remote control clitoral vibrator

If you are skilled with such type of toys and already used with stimulating your clit with them, choosing the other version of sizes, from 5 to 6 inches, is the best solution. However, that doesn’t mean a beginner should not use huge clit vibrators or the most powerful clit vibrators. It’s only that they could experience unwanted stimulation because of their lack of experience with such powerful toys.

blue curved clit vibrator

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

When it comes to vibrators for clitoral stimulation, they are made out of many materials such as:

  • Plastic – provides soft feeling;
  • ABS – a bit rigid but soft;
  • Rubber – smooth sensations and life like feeling;
  • Silicone – slippery and realistic;
  • TPE – firm feel with smooth sensation;
  • Smooth coated plastic – perfect for slow stimulation and soft play.

pink rechargeable silicone clitoral vibrator

Choosing the right material is highly related with the user’s desires. It’s impossible to tell which of the materials used in fabricating the vibrators for clit are the best because of the diversity of tastes and desires of the users. While some find the silicone clit toys highly amazing and reliable, others might enjoy the ones made out of TPE more. And the examples can continue. The best way to decide yourself about the right material for your needs is to search for related clitoral vibrator reviews and other forms of information about such type of toys.

pink clitoral vibrator Lust by Jopen

Either you are using a remote controlled clit vibrator or a mini clit vibrator or any other form of such toys, the material they are being made from is a highly important feature.

How to use the clitoral vibrating toy?

Just like any other vibrator, in order to use it you’ll have to turn it on. These toys are usually very simple to use and highly reliable, with one single switch to turn it on or off. Simply apply it over the clitoral area and enjoy strong vibrations on various speeds. Depending on the type of vibrator, speed, intensity and feeling may vary.

pink rechargeable clitoral vibrators

Always clean the toys before and after the use and maintain a proper hygiene. Using a clit vibrator requires proper hygiene and proper storage. Keep the toy in its original box, away from extreme head, direct sun light or humidity.

Most vibrating clit toys do not require lubrication but always check the instructions for better understanding on how these toys work.

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