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Couch Sex Positions

Missionary couch position.

These Great Couch Sex Positions Will Make Sex Much More Enjoyable.

Do you want to spice up your relationship? One of the most basic ways to liven up your sex life is doesn't even need entering the bedroom. There are many couch sex positions that you can try with your partner to make sex more enjoyable, and the best thing is you don't have to be a sex expert to enjoy all the fun these sofa sex positions offer.

Couch sex makes sex more intimate because the close quarters of your couch provide a cozy feeling that many lovers love to feel during sex. They can also be dirty and intense. So, forgo the clumsy stroll to the bedroom the next time you're sitting on the sofa and sensing sparks. Remove your clothing and attempt one of these positions.

Couch Creeper

Bend over the back of the sofa and push against the cushions with your hands. If you prefer more intense arousal, this supports your body and offers you something to brace against, so he can go for it. Depending on the height of the back of the sofa, you may need to change your height with cushions.

Sofa Spoon

There are even more benefits of having sex on the couch: It forces you to meld your bodies closer together, giving you more chances to touch and kiss. In this position, the obliques of the big spoon are supported by the rigidity of the couch's back. Meanwhile, your partner can toy with your breasts or clitoris or gently nip the back of your neck while you enjoy the sensation.

You both lie on your sides, spooning, but one of your legs rests on the top of the sofa in this posture, making it easy for him to enter. This is a beautiful, lazy position that lets you snuggle close to your partner while supporting your top leg.

Lazy Man

This position allows for a lot of intimacy. It also gives you the most control, allowing you to choose how quickly or slowly you wish to move.

For this posture, have your partner sit with their back against the armrest and their legs outstretched, or sit properly on a smaller couch. With your feet on the couch and knees bent, you straddle your partner's waist.

Prepare for a thigh workout by lowering yourself onto his penis and raising and lowering yourself.


Thank God, missionary sex has seen a renaissance! There's a reason it's a classic. And, lucky for you, this is an easy position to achieve on the sofa, with your partner's pelvis on your clit feeling oh-so-good in this warm environment.

As your partner lies face down on top of you, relax. That's all there is to it, but you may finish it off by adjusting your leg angles or moving your pelvis in time with his.

Seated Wheelbarrow

The seated Wheelbarrow is excellent for deep penetration because it takes advantage of the couch's height to acquire the ideal angle to target your G-spot.

Move the coffee table to sit your companion on the couch's edge. Place your butt in their lap while lying face down on the floor with your hands firmly.

For optimal penetration, bend your knees on either side of his legs while your lover grabs your thighs.


In this position, your arms will be more comfortable, and your partner will be able to reach deeper penetration. You can even stimulate your clitoris with your hands. Better yet, he can do it with his spare hand! With your hips lifted and your head and arms on the couch, this is a more compact form of doggie style.

Reverse Scoop

With this simple technique, you can liven up your Netflix and chill session. You'll feel wonderfully intimate and excited in all places with your bodies squeezed together. Face each other as you turn together on your sides. It's a missionary position but from a different perspective. You can even try tying your legs together with your companion.


This posture frees your partner's hands to erotically touch you around your neck, breasts, or face—or any other erogenous zone that makes you feel good. As your lover sits upright, straddling you, lie on your back in a missionary position. Your vagina will feel tighter to you the closer your legs are together.

Couch Grind

You don't need a partner to do this excellent sex position on the couch. This is a solo role, and with a name like Couch Grind, how could it not be?

Ride the arm of a plush couch or chair. Begin with tiny movements to stimulate the clitoris with sustained pressure, gradually increasing momentum as you attain climax.


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