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Couples Vibrators

The best choice to spice up your relation and the fastest solution to extra stimulation in bed. Fantasies come true and mind blowing moments of passion with a simple toy, the couples vibrator which can provide pleasure for you or your partner.

silicone couples vibrator
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What is a couples vibrator?

Vibrators for couples are sexual toys specially designed to stimulate both partners during sexual intercourse, foreplay or any other sexual activity. It’s a toy with top features for both vaginal and anal stimulation, made out of various materials depending the purpose and necessity of the user. Also, the couples vibrators have a lot of forms and shapes as well as sizes. Toys for adults meant for extra stimulation between partners, highly reliable and very efficient in reaching the desired levels of pleasure.

couples vibrator with clitoral stimulator

Types and main characteristics

Just like any other sexual toys for adults, there are a few types of good vibrators for couples out there. Toys which will stimulate any type of sexual desire no matter if we’re talking about a gay couple a lesbian couple or a straight couple.

multifunctional couples vibrator

  • The anal couples vibrator – specially designed for anal stimulation on both man and woman, soft and silky in touch with extra features for gentle penetration and vibrations.
  • The strap-on vibrators for couples – Perfect for fantasy foreplay in both femdom or maledom modes, appreciated by fetish lovers and highly reliable for anal stimulation. Soft, silky and very versatile to meet any sexual demand of such kind.
  • Double headed couples vibrators – Designed to stimulate both the vagina and the anal hole in the same time, extremely appreciated by experienced couples already used with using sex toys in their relation.

remote control couples vibrator
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How to choose the best couples vibrators?

When faced with choosing the best sexual couple vibrating toy, seeking for the best couple vibrator reviews and browsing the internet for extra information is always the easiest solution. Based on the information and positive feedback you can better decide on a certain toy depending on yours and your partner’s needs. Either you need a sexual couple toy for anal stimulation, for vaginal stimulation or for both, seeking for the right info will ease your search and guide you to the right solution. Best vibrators for couples often come with lots of specs so focus your search on those instead of seeking for cheap toys, etc.

wireless remote control couples vibrator

How to choose the right size?

That’s always a tricky question because most users, no matter if they are experienced or not, think that any toy should be huge to provide the proper effect. Our opinion is different. A sexual toy, no matter what type it is, shouldn’t be huge or big to provide the best stimulation. It should be fit to your desires and to your physical measurements. If you are a beginner, it’s always better to start with a smaller or medium size. Good vibrators for couples come in size 3-4 inches and up to a maximum of 7 inches. For more experienced couples, bigger sizes such as 9 inches or 11 inches, can be a solution. The couples vibrators guide is always a good place where you can search for more information about the sizes.

how to use couples vibrator

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

According to the couples vibrator reviews, the material of such type of toy should be soft and firm in the same time, should have the shape of a normal size penis and should feel silky in touch and slippery in the same time. For that reason, most manufacturers provide sexual couple vibrating toys made out of:

pink couples vibrator

  • Plastic – soft and firm, easy to use with lubricant;
  • Rubber – soft and silky, can be used with or without lubricant thanks to its slippery feel;
  • Glass – top rated by experienced users, firm in touch and very slippery when lubricated, perfect for anal stimulation;
  • Steel – similar with the glass couples vibrators, silky in touch and very firm, perfect for anal stimulation.

blue couples vibrator

How to use a couples vibrator?

Using a vibrator for couples requires the same skills and steps as nay other sexual vibrating toy. Always make sure the toy is clean and lubricated (if necessary) before using it. Either you use it for anal or vaginal purposes, always communicate with your partner when inserting it. The penetration should be made gently and in slow modes, that way avoiding hurting your partner.

Keep the toys according to the couples vibrator guide, in safe places, out of the extreme heat or humidity and always clean. Hygiene plays a very important role in a couple’s romantic life so keeping the toy clean will grant better and longer sexual experiences.

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