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Crazy Sex Positions

Man kisses woman before sex.

Naturally, the human body craves a little change every now and then. And sex presents the perfect opportunity to try something new with crazy sex positions.

Couples who take part in new activities together (not just in the bedroom but in life) feel the passionate results in the bedroom. So, if you and your partner are in a sex rut or feel the passion diminishing, then trying something new could be your way out. Trying out new crazy sexual positions will optimize sexual pleasure, maintain interest in your sex lives, and give you a chance to embark on new adventures together.

Here are six crazy sex positions to upgrade your sex life from missionary and doggy style dependency.

Good Ex

Hands free and serious intimacy make the good ex one of the best crazy sex positions to try in the bedroom. This position frees up the girl's hands allowing her to reach down and give the clitoris the attention it deserves.

How to do it: First, you and your partner sit on the bed with your legs facing each other. Bring your right leg over your partner's left leg such that you're forming an X. Then, you and your partner get close together, and he enters.

The good ex is among the simplest yet pleasurable crazy sexual positions you and your partner can try. It's perfect when you're in the mood for slow sex as smooth leisure strokes replace thrusting.

Cat sex position

Not to be mistaken for the missionary, the Cat is a clever twist on the basic missionary allowing maximum clitoris stimulation. The Cat is among the best crazy sex positions to try if your partner has trouble climaxing on missionary.

How to do it: Start with the ordinary missionary position. Shift your bodies up to one side, right or left. Rock your body forward and backwards instead of thrusting. Rocking the body instead of thrusting maintains contact with the clitoris.

Doggy Angle

Here is a great twist to another classic. The doggy angle improves the doggy style by optimizing pleasure while reducing the strength and flexibility needed for thrusting. This position is among the most pleasuring crazy sex positions because it allows you and her to stimulate the clitoris. The lady is free to reach down there and rub her clitoris while the man does his thing.

How to do it: The girl lies down with her butt raised and her legs apart. Keep your legs together, in between hers and enter. You can place your hands over her hips to thrust with more force.

The doggy angle and good ex are two crazy sex positions for hitting the g-spot in a way that traditional doggy and missionary don’t allow.

Worm sex position

The worm is similar to the reverse cowgirl but comes with an effective twist. The worm's ability to allow the girl to rub her clit while the man stimulates her perineum makes it among the best crazy sexual positions.

How to do it: Start with the reverse cowgirl position: Lay down straight with your legs together, and the girl sits on the penis. The girl then lies flat down, facing your legs. Start with slow gyrations before building up to mild thrusts.

The worm and reverse cowgirl are the best crazy sex positions to try for partners who get turned on by watching their partners' butt.

Butter Churner

If you love yoga, then this crazy sex position is for you. The butter churner is among the greatest crazy sex positions for penetrating deeper. However, this sex position can be a little uncomfortable for the girl so remember to do it on a soft surface.

How to do it: The girl lays on her back and raises her abdomen high by placing her legs behind her ears. The girl can use her hands or a set of pillows to support her back. The guy stands over her and enters.

Reverse Pile Driver sex posotoin

Similar to the butter churner bit freakier. The reverse pile driver earns a spot among the best crazy sex positions to try because it's perfect for g-spot stimulation. Pace control is important in this position because the girl is in a super-stretch position, while the guy applies pressure.

How to do it: The girl gets in the butter churner position, legs behind the ears and raised abdomen. The guy places his hands on his knees and sits on her, facing the opposite direction.


Trying out new crazy sexual positions can keep the spark alive in marriages and long-term relationships. It's important to have new experiences and adventures as a couple because it allows you to spend quality time together engaged in mutual activities. You can complement these crazy sex positions with sex toys or other shared activities like learning a new skill or visiting a new place.

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