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Crystal Dildos

Medium Crystal Dildo

Do you crave an ecstatic blend of sexual pleasure, emotional healing, and positive energy? If your answer to this is a resounding “Yes”, then crystal dildos are the perfect fit for you. These gemstone dildos have been made to masterfully combine the refreshing energies of the orient with the excitement of sexual satisfaction.

Crystal dildos serve as the confluence of pleasure and positive energy. Asides from helping you to achieve that orgasm you crave; they go the extra mile of placing your mind in an optimal condition. These crystal sex toys leave you in a relaxed state of sexual satisfaction while keeping you receptive to all the positive energies around you. We are going to be sharing with you all that you need to know about these crystal sex toys. But before we do so, let us look at the table below for our top picks:

What is a Crystal dildo?

A crystal dildo is a sex toy shaped like a phallus and made of crystal. The body of the toy could be smooth, veined like an actual penis, or it could be bead-like. Crystal dildos can provide internal stimulation to the g-spot, prostate, or other parts of the vagina or anus. They give your pleasure time that juicy spice as they are non-compromising, and do not fall flat.

Rose Quartz Crystal Dildo.

There are a variety of Crystal sex toys for you to use and enjoy.It is good to note that there are several stones that crystal dildos are made from. If you are a crystal user, you already know that unique stones do different things for you. So, you can pick out from a selection of dildos which is suitable for your specific situation.

Find below a list of crystals and their specific attributes:

  1. Rose quartz dildo: This is made of a crystal that is all about love. Known to nourish relationships, the rose quartz crystal encourages self-respect, self-love, and self-worth.
  2. Amethyst dildo: This purple stone has been claimed to relief insomnia and give mentally relaxing orgasms. This is because its color is the same as that of the sixth and seventh chakras that are for mental stimulation.
  3. Obsidian dildo: This crystal guards you against physical and emotional negativity by absorbing these energies from your surroundings.
  4. Bloodstone (Heliotrope) crystal dildo: The bloodstone is a crystal that is said to improve circulation. Its deep red color encourages creativity and cleanses anger and impatience. There are many instances of it giving deeply relaxing orgasms.
  5. Citrine crystal dildo: Users have claimed that citrine stones have blessed them with prosperity.
  6. Ruby crystal dildo: Arguably the most popular stone, the ruby is reported to improve sex and stimulate intellect. These are two things that are required for a good time and a satisfying orgasm.

There are many more stones that crystal dildos can be made from. You can have your dildo made from a stone that has the properties you need.

Amethyst Crystal Dildo.

How to Choose the Best Crystal dildo?

There are few factors to consider when choosing a Crystal dildo. Make sure that you have identified what crystals you need for your energy, and affirm that it is beautiful.

Then consider the following factors:

  1. Size: As our bodies come in different sizes and shapes, pick a crystal cock that is the right size and shape for you. Choosing the right size will allow you to be comfortable with your toy.
  2. Type of specific crystal: Since different crystals have different healing attributes, it would be more effective to get a crystal that meets your specific needs. You can refer to spiritual guides who can direct you on the crystals that can do right for you.
  3. Shape: Gemstone dildos could be straight or curved in various ways since they mimic the human phalli. Depending on what you like, you can choose a straight or curved dildo, as long as it suits your needs. The curve orientation of the dildo is also worth your consideration.
  4. Usage: Dildos made of healing crystals could either be for anal or vaginal pleasure. You could get yourself a crystal anal dildo if you love to be pleasured anally. However, if you intend to use it both ways, make sure to purchase two different stone dildos, as it is not advisable to use the same sex toy for both anal and vaginal pleasure.
  5. Texture: The texture is also another thing to consider when buying a dildo. Crystal sex toys often have a smooth finish. However, they can be customized into lifelike figures with a rough finish to give that extra sensation.
  6. Color: As much as we emphasize choosing stone sex toys that suit your energy, it is okay to pick a crystal just because you like the color. So pick a color you are most comfortable with. Aesthetics are as equally important as pleasure.

If you truly like dildos that vibrate, note that a crystal dildo doesn’t vibrate as it is completely made of crystal.

As for DIY crystal dildos, it is advisable to not use them. If done improperly, these dildos could have sharp edges that could injure you and cause infections.

Bloodstone Crystal Dildos.

Features of using

A crystal dildo is used during masturbation or sexual intercourse. Here is how you use a healing crystal dildo:

If it is your first time buying a dildo, ensure to get one that is a little smaller than what you think, as any increase in size creates discomfort. Once you are certain that you have picked the right size shape, and crystal with the properties of your crystal dildo, then you are good to go.

  • Sterilize your stone dildo before using it. You can wash in cold water and soap and then sterilize with methylated spirit.
  • Make sure to relax before getting to it. You could do this solo, or partnered up. If you are partnered up, your partner could help you get in the mood and open up.
  • Apply a generous amount of lubricant.
  • Pick a comfortable position and get to the insertion phase. As crystals are harder than most materials, insert gently, only picking up the pace when you are comfortable. If you feel any twinge of pain, it is advisable to stop and come back to it later.
  • Enjoy the process. Put your mind at ease, and if you are prone to anxiety attacks, constantly remind yourself that this is all fun.


Due to its hard and rocky nature, the crystal dildo is not open to many positions. This toy has to be used gently, as any rough or jerky movements could cause injuries to the user.

You could lay on your back and slide the dildo, or you could lay on your side with a leg up to ease insertion. If you are flexible enough, you could get on all fours and use your healing crystal dildo.

These positions can be replicated with a partner, as using a dildo is mostly a straightforward process.

While you can attach a dildo to a strap-on, the thruster should take extra caution as crystals can easily damage the soft walls of any orifice.

Crystal Dildos.

Safety Regulations

We have reiterated that the crystal dildo should be used gently and with caution. This is the most important piece of safety regulation that you can take.

Most doctors advise users to cover a stone dildo with a condom before use because of its tendency to harbor microbes within its pores.

Unlike silicone sex toys, crystals are porous and could allow bacteria to burrow deep into any toy made of their material. These microorganisms can proliferate and cover the dildo with slight discolorations. Once your crystal starts to change colors, change it immediately.

How to Clean Crystal dildos?

Wash your crystal dildos with soap and water, and dry them with a clean cloth.

How to Store Crystal dildos?

Place them in an aerated and dry place. Many prefer to place them by the bedside because of their healing powers. Whatever you do, make sure you store your gemstone dildos in a sanitary environment.

Advantages of Crystal dildo

  • Crystal dildos have been reported to carry out spiritual cleansing, and to restore life energies. This gives you two benefits for the price of one.
  • Crystal dildos are more affordable than dildos made from other materials. As they are made from naturally occurring resources, the materials for making them are cheaper.
  • If you are looking to save the environment, the steps in the process of making crystal dildos have no harmful effects on the environment.

Obsidian Crystal Dildos.


  • Crystal dildos do not vibrate, so if you love vibrators, these are not for you.
  • Crystal dildos have a higher tendency to harbor bacteria so one has to be more careful with hygiene.

Concluding remarks

Users of crystal dildos have often claimed that using it gave them more heightened sensations, deepened their emotional connections, and allowed for deeper orgasms. While there is no scientific basis for their claims, crystal dildos are having their moment amongst people who identify as highly sexually conscious.

What are crystal dildos made of?
Crystal dildos are made out of stones that have a crystalline structure. This means that these materials have molecules arranged in perfect configurations which are believed to have spiritual benefits for users.
Why use a crystal dildo?
Many users often choose crystal dildos for their “spiritual cleansing” properties. Sexual experiences with crystal dildos are often said to also include deep spiritual experiences that are beneficial to users.
Are Crystal dildos safe?
The crystal dildos are safe for us. However, health specialists advise users to cover their crystal dildo with a condom because it absorbs microbes within its pores. Crystal is porous, unlike other sex toys, which could allow bacteria to breed inside the toy.
How to warm a crystal dildo?
You can warm your crystal dildo by placing it in warm water for a few minutes. Usually, within the range of two to three minutes. Also, keep in mind that your crystal sex toy has to be built to withstand severe temperature changes.
How much does a crystal dildo cost?
There are no fixed prices for crystal dildos. The price strictly depends on how much you're willing to spend on one and where you make your purchase. Although, you will get a decent one within the price range of 10-20 dollars.

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