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Do Women Like Curved Penis?

Ideal Penis Shape To Please Woman.

As you may know, penises come in various shapes and sizes. Most women don’t mind the penis size – as long as you know how to work it. However, they are concerned about its shape, and for a good reason.

Pop culture has evolved so much over the years, and one crucial topic that has remained up for debate is which shape of penis women are attracted to.

Many believe that a curved penis is the best tool for penetrative sex, and in this article, we’ll find out why.

What is a Curved Penis?

A curved penis, simply put, is a penis that has a slight bend (which is more visible) when erect. You might wonder, “what does a normal penis curve look like?”

Your curve is normal if:

  • it’s not more than 30 degrees bent,
  • has been there your whole adult life,
  • doesn’t prevent an erection and
  • doesn’t cause you pain.

However, you should watch out for any increase in the curvature over time and report to your doctor immediately.

Shapes of Penises

Penises typically fall into two shape categories: straight or curved. However, the curved ones have their variants because they bend in one direction or the other. Let’s take a sneak peek at the different penis shapes described in detail below.

  1. Straight: A straight penis is the regular one we all know and love. It works great for most positions and will give your woman the utmost pleasure if you know how to use it well. If you have a straight penis, just read our blogs on how to please your woman, and your sex game will certainly improve.
  2. C-Shaped: This type of penis has a slight curvature that angles to the left or right, forming a C shape — hence the name. Most people with a C-shaped penis usually have their curve to the left. This penis shape is ideal for spooning and allows you to stimulate her vaginal walls or anus —as the case may be — intensely.
  3. Upward Curve Penis: As the name implies, this penis curves upward, similar to a banana. This penis shape is excellent, as it can hit the G-Spot and other sweet spots just right without doing too much. The upward curve penis is the most versatile of all the curved dicks. It allows for intense stimulation in the missionary, doggy, or cowgirl position. It also allows you easy access to her G-Spot and A-spot.
  4. Downward Curve: The downward curved penis is more visible when you stand erect. It works just as fine as the rest. However, this penis shape favors rear-entry positions during sex. If this is your penis shape, try variations of doggy and spooning — as long as you penetrate your lover from behind, she’ll be asking for more.

Regardless of the penis shape you have, experimenting is key to finding what works for you and your partner. There are currently no known surgeries to change your penis shape, and there is hardly any need for that.

Just keep your mind open, and be willing to explore with your lover- that way, you can both figure out the positions that work best for your own penis shape and size.

Sex Toys Vs. Curved Penis?

Sex toys are not the enemy here, and they’ll never be. Think of a sex toy as your ally that will help you get the most pleasure possible and also blow your woman’s mind.

If you have a straight penis that isn’t hitting the spots as it should, then curved dildos are your best bet. Use it to penetrate your lover while you stroke her other sensitive parts and watch her come apart. If you want to take things up a notch, G-spot vibrators will hit the right spots effortlessly and make your lover come so hard. In the words of Joshua Gonzales MD, ‘there’s no ideal type of penis because they all come in different shapes and sizes. What's more important is that you can have fun in the bedroom regardless of your penis shape.’

And to all of that, we say yesss! We hope this article has been helpful to you. Ensure you stop by our review section to find wonderful sex toys that will turn your sex life around.

How much curve is too much?
Yes, we all love a curved penis, but sometimes a curve may just be too much. The curvature of your penis usually shows when it’s erect, but when there’s a significant bend/curve even when your penis is flaccid, and it causes you pain, then that is too much curve. See your doctor!
Why is my penis curved?
No one can truly explain the science of a curved dick. Penises come in different shapes and sizes, and your genes play a significant role in the appearance of your penis. However, Peyronie's disease can be a factor if your penis has a significant bend which causes a painful erection.
Is a downward curve good?
A downward curved penis is not just good; it is great! As long as the curve is not over 30 degrees and doesn’t hurt, you’re good to go. What’s more? A downward curve is best for reverse cowgirl and doggy style, which allow for deeper penetration.
How to straighten the penis?
Due to the sexual advantages of having a curved penis, hardly would you find anyone seeking to straighten their penis. But if you don’t like yours, you can have it straightened through penile traction therapy with the supervision of a medical professional.
Is a curved penis normal?
A normal penis curve isn’t more than 30 degrees, has been there your whole adult life, doesn’t prevent an erection, and doesn’t cause you pain. If it doesn’t meet these criteria, then see your doctor ASAP.
Do women like curved penises?
Women love a curved penis because it can hit the right spot, a rare feat for straight dicks. As long as you fuck her in a position that favors your curve, it’s going to be great.

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