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Dirty Talk

Dirty Talk For You And Your Partner

Relationship expert April Masini said, ‟talking dirty can enhance sex because it’s another layer of sexual behavior that goes beyond the physical.” When used right, sexual words can intensify the chemistry between you and your lover, but when done wrongly, it just destroys the mood.

That’s why we’re here to show you how to talk dirty and get on the better side of sex.

What Exactly is Dirty Talk?

Dirty talk, also known as erotic talk, is a sexually explicit speech or text intended to seduce or arouse someone. With erotic talk, it’s more about evoking passionate imagery rather than just saying words.

The result of talking dirty is that you heighten anticipation before sex and increase the passion during sex. According to Dr. Ava Cadell, couples engage in dirty talk to ‘share fantasies and heighten their arousal.’ And honestly, what else could be better than that?

Whether or not you know what dirty things to say to your partner, we’ll teach you everything. Come on, let’s do some freaky talking together.

5 Steps to Start Talking Dirty in and Out of Bed

  1. Communicate. What’s a relationship if you can’t freely tell your partner what you’d like to try? Speak up and let them know the wonders dirty talk will do for your relationship. Also, get their feedback on how far they’re willing to go.
  2. Stop Overthinking. Let it go. The moment you start overthinking, talking dirty becomes a chore. So, understand that your relationship is a safe space. If your partner doesn’t judge you, no one else can.
  3. Go At Your Pace. The best way to start talking dirty is to ease into it. You’d be surprised that even the simplest things you say might turn your partner on so badly. Because it’s you they desire. Something as simple as ‘I love how you look at me’ or ‘I love touching you’ can set things in motion. Just remember, it’s not a race.
  4. Sext. If you’re so shy that your throat dries up when it’s time for some hot dirty talking, why not try sexting? Sending dirty chat via your smartphone is way easier because there’s a physical distance between you both. Over time, sexting can lead to real dirty bedroom talk. Who knows?
  5. Focus on the Pleasure. Live in the moment. Focus on how well he’s hitting that spot or how good she rides you; then, you’d never run out of dirty things to say. When you’re having a good time in bed, it’s easy to take in all the pleasure and whisper dirty sex talk to your partner.

Best Dirty Talk Ideas for You!

In this section, we’re giving away the best dirty talk ideas you can start with for free. So, here goes;

The Reminiscent Approach

This kind of dirty talk involves talking about past sexual experiences with your partner. Some dirty talk ideas in this category are:

  • Thinking about our last time together makes me so wet.
  • I loved how you fucked me against the wall.
  • You made me come so hard with your mouth.
  • I miss having your cock inside me.
  • Can’t get you out of my mind.

The Anticipation

With the anticipation approach, you’re allowed to fantasize about the next time you have sex with your lover. Some nasty things to say when building anticipation are:

  • Can’t wait to have you inside me.
  • When you get here, I’ll make you strip for me.
  • I’ve been longing to sit on your face all-day.
  • I’m going to make you addicted to me.
  • I have a surprise for you tonight.

During Sex

A combination of erotic words and physical stimulation during sex will shoot your sexual chemistry off the charts! Some sexual words you can say during sex are:

  • Look how wet I am for you.
  • Fuck, I love it when you do that.
  • Yes, right there.
  • Come for me, baby.
  • Don’t stop.

Fantasy Maker

In this approach, all you have to do is share your fantasies with your partner. Some freaky talking ideas for this category are:

  • Imagine me tying you to the bedpost, and then I finger you till you come.
  • If you’re naughty, I’ll punish you and eat you out after.
  • I’m going to fuck you so good; you’ll never want another man.
  • I just want to worship your body all-day.
  • Would you like it if I put you against the window and fucked you for everyone to see you’re mine?

Can Sex Toys Make Dirty Talk Better?

Listen, sex toys make everything better. Imagine your partner whispering nasty things into your ear while sucking your nipples and fucking you with a vibrator at once. That’s paradise if we do say so ourselves.

Our review section offers great yet affordable sex toys that can change your bedroom chemistry for good. Make sure to visit and shop for one sex toy or five.

Many people get dirty talk anxiety because they believe their partners may view them differently. However, sexologist, Shan Boodram says, “dirty talk isn’t about being crude or vulgar. It’s more about what makes you feel hot.” We hope this article has been helpful to you. Now, feel free to explore dirty talking with badass toys from our sex toy reviews.

How to talk dirty to your man?
If you’re thinking of dirty things to say to your boyfriend, Why not start a conversation about the last time he fucked you good. Describe how intense it was, and let him know how much you desire him.
How to talk dirty with confidence?
If you get shy of dirty talk, just stop overthinking and ease into it. Tell yourself that your partner desires you as much as you want them. Then, you can start exchanging dirty chat via text.
How to talk dirty during sex?
Talking dirty during sex isn’t rocket science. You just need to be vocal about your needs and feelings. Tell him how good his cock feels inside you or how good she tastes. Just go with the flow.
How to talk dirty over text?
Talking dirty over text is way easier than dirty bedroom talk because no one is there to watch you. Freely tell your partner how much you enjoyed the last time you made love, the things they did that you especially liked and how you want the next time to be.
How to be dirty in bed for your man?
Making dirty talk during sex will drive your man crazy wanting you. Moan, whisper, and even think of dominant things to say in bed. Tell him to be a good boy and go faster, not stop, move slowly, anything you want.
How to start a dirty conversation?
You should start a dirty conversation slowly to know how your partner feels about talking dirty at that moment. You can start by saying how much you miss him or ask when you can link up again.

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