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Disability and Sexuality

Disabled People Having Sex.

Too many people think that disabled people don't want, can't have, or can't enjoy sex. Some people even feel awkward when a disabled person is talking about sex — like, are you supposed to know what sex feels like? But sexuality is a part of who we are. Disabled or not, we are all sexual beings.

People living with disability also have emotions and they crave intimacy, pleasure, romance, and love — just like everyone else. But though sex with a disability is a little different, still, specials need sex.

That is why we have made it a point of duty to show you how to have great sex despite your mental or physical disability. While on that, we'll also take out time to debug all the myths and wrong misconceptions about sex and disability.

What you should know about disability and sexuality

Many disabled people have lost their self-confidence and self-esteem because they feel unlovable. It's not weird to find a disabled person talking about medicines, therapy, and treatments but for some reason, many don't expect a person to be disabled and sexually active. This has led to many disabled sexually frustrated persons that cannot express their sexuality. Most of them have also one time or the other silently told themselves - I am not sexy and can't have great sex.

Failure to find a sexual partner as a disabled person is also a challenge. How many people do you know are willing to have disability sex? Only a few. Some people are downright put off by the thought of it while others are scared, they might break a bone or hurt the disabled person.

Another challenge with handicapped people having sex is romance and reproduction. First, many able-bodied people cannot imagine a special being romantic or wanting to be touched, caressed, not to talk of having feelings, fetishes, or fantasies. So, romance then becomes a strange thing to them. Also, it is a common misconception that disability sex births disability. It is not true - except if the disability is genetic.

Finally, there is the topic of erection and whether or not a special feel sex. This is more common with those that suffer from paralysis and use wheelchairs. The common question is; can a handicap get erect? The answer is simple, yes, a handicap can get hard. However, some specials might need help with erection, ejaculation, and fertilization. But it's nothing science can't fix.

Disabled people having sex is still considered awkward, taboo, and a no-say which shouldn't be so. They too are just like everyone else and their disability should not stop them from having great, mind-blowing, breathless sex.

Sexual positions for limited mobility

One of the things to think about when having sex with handicapped people is the positioning during sex. Take a person in a wheelchair for example, what wheelchair sex position can make it easier to have sex with more pleasure and less discomfort? The following are sexual positions for limited mobility that will lead to deliciously disabled sex;

  1. Kneel on fours as a woman in front of your disabled partner while he sits close to you to drive it in.
  2. Sit on your partner's lap in the wheelchair and if your disabled partner is a man, have him sit down. Then sit on his lap while you ride his rod till you get to heaven. If it's the other way around, see the next position.
  3. Have her lie face down and stick it in from behind. She can use her hands to support her back while you go in and out. Fondle her breast and kiss her neck to connect even more.
  4. She can also lie on her stomach or sides to increase the intimacy between the both of you.
  5. You both can sit on a sex chair facing each other. This is best if the two of you want to connect on a deeper level.

You can also put your creativity to the test and find more sexual positions for people with limited mobility. Don't let the limitation get you down. And make sure you are communicating what you like and don't like with your partner along the way.

Things that can help

So, what are the things that can help handicap sexuality? Two things have been proven to be effective in getting hot, romantic, and amazing disability sex. They are sex toys and the almighty sex furniture.

  1. Sex Toys: Sex toys are small machines ns equipment that helps to stimulate orgasm and pleasure. Whether you are doing it solo or you have a partner, you shouldn't underestimate the power of sex toys. They are useful for enhancing and increasing the possibilities of sex and sexual pleasure. And no matter what your needs are, there's a sex toy that can meet that need. For disability sex, try suction cup toys. They are one of the best sex toys to make sex even better.
  2. ex Furniture: Sex furniture is a piece of furniture that is shaped in unique forms to make sex easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. For a disabled person, sex chairs are the best because one can use them for correct positioning.

You can decide to use both a sex toy and sex furniture or just one of the two. But the end goal is the same — pleasure for everyone. Sex with a disability is not far-fetched and sex shouldn't be a sacred topic especially since you know from this article that specials need sex too.


Now that we have gotten to the end, can you now say that you have learned something? How do you feel now about disability and sexuality? If you have truly learned something new and wish to spread out your sex life through all diversities and options, we have got you covered. All you need to do is check through our archive of best sex toy reviews. We are sure that you'll find what you are looking for (what you need) at a tempting price.

How do disabled people have sex?
There are several positions for disability sex. One position is to sit down on his or her lap facing him/her. Another is to have him/her lie down while you stay on top. Whichever you choose, sex with a disability is not impossible.
Can people in wheelchairs have sex?
People in wheelchairs can have sex thanks to sex furniture and helpful sexual positions for sex. One way to have disabled sex is to have him/her sit on a sex chair while you kneel in front.
Can people with mental disabilities consent to sex?
People with mental disabilities can consent to sex and if it feels weird, this is the best way to look at it. Despite their disability, they are normal human beings so what you can do, they too can do.

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