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All You Should Know About DIY Vibrators

Showerhead like a homemade vibrator.

If you like to explore your body so much, you would have considered using DIY vibrators several times. I mean, instead of spending a hefty amount buying sex toys, why not stay creative and make some yourself? DIY vibrators are economical or cost-efficient sex toys that can bring you a lot of pleasure. However, they can be harmful to your health. If not properly washed, they could cause infections and bacteria and are sometimes too harsh for your genital area. If you do not want to risk any of that, there is always an alternative to getting real adults sex toys online. Here we provide you with the best selections of adult sex toys, with detailed reviews on them.

However, if you would still like to explore the pleasures of DIY vibratory, here is a comprehensive guide on all you should know about DIY vibrators.

What Are DIY Vibrators?

Vibrators , also sometimes described as massagers, are unarguably one of the most common adult sex toys you'll find. They are used on the body to create the ultimate sex stimulation. DIY vibrators are homemade materials that can double as vibrators to give you the ultimate pleasure. Sex toys surround you at home, and this post is meant to help you see that by giving you options of household items that can be used as vibrators.

Household Items That Can Work as DIY Vibrators

DIY sex toys allow you do a lot of experimentation, as there are several household items that you can try. It gives you the option of experimenting with several items' length, girth, size, and texture.

1. Showerhead

With some maneuvering, a shower head can give you that novel and intense sensation you'd get from a vibrator. Direct the showerhead towards your clit and play with the water pressure level till you get a sensation that works most for you. A shower head does more than mimic a vibrator; it offers harder and faster pressure, giving the perfect tease that hits you right.

2. Face Cleansing Brush

While you might already know how the vibrations of a face cleansing brush work wonders for your face, have you ever tried to find out how the buzzing sensation would make you feel when you place its back end against your clit? The right face cleansing brush can get your complexion right and also a couple of orgasms in between.

3. Electric Toothbrush

Did you suddenly run out of battery for your adult vibrator? Try holding the handle of your electric toothbrush against your clit and feel the magic unfold.

4. Cellphone

There's almost nothing that a cell phone cannot do. Download a vibration app to turn your phone into a vibrator. There are numerous options available, and most of these apps allow you to experiment with different levels of intensity. It appears to be innocent and straightforward. To avoid infection, put it over your clothing or put your vibrating phone in a sock before placing it directly on your skin.

Are DIY Vibrators Safe for Use?

Homemade vibrators can be safe for use when used correctly, ensuring that you follow the correct safety precautions. Several items should not be allowed to go anywhere near your vagina as they are pretty harmful and unhealthy. Here is a list of homemade things that should not go near your vagina and genital area.

  • Do not use any form of chemicals like sanitizers as a lubricant.
  • Make use of the non-bristle part of the object. For example, if you're experimenting with an electric toothbrush, the bristle side is somewhat harmful and could lead to abrasion, causing harm to your vagina.
  • All objects getting close to your genital area should be washed thoroughly.
  • Ensure that the handle of whatever you're using isn't too small to get lost in your vagina
  • Do not at any point use a vacuum cleaner.

Mistakes You Shouldn't Make When Using DIY Vibrators.

You must wash all the toys before use. You should never use an unclean sex toy. Clean properly using mild antibacterial soap and water. When it also comes to using homemade toys, do not use any sharp objects against your clit. It is essential to understand how sensitive it is down there and know your limit to what you insert or rub against it.


DIY vibrators can come in handy in several ways; they give you maximum pleasure while helping you save costs. They also make it easier for you to explore your body in your home whenever you're in the mood to get kinky. I hope this article helps you bring new ideas to your sex life. For more on sex toys, check out our reviews on the best adult sex toys for you; you will find options fitting for your style and budget.

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